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Aho, Gappa Basā!
Aho, Gappa Basā! By BrhannadaArmour (@BrhannadaArmour) eye 737 star 1 book 1

Show: Nāndā Saukhya Bhare. Vasanti Ājī told Indraneel, "Neel, come, fix ...

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Dil Chahta Hain
Dil Chahta Hain By kavita (@kavitha_r) eye 747 star 1 book 5

The FF is about three friends, Sameer, Munna, and Ratan. They meet after 20 ...

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Phakta Mulagā Āṇi Nāraḷa Deū!
Phakta Mulagā Āṇi Nāraḷa Deū! By BrhannadaArmour (@BrhannadaArmour) eye 432 star 1 book 1

Show: Sundarā Manāmadhe Bharalī. Wedding plans for Babulnath and ...

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Hamari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main
Hamari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 194847 star 634 book 22

Their past life leads them with banter and bickering between these two only ...

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The Chef Next Door
The Chef Next Door By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 17374 star 82 book 14

I will just go and try once ..he thought ready to barge inside that house ...

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The Family Circus
The Family Circus By apra (@apra) eye 132451 star 89 book 48

"A family is the most important thing in a person's life a man feels in ...

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Crash Course
Crash Course By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 2855 star 35 book 1

Ram Kapoor successful business man of the year for five consecutive times ...

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Gehraiyaan By spellboundsatchel (@sillysatchel) eye 72395 star 4 book 33

Pre-Wedding ShiVi: A story about rekindling friendships, love and ...

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Heart on the Line
Heart on the Line By MafiaQueen (@MafiaQueen) eye 21795 star 84 book 18

Geet walked out that dreadful night and never looked back. Her heart, ...

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DestinE By egle (@egle) eye 122358 star 269 book 59

Aryan and Imlie. Same, yet different. When these two are thrown ...

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Conflagration By meera310 (@meera310) eye 22549 star 91 book 31

Aryan Singh Rathore is the 29 year old newly appointed ACP for North East ...

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Latest Stories

Wo Lamhe S#2
Wo Lamhe S#2 By Priya21 (@priya_21) eye 12107 star 2 book 18
In the Glow
In the Glow By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 200 star 0 book 1

5 Microtales I submitted for Patakatales, microtale contest organised by Crazy ...

Childhood Promises
Childhood Promises By WaveTeal (@WaveTeal) eye 103264 star 5 book 3

Are Promises always meant to be broken? She is irrevocably in love with her ...

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