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Partner Of Life
Partner Of Life By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 47213 star 5 book 16

Life Partner - name to person who is bond to one by rituals. Partner Of ...

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Kyon Ki.. thorny love
Kyon Ki.. thorny love By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 51686 star 91 book 5

Geet loves Maan crazily, who in return was having only immense hatred for ...

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YOU NEVER KNOW By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 576953 star 761 book 64

My first story: 'You Never Know' that you can ever fall for person who is ...

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The Chef Next Door
The Chef Next Door By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 18749 star 82 book 15

I will just go and try once ..he thought ready to barge inside that house ...

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Enchanted By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 122485 star 103 book 40

Arrange Marriage of a commoner with a Royal King dealing with conspiracy ...

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The Conflict
The Conflict By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 5782 star 14 book 1

Rain can wash away his pain and inner conflict or it can further mess his ...

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Silent Rain - Passionate Desires
Silent Rain - Passionate Desires By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 12828 star 58 book 3

And he stood rooted to on the place gaping outside with wide opened ...

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Captive Bride
Captive Bride By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 10618 star 56 book 10

Anhoni toh ho gayi hai, Rajkumari jane kiski buri nazar lag gayi ...

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Indebted By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 85304 star 109 book 53

Indebted for life. He can only dream of her but his life belongs to her as ...

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Pyar Hua Chupke Se
Pyar Hua Chupke Se By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 58619 star 119 book 40

This is all about the feel of bond beyond ones control. The unknown pull ...

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Devil's Den
Devil's Den By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 52549 star 127 book 37

Warning: Strictly 18+ Content. “Ok.. while I check this consent letter of ...

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Paheli  The Riddle
Paheli The Riddle By LM1991 (@LM1991) eye 5758 star 5 book 1

The season 1 primarily focuses on Naintara Khandelwal’s murder and ...

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Poles Apart
Poles Apart By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 40061 star 108 book 27

They are poles Apart in all ways. She is professional, calculated and well ...

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Saathiya By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 297224 star 828 book 39

This is a lighthearted story of two childhood friends who are completely ...

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Roothe Piya.... Manaoo kaise
Roothe Piya.... Manaoo kaise By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 914834 star 1019 book 53

He is now exactly opposite man of what he was. But she had always dreamt of ...

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Hamari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main
Hamari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 196326 star 634 book 22

Their past life leads them with banter and bickering between these two only ...

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Bandhan By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 933603 star 1053 book 59

He met her at very young age of 16 when she was just 8 yrs old girl working ...

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RadhaKrishna OS - Prem ki Holi! (Completed)
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When you have someone in your heart and want them to colour you and your soul ...

RadhaKrishna OS - Raas Leela!!! (Complete)
RadhaKrishna OS - Raas Leela!!! (Complete) By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 2345 star 5 book 1

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PrAja /RoSal OS - Surprises!! (Complete)
PrAja /RoSal OS - Surprises!! (Complete) By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 1019 star 7 book 1

Truth in fantasy are so beautiful! Dreams in reality, that enchanted! To ...

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