Kolangal Updates March 2006

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Posted: 16 years ago
Update for Wed Mar 1-2006

TC's house

Abhi has come to TC's house and is beaming with the news about
bagging the NRI project from Rajamani.TC says you deserve all the
credit for this and I am sure u will do very well. Abi says why are
you saying I only will do well. Say that we will do very well. It is
our project,she urges. TC says Mrs.R has lot of faith in you and that
is why she has given this project. TC asks whether u have informed ur
mother and Abhi says she has already informed her.
The topic shifts to anandhi when Abhi says she has come to tell that
Anandhi wanted to put pressure on her to marry the doctor and that is
why she told that she will not marry TC. She tells TC, don't mistake
me ,I have every intention of doing ur marriage with Anandhi. At this
Shanti shows a shocked face. TC agrees with Abhi.
Abhi then comes out and shows off her new car to TC /Shanti. She
then leaves in her chauffeur driven car.
After Abhi leaves, Shanti talks to TC and asks what is really going
on,all, this looks very strange. She says, when Anandhi wants to cut
the marriage because she had some problem with her sister, u agreed
and now Abhi wants to continue the marriage proposal, u agree for that
also. Why are u behaving like a eduppar kaipillai? Why don't u think
on ur own?
TC says he has already decided not to marry Anandhi but now he did not
say "no" to Abhi so as not to spoil her happy mood today. At this
Shanti looks relieved.
Tckku vara proposals ellam kavichachunu shanty santoshapattalum ,
aduthu vara competitor (ganga) may be too tough for her.

Ganga's house

Iyengar is trying to fix a proposal for Vasugi with a guy more than
double her age. The boy's (?) people are there to see Vasugi. Ganga
now enters and is a little surprised to see the new kolam in front of
the house and lot of voices are coming out. of the hall. Her father on
seeing her looks surprised and asks how u have come so early. She says
she forgot some file. Then Iyengar makes a big joke saying these
modern girls behave like men but they are also forgetting things.
ganga now retorts saying she is also a human being and as such, she
can forget sometimes.
Ganga goes inside and her sister Uma tells that they have all come to
see vasugi for marriage. Ganga asks why marriage so early for vasugi
and then asks who is mappillai? Her sister says it is that fat fellow.
Vasugi says she wants to study but father is trying to force her into
the marriage. Uma says if we oppose, their father may throw us out.
Now Ganga goes to the hall and asks Iyengar why so sudden marriage
for Vasugi? He says so many nonsense people are coming behind her and
so the only way out is to get her married--ha ha great logic.. He also
says who are u to ask all these things, I am paying all her education
fees and so I can do what I like.. Ganga asks your elder daughter has
come back home and instead of thinking of all that u are doing these
sort of things. Now Mapillai –1 (wearing goggles inside the house and
very irritating) gets up and says talk what is required only and don't
talk unnecessary things. Ganga asks what is the age of this M-2, her
father says 37 and Ganga says more than double of vasugi's age., what
exactly u are doing now.Vasugi has to study. Iyengar says at 18 his
wife was already a mother of a child and so on..Ganga says that
generation was something else, you have already tortured mother. Then
she says she will support Vasugi and pay the fees for her. She tells
M-2 to get out of the place.
When she comes inside, her mother./sister are wondering how she will
meet the commitments for vasugi. Ganga says she is having some
hopes—she has been promised something in the NRI project by Rajamani
and if it clicks, then even vasugi's marriage can be conducted by her.
May be she can realize her dream of buying a house and then her father
will not be able to threaten them abt throwing out of the house, she says.
paavam, gangvukku theriyalai, nri project kaiya vittu poyachunnu!


Adhi,parents,arjun,usha are in the temple for a pooja. He asks mother,
why u are wasting my time. I have lots of engagements and this is
ridiculous waste of valuable time. Kanchana says this pooja is for you
only, to boost your business. Still Adhi does not agree . Now easwar
says at least think that by doing this, ur mother will have peace of
mind, for her sake at least agree to this.
Now in comes Giri and he looks very perturbed. Adhi asks what
happened? He says what has to happen? everything has happened. He
tells that Rajamani has unilaterally decided to give the entire NRI
project to Abhi and also will be fully financing it for her. Now Abhi
will be a big shot. You will be a small fish in front of her. Here, u
are conducting pooja and going to take prasadham, that is all for you,
but see where Abhi has gone now. Shame on you..Hearing about Abhi,
Adhi/Kanchana are shocked,Usha/Arjun smile,Easwar tries to smile. Adhi
asks what happened to other NRI partners who were supporting us? Giri
says even though Rajamani is a professional, studied abroad etc.she
has proved that she is a lady after all and so cannot think(!) and has
given this project to Abhi. However, Adhi thinks otherwise and says it
is not like that,rather Abhi has somehow impressed her. Giri says
because we put pressure thro' Minister, it has backfired on us.

