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Forced to Marry Your Soulmate
Forced to Marry Your Soulmate By NitaReid 5769 10 35

Swara Bose had never spent a day in her life waiting for her prince ...

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Two Years After Breakup
Two Years After Breakup By Roshni Menon 9842 10 6

Ever got stuck in a situation where you've to do what you don't want to do ...

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Broken Promises
Broken Promises By ShiriFictionPen 486 6 3

Abir-Mishti and Kunal-Kuhu had a fairytale love story until one day they ...

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Her Hatred Vs His Love
Her Hatred Vs His Love By NitaReid 3006 10 18

Maya Jai Singh had been waiting for eight years to have her revenge and she ...

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Raazi - The Love Affirmation
Raazi - The Love Affirmation By GOLDIE ABROL 1375 14 8

There is a saying “ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE & WAR” but that’s not actually true, ...

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OneShot Collection: It’s called...Eccedentesiast
OneShot Collection: It’s called...Eccedentesiast By WildestDreams 286 2 3

Welcome to my world of writing, writing filled with Sweetness ,Happiness, ...

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Love is Dangerous
Love is Dangerous By Waqt Zaya 153 0 1

Letter addressed to Mr Rishabh Bajaj, the business shark, asking him a lot ...

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Rishabh Blockbuster Bajaj!
Rishabh Blockbuster Bajaj! By Waqt Zaya 145 0 1

Letter addressed to Mr Rishabh Bajaj, the business shark, in reference to ...

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Just Perfect!
Just Perfect! By Waqt Zaya 299 1 1

Written in Second Person Narrative of Prerna Sharma Bajaj and how she ...

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Fikar Thi Unhe
Fikar Thi Unhe By Waqt Zaya 211 2 1

Prerna Bajaj ponders about her enigmatic husband Rishabh Bajaj.

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A Life Full of Surprises!
A Life Full of Surprises! By Waqt Zaya 498 1 4

An endearing tale of Prerna Sharma x Rishabh Bajaj, where Veena Sharma ...

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The Marriage Contract
The Marriage Contract By NitaReid 4192 9 28

Swara and Sanskar had one thing in common their unwillingness to marry ...

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¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦ By ShiriFictionPen 730 13 2

Arnav has loved Khushi since forever, but she cannot accept him in her ...

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Till Eternity
Till Eternity By sobia4maaneet 386 2 2

a sweet love story of a couple ...insanely ..madly ..passionately in love ...

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Iss Dard Mien Bhi Rahat Hai
Iss Dard Mien Bhi Rahat Hai By sobia4maaneet 274 1 1

Its MG One Shot of love that is beyond the parameters that the world has ...

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Batien Ankahi Si
Batien Ankahi Si By sobia4maaneet 361 1 4

How mesmerizing The first feeling of love is …that tickle with just the ...

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A Cinderella Story
A Cinderella Story By NitaReid 3752 7 24

Swara Bose lived under the tyranny of her step father and step sister , ...

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Songs of Silence and A Playful Afternoon
Songs of Silence and A Playful Afternoon By nushy1995 98 0 2

This is a Two Shots on Piya and Ansh from the serial Nazar.

Tum yahin ho...
Tum yahin ho... By Poonam..../Piya 205 3 5

Love has so many definition... Just read a simple meaning of love...