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The story of this serial revolves around the principal character Abhinaya, her two sisters and a brother.

Abhinaya, Anandhi, Aarthi and Manohar are the 4 children of Karpagam. Abhinaya is working in a private company, while Anandhi and Aarthi are still studying. Manohar is a school dropout, yearning to become mechanic.

Despite odds, the children have been brought up by their mother as straight forward, courageous and bold. Little do they realize how much trauma and troubles they are going to face in life because of their straightforwardness?

The eldest our heroine, Abhinaya is a capable, hard-working girl. She has great ambitions of going up the ladder in her career. Usha is her colleague at office who is very fond of her. Tholkappian is another colleague who is in love with her but who does not have the guts to proclaim his love to her.

Karpagam wants to get Abhinaya married. Succumbing to her mother's pressure, she however lays down a condition that while she will continue to work after marriage, her income should go to her family even after her marriage till such time Anandhi finishes studies and start working.

The money-minded Bhaskar comes as a prospective alliance. Though his family is not in favor of the outspoken Abhinaya, Bhaskar is interested and convinces his family. Their marriage takes place amides confusions and compromises. Now begins the problems for Abhinaya.

Abhinaya has to balance between a self-centered husband, his self-righteous sisters and the burdens of the middle-class family. Her troubles start from the day one. Abhi does not run away from her troubles. She faces them firmly but boldly. At the same time she manages to win over all of them with her patience and affection.

She realizes that she has to increase her income to make ends meet. So she starts working harder and succeeds. Now she is in a level much higher than her husband. This gives him an inferiority complex and gives way to heated arguments between husband and wife.

Bhaskar's only aim now in life is to grow to a level better than his wife. This leads him to wrong paths and finally makes Abhi leave him.

Meanwhile, her sisters have started facing their own problems in life. Anandhi has finished her studies and has started working relieving Abhi of the family burden. She falls in love with Shiva and her marriage with Shiva is finalized.

Aarthi fallen in love with a waster. Unmindful of consequences, she runs away with him and gets married to him. She realizes her folly too late! Will she be able to come out of it?

Will abhi get back to her husband?

All these questions are answered in the serial "Kolangal". 

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