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Pawn By Koeli eye 10437 star 2698 book 23

The only thing that Arnav Singh Raizada wants is revenge. He manipulates ...

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Forbidden Desire #ReadersChoiceAwards
Forbidden Desire #ReadersChoiceAwards By Koeli eye 221105 star 2008 book 15

The whole mansion was adorned with the fairy lights. Mrs Subhadra Raizada ...

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Unexpectedly expected
Unexpectedly expected By saucechips eye 3049502 star 1794 book 44

Arshi Fiction

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Chaddi Buddies
Chaddi Buddies By Koeli eye 11089 star 1607 book 18

Bonded for the Womb II

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Bonded for the Womb
Bonded for the Womb By Koeli eye 603404 star 1582 book 25

Due to her father's illness, Khushi Kumari Gupta agreed to become a ...

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Mr Espresso Miss Cupcake [One Night Stand Book 1]
Mr Espresso Miss Cupcake [One Night Stand Book 1] By Koeli eye 829395 star 1527 book 32

She needs money, He needs a companion for a night. She wants sex but he ...

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Desert Rose
Desert Rose By charlotte74 eye 29195 star 1439 book 27

Khushi takes Payal and embarks on a journey from Delhi to Raisar in ...

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Dark Night Dawning
Dark Night Dawning By charlotte74 eye 17612 star 1330 book 28

After returning from their honeymoon in Nainital, Arnav cancels their six ...

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Jaane Doh Naa
Jaane Doh Naa By -Archi- eye 605251 star 1306 book 37

Unfortunately, this is not a stand alone story…. it picks up from the ...

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Silent Whispers
Silent Whispers By -Archi- eye 424474 star 1231 book 54

Haunted by a troubled childhood, Khushi hides behind a mask of ambition… ...

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Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers By charlotte74 eye 35077 star 1225 book 28

Khushi and Arnav fall in love during Akash and Payal's wedding but soon ...

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Innocent Love
Innocent Love By tellyme eye 217759 star 1196 book 60

Her innocence and his maturity. He is a professor in London and she is a ...

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