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Jeevan Aadhaar : Naari Ki Peedhaa yaa Purush Ka Ahankaar?
Jeevan Aadhaar : Naari Ki Peedhaa yaa Purush Ka Ahankaar? By waterlotus.19 eye 1518 star 3 book 48

Maan Singh Khurana is a business tycoon, heir to Khurana Parivaar and only ...

Completed + 4 more
Paheli  The Riddle
Paheli The Riddle By LM1991 eye 1874 star 5 book 0

The season 1 primarily focuses on Naintara Khandelwal’s murder and ...

Till Eternity
Till Eternity By sobia4maaneet eye 1251 star 3 book 2

a sweet love story of a couple ...insanely ..madly ..passionately in love ...

Completed + 6 more
Abhimaan Yaa Swabhimaan    Ego or Self Respect
Abhimaan Yaa Swabhimaan Ego or Self Respect By LM1991 eye 5376 star 13 book 37

Is a man's ego more important than a girl's honour, dignity and virtue?

Madhur Vaani  Melodious Voice   Ek Vardaan Yaa Abhishaap
Madhur Vaani Melodious Voice Ek Vardaan Yaa Abhishaap By LM1991 eye 7111 star 10 book 50

"Why is speech so important in one's life?"

Priyasi Sweetheart
Priyasi Sweetheart By LM1991 eye 8162 star 10 book 43

Does love get camouflaged in disguises?

Prem Yaa Mrigtrishna  Love or Mirage?
Prem Yaa Mrigtrishna Love or Mirage? By LM1991 eye 15402 star 18 book 74

How difficult it is for a poor, young, beautiful, defenceless orphan girl ...

Dhoop Chauon
Dhoop Chauon By LM1991 eye 7860 star 11 book 38

Similar looking girls with personality poles apart. Are they twins or.....?

HAALAAT (Situations)
HAALAAT (Situations) By waterlotus.19 eye 1876 star 5 book 29

Are Arranged Marriages a form of finding one's true love? Or Does one fall ...

Ongoing + 4 more
HUMNAVAA#2 : Mohabbaton Mein Fanaa
HUMNAVAA#2 : Mohabbaton Mein Fanaa By waterlotus.19 eye 572 star 2 book 23

Hi there to all my fellow MAANEETians! I finished my SS called Humnavaa : ...

Completed + 3 more
HUMNAVAA#1 : Pyaar Dosti Hai
HUMNAVAA#1 : Pyaar Dosti Hai By waterlotus.19 eye 593 star 1 book 21

There was a deep bond between Maan and Geet, which took the form of ...

Completed + 4 more
Ardhangini (The Better Half)
Ardhangini (The Better Half) By LM1991 eye 7713 star 13 book 52

Childhood love. Love which is innocent, pure and selfless. Story of two ...

Abhinetri  (Actress)
Abhinetri (Actress) By LM1991 eye 8571 star 10 book 37

Is true love based on “love at first sight”?

Junoon By LM1991 eye 3873 star 12 book 17

Does anyone has right to crush another person’s freedom of thought, ...

Be Mine
Be Mine By Kuttisri eye 8615 star 15 book 30

All she wanted since from her childhood was him, but before she could ...

Ongoing + 5 more
Tempted By Shirisha eye 654 star 11 book 1

..When good girls fall for bad boys.. Khushi, Geet and Zoya lead ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Meri Mishty Kaun?
Meri Mishty Kaun? By LM1991 eye 20012 star 34 book 96

Is love based on physical beauty and attraction i.e. facial beauty, hair, ...

Stree By LM1991 eye 16528 star 24 book 82

This story tells about determination, courage and love of a woman keeping ...

Teri Meri Chahatein
Teri Meri Chahatein By Kuttisri eye 1751 star 9 book 5

Her innocent face distracted everyone but her heart was always to special ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Satarangi Indradanush
Satarangi Indradanush By LM1991 eye 5844 star 14 book 0



Latest Stories

Who Are You?
Who Are You? By Areeba eye 104 star 1 book 1

She was an angelic figure with dove eyes and hips of swan, She walked like a ...

Can't you be Mine?
Can't you be Mine? By Priya eye 88 star 1 book 2

Prithvi Sanyo has been best friends since childhood. Both were studying in a ...

An Arranged Love Marriage
An Arranged Love Marriage By Aishwarya eye 131 star 3 book 1

Roli and Siddhant have an arranged Love marriage.

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