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Moments : New chapter yes or no?   ! #ReadersChoiceAwards
Moments : New chapter yes or no? ! #ReadersChoiceAwards By jagrutid eye 141214 star 159 book 78

A series of little moments for Rishabh Bajaj and Prerna fans, also features ...

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Halala By Aditi eye 14343 star 23 book 15

An innocent girl, Zoya married to Haider who gave her talaaq-ul-biddat ...

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Her Broken Heart #ReadersChoiceAwards
Her Broken Heart #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 13703 star 16 book 21

Gauri faced heartbreaks from the day she was born. It started from the ...

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Forced to Marry Your Soulmate #ReadersChoiceAwards
Forced to Marry Your Soulmate #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 178800 star 285 book 44

Swara Bose had never spent a day in her life waiting for her prince ...

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Fireflies By Nushrat eye 30114 star 6 book 54

It's funny how the things you desire the most often become the reason for ...

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Alone at Christmas #ReadersChoiceAwards
Alone at Christmas #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 1286 star 1 book 1

Three people set to spend Christmas alone has encounters with each other ...

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Love is all you need #ReadersChoiceAwards
Love is all you need #ReadersChoiceAwards By Lizzie eye 19175 star 12 book 35

Sara Sanyal A) has a long-time boyfriend who has just proposed. B) ...

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SHEESHA – SOME MIRRORS DO LIE #ReadersChoiceAwards By GOLDIE ABROL eye 6950 star 6 book 24

Your face & your identity is your complete character and every individual ...

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Her Broken Dream
Her Broken Dream By BlurredLines eye 9594 star 9 book 42

From the age of 16 ,Gauri happiness centered around him . The love of her ...

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Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family #ReadersChoiceAwards
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 44656 star 112 book 19

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

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I'll Be Needing Stitches #ReadersChoiceAwards
I'll Be Needing Stitches #ReadersChoiceAwards By nautankitadka eye 2137 star 9 book 1

This is based in the KUDCA AU Realm. This time it features the Fab 5 with ...

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Adopted Princess #ReadersChoiceAwards
Adopted Princess #ReadersChoiceAwards By BlurredLines eye 9491 star 13 book 20

Lavanya Sanskar Maheshwari a.k.a Princess was the heart of her adopted ...

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Twisted Emotions
Twisted Emotions By Aditi eye 7605 star 45 book 16

The story is about, the happily married Ram Priya when Nandini play her ...

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Delivery Boy #ReadersChoiceAwards
Delivery Boy #ReadersChoiceAwards By BrhannadaArmour eye 2726 star 49 book 3

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Who would want insolent Raghav Rao for a ...

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Afterglow #ReadersChoiceAwards
Afterglow #ReadersChoiceAwards By Moor278 eye 11765 star 60 book 17

The story is set in the Shruti track. Sai and Virat were in a deal ...

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Antarāya-timir'opaśāntaye #ReadersChoiceAwards
Antarāya-timir'opaśāntaye #ReadersChoiceAwards By BrhannadaArmour eye 2203 star 24 book 2

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Raghav and Pallavi are expecting their ...

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