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Posted: 14 years ago
Monday 30/11/09 - for the archives

Ok folks, I am going to give a short update for both 30/11/09
and 1/12 /09 - just so all of u have some kind of continuity -
the director himself does not care about such trivia , anyways.

Since they have to discuss a monumental issue, Thollai and Menu
have chosen a public spot - Menu wants "anna" to come along to the
US and "anna" refuses as he has the monumental responsibility of
kooja thooking to Aatha. Menu leaves and Thollai apologizes to his
dead mother - for choosing aatha over his sister. What follows is
kodumai to the power of N - aatha and Kooja in the car, aatha has
a  70mm laptop a la Menu. We are shown some tall structures which
can be compared to MIG housing - must be DV project ( ithukka
ithanai build up kuduthaanga???)
and they also show aatha being
benevolent to a load of kids, elders etc,., etc., and the grand finale is
aatha kisses a kid and next what Roja saw made her cringe - we are
shown the photo of Mahathma Gandhi kissing a baby (uh huh, so
what are u trying to tell us Thollai?? That u are a kooja to some one
who can be compared to the Father of the Nation??? uh huh)

Aatha has built her dream home - Thollai calling her God - mutual back patting, aatha asking Thollai to get a life ( yeah sure) and Thollai saying
 that he is happy playing kooja ( thank God, one lucky woman escaped Thollai ) finally aatha says that Thollai should always be with her -
Thollai agrees ( anyways, vera pOkkidam illiye??)

OQ and Aarthi meet Thollai - talk as if they are dying to see Thollai with
"malaiyum kazhuthum" - Thollai says that he is happy just being Kooja -
not knowing the real intention of that dysfunctional , selfish family. OQ
gives a big build up about Thollai being the driving force and guardian
angel....Aarthi apologizes for her atrocious act....blah blah..finally they
say that Thollai has to leave Aatha and go away to some La La land -
" if u are with her, she does not see the reason for settling down in
life...she has to go back to gold digger... so get the hell out of here.."
Thollai agrees and of course the scheming OQ and Aarthi extract a
promise -" not a word to aatha about our involvement" Thollai agrees
to leave ( well, he killed the friendship too - the grand finale ??!!)
Aatha is eavesdropping - learns the whole thing - but not sure if she
realizes that she has a selfish, irritating family.


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Posted: 14 years ago
Tuesday 1/12/09 -

Aatha and Kooja - in the beach - as Thollai has to take leave
- from aatha and this trash - aatha cries, so what is new?? -
Thollai states the reason "neenga nalla irukkanum" - aatha
wonders about that - "with out you?? who will carry my kooja
from now on??" Thollai does his master piece acting and in spite
of aatha's probing, he does not point fingers at aatha's clan.
Aatha asks a valid Q " u did not know this all these days??" Thollai
says that he was ignorant ( tell me about it, you are ignorant
in every field - story writing, script, direction, acting - every thing
eludes you!!)
Thollai is going to vera olagam - whatever that means -
but not to Menu, for sure .  Well, aatha is the train which keeps
moving and Thollai is the railway station, which stays put ( yeah
sure, oru channel um  oru appavi producer um kidaicha, he never
leaves !!!)
He says that the station looks beautiful ( uh huh) when
the train is there and once the train leaves, the station looks yucky
( that describes u better, actually ) enough is enough - bye bye to
Thollai - Roja vows - " eternal bye bye" Thollai tells aatha that he would
be happy if she can visit him - when she comes to know that he
left Mother earth  to give company to St.Peter ( pochu da...
avarukkum serial kaatti punish panna plan aa??)
Thollai leaves,
aatha cries uh huh.

Aaatha, OQ, Aarthi, Anu and Mano - visit gold digger's house - with the
good news of aatha accepting to remarry gold digger. Alamu is so
happy that she is even ready to make some coffee for the sambhandhi amma. Aatha goes up to meet Bhasky - all by herself - guess some cootchi
cooing is on the cards. Gold digger gloats..... goes overboard about how
all he plans to cherish his ex wife.. make amends..blah blah.. laughs like
a maniac and tells aatha that they are made for each other. OQ, Mano
and Aarthi listen to this gushing and are beaming. Bhasky does a vote
of thanks to athai for making this possible. Finally aatha asks "have u
told me every thing?" Gold digger says that he has run out of words -
"nothing more to say"

Aatha says that he killed his FIL for money and also killed Sangi. By now
Alamu, her daughter and SIL join the audience. Bhasky first  denies
his crimes, then screams "yes, I did both but that Bhaskar is dead and
gone, what u see now is a new Bhasky..reformed" The whole jing bang is shocked and Alamu acts as if she sired a Sathyavan /Harishchandra rolled
in to one - Aatha stands there crying - Alamu takes  over the stage, asks
aatha to keep off sonny boy "he may kill u also. I am calling the police "
( she is actually better than aatha , she did not withhold the info about
a criminal)
Well, Bhasky says that the police can not drag him to kambi
counting "avanga vanthu eduthuttu pogattum" before the meaning of that
phrase sinks in , he goes in to a room, shoots himself. RKO happens -
aatha standing alone - "  thank God, i did not hold that gun in my hand"


