Trials Of Fire
Trials Of Fire By Neha (@Loving2Missing2) eye 65232 star 100 book 93

Couple Dynamics building a complex web ... A family, each having a ...

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Her Unloved Prince
Her Unloved Prince By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 3616 star 10 book 38

Vihaan Mehrotra was unloved till he met his Angel, born in a family where ...

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Her Broken Dream
Her Broken Dream By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 10620 star 11 book 42

From the age of 16 ,Gauri happiness centered around him . The love of her ...

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Of Choices and Destiny
Of Choices and Destiny By umawanderer (@umawanderer) eye 949 star 0 book 2

What is the most important thing in life? "Happiness of their loved ones ...

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Fireflies By Nushrat (@Nush_Rat) eye 31256 star 6 book 54

It's funny how the things you desire the most often become the reason for ...

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A Cast of Characters
A Cast of Characters By crtkelly (@crtkelly) eye 104837 star 22 book 102

The sequel to "Hennaed Hands"... Rachna and Kabir have united and are ...

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Chandrachur Shom : A Murder in Choudhury Manor
Chandrachur Shom : A Murder in Choudhury Manor By Quantum-Dot (@Quantum-Dot) eye 4263 star 9 book 9

The story is set up in the early 2000s in Calcutta (presently Kolkata). ...

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Alliance of Hearts
Alliance of Hearts By Chandragupt (@Chandragupt) eye 908 star 7 book 1

The Rajput Kunwari of Kacchwaha clan and the Mughal Shehzaada Jalal - Two ...

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