The Charmer and his Lady
The Charmer and his Lady By Koeli (@Koeli) eye 35976 star 413 book 4

What happens when you are in a dilemma whether to accept the present ...

Ongoing X
The Lost Flute
The Lost Flute By proteeti (@wayward) eye 5077 star 6 book 11

Balarama's visit to Vrindavan, a couple of decades after Krishna and ...

Ongoing G
+ 2 more
Memories By Sindhu (@Ray0fh0p3) eye 8380 star 18 book 9
Completed G
A Lot of Bridges Cross Sarayu
A Lot of Bridges Cross Sarayu By proteeti (@wayward) eye 334 star 1 book 1

After Seeta's departure, Rama finds himself in a strange bind with his ...

Ongoing G
+ 2 more
Its Destiny
Its Destiny By Koeli (@Koeli) eye 157423 star 774 book 5
Abandoned G
DilDara By RD (@-RD-) eye 7803 star 1 book 4
Abandoned G
All the world's a stage to dance
All the world's a stage to dance By Shesha (@Sshesha) eye 875 star 1 book 8

Dev is a talented dancer and also a man of girl's dreams. Along with his ...

Ongoing G
Waqt By IshqKaRang (@IshqKaRang) eye 24344 star 11 book 8

What happens when Shiva sets out to woo Raavi and win her back? Will Raavi ...

Ongoing G
+ 5 more
Every Memory Between Us #ReadersChoiceAwards
Every Memory Between Us #ReadersChoiceAwards By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 15398 star 118 book 5

A collection of short stories I wrote for my favourite couple on the Hindi ...

Completed G
+ 6 more
Where The Sky Meets The Earth
Where The Sky Meets The Earth By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 5901 star 5 book 9

People often give the metaphor of the sky and the earth to imply how they ...

Completed G
+ 9 more
Kauravi By proteeti (@wayward) eye 1867 star 1 book 4

This story is an attempt to understand the sole Kaurava sister: ...

Ongoing M
+ 4 more
Hamsafar By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 521 star 6 book 1

Ishana a simple girl, her younger sister is Saumya is Leaukemia patient. so ...

Ongoing G
The Mother Of My Child
The Mother Of My Child By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 10072 star 36 book 11

Mother, the lifeline of child and child, the apple of her eyes for whom she ...

Completed R
+ 7 more
BreakFree By sobia4maaneet (@sobia4maaneet) eye 21351 star 205 book 9

A thriller tale of a knight in shining armor and a princess caged in Golden ...

Completed R
Sleep By cosine456 (@cosine456) eye 4165 star 19 book 3

Imlie loved sleeping. Her Amma could attest to it. Her Dadda could attest ...

Ongoing G
+ 4 more
Gifts of Love
Gifts of Love By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 2090 star 2 book 3

On the occasion of Christmas, a joyous season filled with happiness and ...

Completed M
+ 4 more
I Found
I Found By tannu (@dhun.laagi) eye 17277 star 83 book 3

These are drabbles set in the MHRW AU realm. The title is from the Amber ...

Completed G

Latest Stories

Broken Promises
Broken Promises By Shirisha (@ExoticDisaster) eye 30554 star 1 book 2

When Samar and Aryan - two brothers, meet two sisters named Mehak and Chahat, ...

Arshi Samaina FF: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Arshi Samaina FF: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham By kavita (@kavitha_r) eye 354 star 2 book 10

The story revolves around Arnav, Khushi, Sameer, and Naina. Arnav is the ...

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