Now in comes our KKK looking very cheerful (for a change) and enters
the temple.. She sees Kanchana et al and looks shocked. Kanchana
nudges Adhi and says this is Abhi's mother. Adhi stares at her.
Usha/Arjun smile..
But the knockout reaction comes from our Easwar who now realizes he is
literally caught between the devil and the deep sea. The camera
freezes on his terrified face.

End of episode
Posted: 16 years ago
Brief outline for Thur Mar 2-2006
karpagam's dialogues put in Tamil for better impact!

-- Temple scene continuing.No conversation with easwar today, only KKK (Karpagam) and Adhi fighting word for
Giri says Abhi ia low class pombalai and adhi says Abhi is after all a
pombalai,a low class person just because she got this deal, she thinks
she is high class.
Now KKK erupts telling Adhi that needhanda low class person. avaloda
kaal thoosikku peramatta nee. pombalai pombalai choldraiye, unga
ammaavum pombalaidhane, ippo pujai chaiyapora amman yaru?

avalai thorathi thorathi pazhi vangi kashtam koduthe, ippo amman
munnadi naan choldren, unnale avalai onnum panna mudiyadhu.

Adhi gets wild and cancels the pooja and runs away.

-- Anjali,Anu come to garage to collect their car and it is delayed. Manohar is the mechanic and Anjali gets angry at him and speaks badly. Manohar retorts back and says this is not the way to speak. anu supports him.

-- Manohar comes to Anjali's house to deliver the car. Anu tells him to come and sit in the house and goes in to get the money for him. Now Anjali comes and starts shouting at him. adhi also comes and joins in the shouting. Now Anu comes back and takes her bro/sister to task and takes Mano outside.
Mano tells Anu that money is not everything. Love and affection is equally important. He says in his house, he and his sisters are very happy despite less money unlike in Anu's house.

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Posted: 16 years ago
03 March 2006

Rajamani madam leads abhi & co to her new office, & tells her that she trusts Abhi a lot, that is why she has invested so much amount in Abhi's business, & rajamani mam herself will be out of india, & visit abhi once in a hwile, but she has appointed her best aide, to help her out, & then calls for ganga. Ganga is shown walking in. Rajamani mam introduces Ganga to ABhi, Ganga looks vindictive, & abhi is all nice &friendly. Ganga makes a stupid comment to abhi as , abhi looks beautiful, & abhi reciprocates saying so does ganga, Ganga again makes another stupid comment saying all men say that Dead

Abhi & co leave, Teh manager in teh ocmpany taunts ganga as tohow ganga says she is like rajamani mam's daughter now see what happened. Ganga says dont conclude things so easily, the project that started with Abhi might end in Ganga. She then goes and rotates abhi's cchair.(God she is evil)

ADhi's friend kishore and dad come and visit adhi at home and tell him that they think they want to marry kishore in adhi's family. Adhi is vey excited and calls kanchana and tells her. AT home everyone is happy & usha takes anu to get her dressed, & kanchana makes a statement that bringing up anu is not a problem but giving her a good life is something that is bringing tears to her eyes . Adhi returns home with kishore & dad, while anu is getting dressed. Adhi pulls his mom and asks where is anjali, Kanchana says she is dressing anu. Adhi then takes his mom to mottai mAdi, & kanchana asks her mom to go upstairs with her, there adhi is freakign about how this alliance should be for Anjali & not for ANU, Kanchana says Anu is as much her daughter as Anajali is , Adhi says Anu is not their own,she is a low life born to kanchana;s brother & a vellaikari, Anu who comes to show off her dressing to Kanchana hears everything and is in tears

Posted: 16 years ago
Brief outline for Mon Mar 6-2006

-- Adhi tells Kanchana that Anu is a servant's daughter and she has a servant's mentality only. He furthr tells her about her making Mano sit in the house and supporting him also. Kanchana says Anu's mother,though a servant, was a very close person in the family.Her brother had a wife and a child but he got attracted to Anu's mother and she got pregnant. But she did not disclose the child's father to anyone. One day when Kanchana,easwar,Kanchana's brother and his family were supposed to go out, they got a call about Anu's mother in hospital. Kanchan's brother and his family went ahead with the trip but Kanchana,Easwar rushed to hospital. During child birt, Anu's mother died but before dying, she told Kanchana the truth.
kanchana further says her brother & family died in a accident in that trip and had she gone, she also would have died. Hence, she has gratitude for Anu for indirectly saving her family. adhi reluctantly accepts his mother's viewpoint. Anu is very distressed and goes crying.

