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Punishment By midnight_library (@Disnhining_star) eye 5976 star 3 book 10

Sanyogita swears to give punishment to all the culprits responsible for the ...

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Beyond all Measures
Beyond all Measures By Maleficent (@ExoticDisaster) eye 1796 star 5 book 1

Five years later, Sameer Sharma is now the CEO of his family business, ...

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I STILL LOVE YOU - until my last breath
I STILL LOVE YOU - until my last breath By midnight_library (@Disnhining_star) eye 17062 star 22 book 0

Did you destroy yourself for someone?Did it happen with you that you always ...

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The Ballad of the Unsaid Love
The Ballad of the Unsaid Love By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 612 star 2 book 1

It was spring, then summer came, which was followed by a quiet autumn, ...

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Maami ki Behen ki Beti #ReadersChoiceAwards
Maami ki Behen ki Beti #ReadersChoiceAwards By Roch (@Gadbad_Ghotala) eye 4146 star 12 book 21

After Dev and Rishita got married, leaving Raavi heartbroken and crushed, ...

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One Shot Collection It’s called
One Shot Collection It’s called By MorallyGrey (@WildestDreams) eye 2793 star 14 book 4

Welcome to my world of writing, writing filled with Sweetness ,Happiness, ...

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Wounds Unhealed
Wounds Unhealed By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 1027 star 2 book 1

A quiet life, peaceful days were what he'd dreamt of all his life despite ...

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Rosid's Addicted to you
Rosid's Addicted to you By Roja.rosid (@Roja.rosid) eye 12723 star 10 book 20

A simple and shy girl Roli, our Angry young man Siddhanth..It's a love at ...

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Two Years After Breakup
Two Years After Breakup By InToTheUnknown (@InToTheUnknown) eye 13343 star 37 book 6

Ever got stuck in a situation where you've to do what you don't want to do ...

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Because I Love You
Because I Love You By kamila. (@Seriously.) eye 2810 star 3 book 7

What would you do when your heart struck somewhere in the past? What will ...

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The Missing Pieces
The Missing Pieces By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 92 star 2 book 1

The past of Roys and Mehtas collide when the dead arise.

Love isn't Always Easy
Love isn't Always Easy By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 4152 star 15 book 8

Roohi always dreamt of a happily ever after, but she forgot that love isn't ...

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