Suspense Fan Fictions

Punishment By midnight_library eye 3747 star 3 book 22

Sanyogita swears to give punishment to all the culprits responsible for the ...

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A Night on a Highway
A Night on a Highway By manjiri eye 3609 star 10 book 11

A secluded highway, a dark night, a car ride with an arch nemesis and an ...

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My Temporary Secretary
My Temporary Secretary By Aditi eye 1518 star 24 book 4

“I am not interested in marriage. Whoever agrees to be my Queen will just ...

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Let it rain
Let it rain By Quantum-Dot eye 453 star 2 book 1

This is a romantic thriller consisting of 3 episodes, each featuring three ...

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Chandrachur Shom : A Murder in Choudhury Manor
Chandrachur Shom : A Murder in Choudhury Manor By Quantum-Dot eye 3726 star 9 book 9

The story is set up in the early 2000s in Calcutta (presently Kolkata). ...

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Tu Meri Zindagi hai
Tu Meri Zindagi hai By Shalini_Taarey eye 5081 star 12 book 10

A sweet innocent bubbly girl become depressed, she got Raped by a devil who ...

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Antarāya-timir'opaśāntaye #ReadersChoiceAwards
Antarāya-timir'opaśāntaye #ReadersChoiceAwards By BrhannadaArmour eye 2137 star 24 book 2

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Raghav and Pallavi are expecting their ...

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Hasta-prāpya-stabaka-namito bāla-Mandāra-vṛkṣaḥ #ReadersChoiceAwards
Hasta-prāpya-stabaka-namito bāla-Mandāra-vṛkṣaḥ #ReadersChoiceAwards By BrhannadaArmour eye 11087 star 41 book 34

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Pallavi's first husband Mandar Deshmukh is ...

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Newfound Family
Newfound Family By HereAsMyself eye 2562 star 4 book 8

We've all seen what happens when Senior Inspector Abhijeet is accused of ...

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Music of my heart
Music of my heart By midnight_library eye 1412 star 4 book 3

Summary.... Shaharan, Mehfil  belong from different communities fell in ...

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Immortal: Life is Good
Immortal: Life is Good By Aditi eye 593 star 4 book 1

A girl fed up of her life, fell in love with an immortal person.

Completed G
Love is a Savior
Love is a Savior By aawaaradill eye 8307 star 13 book 9

Prerna Sharma gets more than she bargained for when she is offered work by ...

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Lean On Me: The Beginning...01
Lean On Me: The Beginning...01 By Mimi S eye 30423 star 65 book 40

This story is of Imlie a lady of 30 who time traveled back to the time when ...

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Khiza #ReadersChoiceAwards
Khiza #ReadersChoiceAwards By Bluegrass eye 3147 star 9 book 1

Imlie thinks of Aryan at the brothel.

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That's real mature of you. #ReadersChoiceAward
That's real mature of you. #ReadersChoiceAward By sourmisery eye 2878 star 22 book 1

AU; under the tumultuous rain, Aryan and Imlie learn the meaning of being ...

Completed G
Second Chance
Second Chance By neha eye 924 star 10 book 2

He has loved someone immensely. But she was snatched away from him ...

Ongoing R
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