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Heart on the Line
Heart on the Line By MafiaQueen eye 17492 star 80 book 17

Geet walked out that dreadful night and never looked back. Her heart, ...

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Gehraiyaan By spellboundsatchel eye 61306 star 2 book 27

Pre-Wedding ShiVi: A story about rekindling friendships, love and ...

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Aho, Gappa Basā!
Aho, Gappa Basā! By BrhannadaArmour eye 269 star 0 book 1

Show: Nāndā Saukhya Bhare. Vasanti Ājī told Indraneel, "Neel, come, fix the ...

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DestinE By egle eye 113876 star 245 book 59

Aryan and Imlie. Same, yet different. When these two are thrown ...

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Crash Course
Crash Course By BlurredLines eye 2207 star 34 book 1

Ram Kapoor successful business man of the year for five consecutive times ...

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Sugo alla Puttanesca e Tiramisù? Mamma Mia! Mangiamo!
Sugo alla Puttanesca e Tiramisù? Mamma Mia! Mangiamo! By BrhannadaArmour eye 506 star 1 book 3

Food with family and friends - this desirable combination can get ...

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Conflagration By meera310 eye 17706 star 78 book 31

Aryan Singh Rathore is the 29 year old newly appointed ACP for North East ...

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Forever yours - A journey from two broken hearts to a complete soul.
Forever yours - A journey from two broken hearts to a complete soul. By midnight_library eye 1080 star 6 book 3

This is the story of two broken hearts and their journey. Let's meet two ...

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Love Unrehearsed
Love Unrehearsed By Pooja eye 15344 star 2 book 6

A story on Maan-Geet

Completed M
Glimpse of Us
Glimpse of Us By WildestDreams eye 1851 star 2 book 14

Collections of drabbles that runs through the life of Kabir and Nandini in ...

Ongoing G
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Risthey-the bond of marriage
Risthey-the bond of marriage By midnight_library eye 1258 star 5 book 1

The Story is based on two opposite-minded people who never meet each other, ...

Ongoing G
First time's the charm
First time's the charm By Lizzie eye 10915 star 59 book 1

Shiva and Raavi's awkward first time.

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Tu Dhadkan Main Dil
Tu Dhadkan Main Dil By Aditi eye 1243 star 105 book 1

It is an one shot about how love blooms between Shivaay and Annika.

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Kā Te Kāntā? Kas Te Jāmātā?
Kā Te Kāntā? Kas Te Jāmātā? By BrhannadaArmour eye 2157 star 8 book 2

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Raghav Rao needed a transfusion of four ...

Ongoing G
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Hamari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main
Hamari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main By tellyme eye 187863 star 634 book 22

Their past life leads them with banter and bickering between these two only ...

Completed G
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Sperm Count Test
Sperm Count Test By BrhannadaArmour eye 790 star 1 book 1

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Pallavi wants Raghav to be fully aware of ...

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Jadoo Hain Nasha
Jadoo Hain Nasha By WildestDreams eye 5371 star 21 book 2

Two OS on AryLie. Wrote for Fahmaan 200th episode as Aryan Singh Rathore.

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Annu Kay Tareefain
Annu Kay Tareefain By Opsora2090 eye 1322 star 0 book 1

This poem is based on one of my Prerish Fellow Member from kzk 2 forum ...

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Netaji By Soni eye 201 star 0 book 1

Poem on Netaji

kASH Paradise
kASH Paradise By Author_ARA eye 142 star 0 book 1
BreakFree By sobia4maaneet eye 20689 star 204 book 9

A thriller tale of a knight in shining armor and a princess caged in Golden ...

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