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Let the Pain, Wash off
Let the Pain, Wash off By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 649 star 2 book 1

Raina is dealing with physical abuse by her life partner Akash but one ...

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OK meṃ Thank You!
OK meṃ Thank You! By BrhannadaArmour (@BrhannadaArmour) eye 479 star 1 book 1

Show: Dāra Ughaḍa Baye. Crossovers from the Bengali original Jamunā Ḍhākī ...

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Mystery-Systery : Bangla's Goppo
Mystery-Systery : Bangla's Goppo By Quantum-Dot (@Quantum-Dot) eye 517 star 1 book 4

My entries (Microtales, minidrabble and ficlets) for Wordsleuths contest on ...

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We Go On Red
We Go On Red By Tiara (@DreamOfEndless) eye 2331 star 29 book 1

Ram faces conflicted inner thoughts as he sees his ex-wife, Priya in a red ...

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Fractions of a Love Story
Fractions of a Love Story By oh nakhrewaali (@oh_nakhrewaali) eye 11805 star 77 book 6

#1: Ram is in love with his best friend, its just his tough luck that she ...

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Jassi and aarmaan
Jassi and aarmaan By Tina (@tina22) eye 17478 star 28 book 17
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