-- Discussion between kishore/his dad and kanchana & family about fixing marriage. Everyone is talking in a very jovial way except that Anu looks very distressed. Adhi reluctantly murmurs he will conduct the marriage in a grand way.

-- anu in the beach tries to commit suicide. Suddenly mano comes and saves her. He then tells her that suicide is not the solution for problems. He says he also tried to commit suicide earlier when he lost 20000Rs. He tells her to face life and everything will be ok. Anu says that she will come to beach again tomorrow but Mano says you are more clear now and u will not commit suicide.

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Posted: 16 years ago
7 March 2006

- Anu is sitting in her room, quiet sad, Kanchana is talkign about how she has big plans for Anu's wedding. The entire family is loking at her. But anu is sad & does nto want to eat. Usha says she will talk to anu & bring her to eat. Usha tells anu as to how she cannot see anu sad as she is one of those very few who are very kind to usha. She also says how everyone in this house love her very much & finally anu gives in and goes to eat

- Ganga is sitting at her room quiet depressed about loosing her position. Her sis uma asks her what is wrong & ganga shares her thoughts about loosing the postion at work as she had a lot of expectations about thsi job. Her sis says dont worry you will get other chances, so dont get so worried about this. Ganga says i cannot take this lightly as this person ABHI came inthe middle and took my position, Im not going to let ABHi live in peace Angry .(HERE WE GO AGAIN).

- AT work Thuls ocmes when krishnan sir is drinking coffee, krishnan is very mad that Thuls did not come yesterday when they moved into the office. Thuls says he had to go and take care of site issue for their business, krishna asks how do u like the new office, Thuls says well it looks good.., krishnan says what are u Izhuthufying for, thuls says everything looks good, but PRECHANNAI SHOUDL NTO COME RIGHT, precisely at that moment, GANGA walks in. She is shocked to see THULS there & so does THULS, krishnan sir introduces GANGA as Rajamani mama's right hand, & THusl as ABHI mamas right hand(honestly this was the best scene that has happened in seveeeeeeeeeeral months). Krishnan leaves, Ganga asks if thuls wants coffee, GAnga says that you told me that Ganaga means it is pure, but u dont think that im like that. She makes coffee for thuls, who just keeps it and leaves, ganga asks what he is going to tell abhi about her. Thuls says that he has no opinion or desires about her, & whatever is unnecessary he never discusses with abhi. Ganga makes a stupid statement, that she owes him 200 rupees so she will give it later

Anu meets mano at the garage & says she wants to talk to him personally so she wants him to go with her. Mano hesitates then gives in to ANU and asks for permission. He asks the manager for permission, who acts up saying that i will not give you permission to go with any girl, go take care of your work, mano is requesting, anu gets angry goes tell the manager that Mano does not need your job anymore, saying which she drags him out, of the garagae, while mano is pleading with her to let go, but anu drags him out.

Anu takes him to the beach and mano is pulambufying about his job. she is silent, then mano asks what is the problem, anu finally says she is thinking about something. mano says what is it. anu then finally asks what is a high class & middle class family. Mano says in short you are highclass and im middle class. mano says we all have issues, but how we handle it is the bottom line. Anu asks him will you marry me. Mano is shocked. Anu goes on rattling about how mano changed her life, & she wants to live with mano only. Mano says this is not easy. Mano says there is a big difference in our status.

well my recording stopped at this point,

so to be continued to nite

Posted: 16 years ago
7 March 2006 Balance update

Fine update, Simi. You did not miss much. Here is the missing part as far as I can remember.

--When Mano keeps on hesitating and does not give a committed reply about marrying her, Anu loses patience and she tells him that by tomorrow, if Mano does not agree to marry her, then Mano can rather think that he has not saved her in the beach, the previous day.