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Posted: 14 years ago
Wednesday 2/12/09

Starts with Aatha with her aatha -" life so far and life from now on "
discussion is on - Aatha is crying ( eppO paarthaalum oru mooku
sindhal, kashta kaalam da Samy )
OQ says that all the problems have
vanished in to thin air "business circle le u are a big shot, we are
all together now, so why are u still pensive??" ( just that she is so
used to being pensive for ever ..and being your daughter , crying is
her second nature , period !!)
Aatha is mourning gold digger's death
(apdi pOdu, enna dheedeer karisanam??) -" he deserves punishment,
no doubts but he got punished after he reformed !!!" OQ says that
Aatha should forget the past and move on with life . Aatha gives
a sly smile and says " u wanted me to go to back to Bhasky and now
u want me to shed him like a bad habit??" OQ says that she opted for
Bhasky as aatha was not willing to marry any one else -"vera vazhi
illai, athaan " Now starts another round of "u must get married soon -
No i do not want to marry" carousel ride ( habba , Roja kku thalaiyai
pichukkanum nnu oru urge !!) Aatha asks OQ " why can't you say that
you will be with me all through my life??" OQ says that aatha may grant
eternity but God has other plans "am not sure, how long I am going to
be around...after me...?? u need some one" Aatha cries again (uh huh)
.... " yes, i  have achieved a lot, DV project ai successful aa mudichutten
(oh really??? Bhasky died yesterday and over night le DV over??
or the time machine made a quick run to the next decade??)
, my dream
house is ready, tomorrow is the grahapravesam, again we are all
going to be together like old times...and this time darling dad is also
with us... what more do I need?" Now it is OQ's turn to cry. Aarthi also comes - paasa mazhai neram ( Bhagawaneeeee, thangalai da saaammmyyy)-  Aatha cootchi cooes with Aarthi's baby ( athu oru
periya pappa va irukku !!! )
Mano draws Aarthi aside ( yarai kavukka
plan podanumO?? Hissy oda half siblings thaane, antha buthi illame pogumaa?)

Grahaprevesam function - OQ and Eashu perform the pooja. Aatha sits
behind them and chellam konjifies ( pakka sagikkalai - ennavO ippo
thaan KG class vittu vantha pappa mathiri )
There are about 100 people
around - the whole jing bang - Aarthi, Mano and Anu have a kadu
kadu face ( storm is brewing??) Aatha has a plastic smile and looks
totally artificial - the function goes on - apram food.

After food, Mano starts " akka, are u expecting us all to live here
together??" Aatha is surprised "enna doubt unakku??" Aarthi
joins the drama " we cant live like parasites always. When all
are happy, things will be fine. if things go wrong, then we will be the
first ones to be sent out , it is your house"  Aatha would much rather
have an in camera session but both Mano and Aarthi prefer to have
the whole crowd for company. Aatha summons her temporary kooja
( inimel ithu permanent??) - he comes with a file... talks in crores..
Aatha's business empire is richer than the Ambani's - and she has
made sure to provide for every one - to  any one who managed
to catch her eyes !!! For herself, she has an income of 20,000 rs a
month and the income from the original Abi Constructions will be
 spent for the mentally challenged children - Aatha will just manage
 that home. OQ cries... of course .... Mano and Aarthi ...greedy look..of course.. Aatha also cries... Eswaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Freeze - the only solace - new serial promo today - no name , some thing
about  women need not be educated -
 Aarambame ippadi endraal aduthathu enna di yooy??? - Roja sings
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Posted: 14 years ago
Thursday 3/12/09

vuuu vuuu vuuu Oppari time - aatha's benevolence is exhibited
by temp. kooja - the greedy clan looks happy. Aatha is crying
( from yesterday!!! has not stopped ??!!) Usha hears the "will
reading" and takes it up on her to sing aatha ashthothram -
" none of u know aatha. I am taking care of that vegetable only
because she told me. I am her friend and I listen to her but you
are all her siblings !!! You still do not know her??!!" The clan has
no remorse or shame - of course Aarthi and Mano know that their
mother will do the oppari honors. OQ says that they all want aatha
to be happy. Aatha gives a piercing look and asks "appo why did
u chase my kooja away??? My happiness did not count then???"
OQ is shocked ( yovvv Thollai pora pOkkule pOttu kuduthittiyaa???)
but manages to say that she had aatha's future in mind "unakku
kalyanam, kozhandai ..kutti" Aatha says that she has plenty of children.
Goes up, removes all the glittery stuff , wears a simple sari, has the same
old handbag and comes down...all are shocked....OQ gets ready for
the next round of RKO - Rajendran is missing - must have gone to fetch
a few old dry cotton sarees - so OQ can cry incessantly.

