Love Triangle Fan Fictions

Halala By Aditi eye 9448 star 20 book 11

An innocent girl, Zoya married to Haider who gave her talaaq-ul-biddat ...

Ongoing + 5 more
Three Magical Words #ReadersChoiceAwards
Three Magical Words #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 2920 star 5 book 4

When past collides with present .What choices will he make and when two ...

Completed + 6 more
I STILL LOVE YOU - until my last breath (✅)
I STILL LOVE YOU - until my last breath (✅) By Sanghvi first love 💕 eye 14527 star 23 book 52

Did you destroy yourself for someone?Did it happen with you that you always ...

Completed + 7 more
Choices  (#IFFA2020)
Choices (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 7008 star 14 book 8

Three people stood against her marriage, one for revenge, one for love, and ...

Completed + 9 more
A Trip to the Past #ReadersChoiceAwards
A Trip to the Past #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 7031 star 46 book 42

Sanskar Maheshwari was an man haunted by his past, He lived his life on an ...

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Is This Love?
Is This Love? By UNIK eye 1277 star 0 book 0

Gourav along with his three friends namely Aditya,Yash and Nishant are ...

Abandoned + 4 more
Tashan E Ishq Shots #ReadersChoiceAwards
Tashan E Ishq Shots #ReadersChoiceAwards By eye 1911 star 111 book 11

One Shot fan fics based off Twinkle Taneja and Kunj Samna from Tashan -e- ...

Completed + 9 more
Wounded Love
Wounded Love By Mehbeer02 eye 1380 star 0 book 3

Some wounds are forever. Can he undo his mistakes?

Ongoing + 8 more
IN DINO By Mehbeer02 eye 1079 star 1 book 3

Complicated Love Stories are not a fairytales. In dino (these days) cover ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Devil vs Angel
Devil vs Angel By ParijatGirl eye 20263 star 39 book 71

It all started with a contract and hatred but later changed into LOVE!

Completed + 2 more
Capitive of Heart
Capitive of Heart By James Smith eye 1360 star 10 book 3

"Love pure yet deadly Emotion"!.. "either it's gotta make you weak as ...

Ongoing + 2 more
Love or curse
Love or curse By James Smith eye 2998 star 4 book 9

"Nothing is more pure and Beautiful than love"! But Four people's ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Tum Ho Mera Pyaar..
Tum Ho Mera Pyaar.. By Poonam..../Piya eye 27218 star 237 book 72

Arjun lost every thing..his fame name...or his lv...due to one girl.. He ...

Completed + 5 more
Main Tumhaare Bina Nahin Reh Sakata
Main Tumhaare Bina Nahin Reh Sakata By Kalpana eye 1690 star 3 book 4

This story based on girl telling lie and cheating her soul mate.because she ...

Ongoing + 1 more
|| Hamari Adhuri Kahani ||
|| Hamari Adhuri Kahani || By Vishva eye 2419 star 5 book 8

Aayesha, a girl with so many hidden secrets falls in love with an ...

Made for Two?
Made for Two? By Shirisha eye 2462 star 7 book 3

Prerna is confused when it comes to Rishabh and Anurag, it is because she ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Revenge By nilanjana eye 1021 star 3 book 2

REVENGE Character Introduction Akhil: Akhil is the boy-man. He has ...

Ongoing + 9 more
Fated to Love You #ReadersChoiceAwards
Fated to Love You #ReadersChoiceAwards By Shirisha eye 2245 star 19 book 2

Preeta and Karan sacrifice their love for sake of Rishab. Is it the end of ...

Completed + 5 more

Latest Stories

Adhoore Hum... Adhoore Tum
Adhoore Hum... Adhoore Tum By sharamr eye 861 star 5 book 8

Story Background: The story focuses on Sai and Virat's reconciliation post ...

Mehrama By Aakriti Srivastava eye 11732 star 10 book 5

Set in almost a month after Malini's PF fiasco, Aditya has proposed Imlie for ...

Dil Kya Kare
Dil Kya Kare By Aakriti Srivastava eye 7029 star 3 book 2

Sequel to "Chal Ghar Chalein" - After realizing where her Actual 'Home' lies, ...

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