So saying whe walks off and Mano is left scratching his head thinking what to do

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Posted: 16 years ago
Update for Wed Mar 8-2006

Abhi's office

Ganga with Abhi in her office. Ganga tells Abhi her name is Ganga
Thirumalachari and her father does not like the way she behaves,
rather he thinks she is too modern. Abi says people will take time to
change. Earlier women were not allowed to come out of the house, later
they could go to school, now they are working elsewhere and so slowly
things will change, like that only the attitudes also will change
gradually.Ganga says she is getting a bad name just because of the
nature of her job.
Now the discussion shifts to marriage. ganga says even love marriages
end up badly, we don't how the husband will behave later. And arranged
marriages are even worse. So she is not prepared for marriage now. she
asks abhi about the failure of her marriage and asks her do u have any
positive things about Bhaskar. Abhi struggles to answer and Ganga says
he has nothing and so u can't find anything to say about him.. Abhi
says Bhaskar was morally good as far as women were concerned.Ganga
says don't be so sure, may be he was like that because he did not have
the right opportunity.
Now in comes Bhaskar and Abhi introduces him to Ganga. Abhi gives
Bhaskar 10000Rs for the scan for UN. (Oh, money is very easy for Abhi
After Bhaskar leaves, Ganga says your behaviour is very strange, u are
already divorced and why are u giving money to this guy? Abhi says her
FIL was having true affection for her and so even though she is
divorced, she is concerned about his condition.

Mrs. Rajamani's office

R meets Ganga/TC. She says she is leaving for abroad and says she
wants to see the site. Ganga says she has fixed up some site. R tells
Ganga to see the site with TC/ consult with him and then if satisfied
then only tell Abhi. If Abhi says ok, then for R, it is ok. R says
Abhi is busy with some design and she does not want Abi to be burdened.
Ganga looks unhappy at the obvious importance given to Abhi but she
agrees with TC to see the site.

Ganga comes out of the room and meets a real estate agent waiting for
her. She talks about the site. He talks like a typical agent. He says
everything is ok, it is a clean title but some people have filed some
cases but it is not a problem. Ganga looks horrified but he says these
are all normal things. Such a big site where we have taken land from
so many people, there is bound to be some problems, we will tackle
these things.
Now comes the punch line—he says u will get your commission of a few
lakhs. He also says government wants to put up a road behind the
complex and if it happens, may be some area may have to be cut. When
Ganga questions about this, he says he can speak to his people and try
to increase the commission even. Now Ganga says she has to show the
site to TC also.At this, he looks positively worried, obviously
thinking he has to shell out something for TC also. Ganga follows his
line and says you don't worry abt him, I will take care (How?). At
this, he looks relieved and says u also don't need to worry abt the

Ganga in Abhi's car

Ganga is going in Abhi's car. abhi says she will drop at bher house
itself. Ganga says it is only 11p.m and earlier she has gone home at
even 1.30 and so she can walk to her home. She insists on getting down
and goes off, despite Abhi trying to say it is not safe.


Mano is worried and wants to ask Rajendran for advice.Rajendran is
cleaning the telephone.Mano tells him he wants to talk something.They
try to talk in the hall but KKK comes in and offers coffee and
disturbs them.. Finally they go to another room and Mano locks the
door and starts talking to Rajendran.
Instead of asking directly, Mano spins a story about some friend in
his situation and asks him what that friend should do about the
ultimatum given by Anu.? Rajendran catches him twice for telling that
Mano is worried himself. Immediately, he is asking why u are worried
instead of ur friend.
Finally he says when he was young, several girls were behind him and
asked him to marry but somehow, he did not marry, with the result that
he is all alone now. He says Mano's friend should not waste the chance
and should immediately marry that girl.
Mano leaves but Rajendran is not convinced about Mano's behaviour. he
feels something odd about him and starts thinking.

Posted: 16 years ago
Outline for Thur Mar 9-2006

-- Ganga comes to TC's house and offers him part commission for agreeing with her about the land deal and not to spill the beans to Abhi.Santhi agrees with Ganga and TC after hesitating also agrees.

--Mrs.R talks with Ganga and the estate agent. Ganga says land is ok and they can proceed ahead. now TC enters and says it is not advisable to proceed since litigation is there and also due to some road project is also being planned nearby. Ganga tries to say that all these things can be managed but TC says this is a serious matter and we cannot proceed. Now he comes with another alternative site nearby which does not have such issues. Mrs.R agrees with him.

-- ganga comes and asks TC why he backtracked. He says he wants to do what is good for the company. Ganga now threatens TC and tells him she will murder him and she will see how work can go ahead in the new site. (They are projecting a very agrressive picture of Ganga with a no-holds-barred attitude. Very strange!)

-- Anu waiting in the beach and almost gives up on Mano and tries to go the sea. Mano now comes in and says he has accepted her proposal. Anu is very happy.

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