All look at aatha who is still crying. OQ plays the spokesperson - "what
is this??? why this kolam??" ( alangolam  suits better - for aatha's
looks and this serial )
Aatha deems it fit to render a lecture. " I have
 gone through a lot of turmoil and suffered a lot.  But I have always
made sure to respect all your feelings..made sure to keep u all happy
but none of you care for me?? Do not care about my feelings??? All
of you have hurt me over and over but my love for all of you made me tolerate all that. The only person who was with me through thick and
 thin is Kooja. You drove him away??? But I let him go as well " Aarthi
says that they did not fight with Thollai " we explained things, he understood and left !!" Now aatha spills the beans " Aarthi I knew
all your tiruvilaiyaadal .. long long back..your co-artist told me every thing .But Thollai played villain until the end . And amma, appa left us when
we were very young. why did u not remarry??" OQ says that she had children "all of u" Aatha says that she was the one who played mommy
to the younger siblings when OQ went to work "so thought of them
as my kids and that is why I forgave them every time they hurt me.."
the talk goes on and on ( Roja ithanai ezhuthinathe jasthi..she deserves
one whole bar of Mars)
Finally aatha says that she is leaving .

Big time oppari, Eashu joins...aarthi also cries ( aww it is ok yaar, she is leaving and she will not snatch the property back ) Aatha says that she
will visit them often " u can share your joys with me.. i will do so too"
Eashu says that aatha is punishing them big time but aatha says that
this is the right decision - chithappu, paithiyakara doctor, Sumathi,
Vichu, krishnan.... ellam looking at aatha..

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Posted: 14 years ago
friday -last episode -4.12.09

finally the serial has come to an end...πŸ˜‰ was a nice episode...OQ as usual ended the serial wid her famous opari..she cried the whole time😑.....guess its her trademark...πŸ˜†..

episode-1533(oh ma god!!!πŸ˜†)

scenes continues from yest ....

abhi tells her dad...naa kuttu ponna irikarcha i used to feel bad tat ppl had both parents ..i used to sit and cry i used to come back home and ask amma...she used to mazhupify....but as i grew i realized wat life is...tats y when amma and others left me i showered all ma love wid u as u were the only one wid me..abhi hugs her dad and he kisses her and tells her not to leave..she tells him i have forgiven u but u must be wid amma till the end...OQ asks her not to go..she tells abhi..u have forgiven arathi and mano so many times pl forgive dem this once...she tells her mom...each time they fought wid me i was heart broken if it happens once more ill compl break down pl allow me to go..she tells all of dem not to worry abt her and live their lives peacefully ...she tells OQ when i used to work wid usha and co. i used to have a dream abt ma dream tat dream always in the end u used to ask me where is ur portion of the house..i used to say i don have one but ill stay in i have built the same dream house and i don have a place..when i mean place not the house but in arathi and mano's hearts...ararthi and mano start crying...abhi continues..when ppl here don love me wats the pt living together..i don wanna live her becz all of u have ur own family i am all alone..she cries uncontrollably...she tells dem some day in life i have to give importance to ma feeling so am going...she tells her dad and OQ next jenmam i want to be ur gal and i promise i wil fulfill all ur wishes ..OQ tells her to stop talking like tat ..she is scared the way abhi talks ..abhi  hugs her mom ..she tells dem..ill visit u often ...if anythn happy is goin to happen pl call me ill also share ur happiness....ahe den leaves..all  of dem follow her ...arathi mano ask her to forgive dem..OQ cries eshu tries stopping her..usha krishnan the others all try stopping her but she just walks out of the house and heads towards the beach....

she sits near a boat and cries and on the opp side of the boat thols is sitting looking lost(now tats kolangal i was wondering how it would end without him!!!πŸ˜†) ....he takes out his diary and writes ...abhi i can never truly part from u..tats y am sitting here idon feel like leaving.. ...ur ma best frd ....ur ma devathai...i wil live ma life thinkig abt our frdshp..its one of a kind..we r eg of great frds...may i pray tat all the gods protect u ...u must grow to even greater heights....he den closes his diary packs his bag and gets up..abhi also gets up and they  look at each other..abhi jumps wid joy and thols is also happy...abhi tells him..naa ennodu family vituten..they as usual hurt me pl don lev me and go..he says no am goin....she is upset den wid a grin he says... only when i die...and grins at her ..they hold hands and promise each other tat they wil never leave each other and wil be of support😳...she den gives her handbag to him and runs to the water..jumps wid joy ...they both walk along the coast enjoyin the beauty ....

abhi is wid the handicapped kids ppl r singing and she is so happy ..wid tears in her eyes she gives the kids food....thols stands next to her...both of  dem smile.....😊

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