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Posted: 6 months ago

smiley27Something About Yousmiley27

Hi all Lovelies, I am starting to post a new wonderful story called 'Something About Love'. The credit for writing & concept of the story goes to our very talented Meghna (@Mj90) with little inputs from my side. I love this story, hope you all will love this too


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Part 1


A high-end informal party is going on and it's more towards its end.


Party was for shoot being successfully coming to an end with cast crew producer’s director and all people.


Away from the party and all the loud partying, a man sat at the corner of the bar counter…slowly nursing his drink.


If you miss to look at his corner, you'll completely miss seeing anyone sitting there. But once you do look it will be hard to look away


The man was dressed immaculately in a business suite, there was sense of detachment to him, yet his aura couldn't be ignored.


The man slowly contemplated the last sip of drink remaining in his glass thinking that the party was coming to an end, he might go home as well.


But then ordered another drink resolving for it to be the last one... after all what home.


He raised his hand to get the bartender’s attention, but it was grabbed by woman tottering on high heels.


She was clearly somewhere between half-way and fully wasted.


Woman asked the bartender-whatever he is having. Double of that.


Then turned to the man,


Woman -You don't mind. Do you?


M-Mind what?


W -Me buying you a drink...duh.


M-No I don't mind. But I was leaving.


W-One more drink. C’mon!


M- Why should I? I think you should go ho-


W- No No No!! Noooooo! We are celebrating! We must celebrate properly!!




W- Yess!!


Once the drinks came, she quickly clinked her glass against his… as if this action obliged him to drink with her... Her eyes telling him that the deal has been sealed... pact has been made.


The man smirked and decided to indulge... what could happen... just another drink.


He picked his glass to take a sip but was stopped by a slender hand covering the top of his glass


M-What now?


He asks raising his eyebrow.


W-We do shots!!




W - Yesss!!


Crossing and linking her hands against his, she moved close to him and gestured with her chin up for him to play along.


The man sighed... wondering what kind of monkey play he is indulging in.


 Wasn't he going home...hotel…


 Wasn't this a simple drink…


He has a feeling that this woman is going to be aa trouble…but then he has been quite bored right?


Sighing he transferred glass to his linked hand and then they downed the drink in a shot.


The woman was overjoyed to find a partner to drink with


 'One more!!' she shouted to the bartender.


M- That was my last


W- Nonsense!


M-It was, I am leaving now.


W-No we are not!! You can't go now!!


M-When do I go then?


W-Not until we are sh*t faced!


M- What are you so happy about?


The man responded to her nonsense and within moments found himself linking hands with her holding one more drink.


W- Let's not talk about bad things. Bottoms up!!


The man downed his drink too. And pushed the woman to the stool next to him. Otherwise by next drink she would have been sitting on his lap. He is sure.


The woman settled down and raised he hand to order another drink.


But the man next to her spoke instead.


M- 2 beers


The man observed her more carefully now.




M-You need to mix alcohol to get sh*t faced.


She is beautiful, he thinks.


Despite the disheveled appearance. A top-class beauty. Definitely an actress from the party next door


Once the beers came, the man took the initiative to link their arms.




The Woman looked positively surprised.... not sure what to do next.


M- Chug?


Man nods and keeps observing her...


She maybe a beautiful actress. but maybe not a very good one...


Her thoughts were not that hidden.

Him ordering Beer threw her off her game and now chugging beer definitely something she didn't want to do... but then he saw her gathering resolve and picking up the beer like she was picking up a cup of pungent bitter medicine.


She nods at him -Chug!!


And starts drinking the beer in one go.


The man looked surprised for a moment... So, she is quite resolved.


With a derisive snort he starts chugging too


After that it was one drink and then one more drink after that and then a few more of 'one more', ' last one', ' truly last I promise.'


This went on until the woman was floundering in his arms once again almost sitting on his lap.


But this time pushing her back on the high bar stool chair didn't work. She could hardly sit straight and keep her balance without support.


Bartender-Shall I order a cab for her, sir?


M - Do you want to go now?


W- Go? uh... No....go ...drink?


M- How about a sobering tonic and then you go?


W- No No No!!!! Nooo!!! No sobbering!!


She tries to pull him away from the bar counter.


The man looks at the bartender.


M- You saw this. She clearly wants to stay. Settle the drinks under my tab.


The bar tender looks a bit surprised. But then nods in acknowledgement.


Sir had never picked up girls from bar and it wasn't from lack of women throwing themselves at him.


The man supported the woman and let her pull him away from the bar.


M- where do you want to go?


He is very interested at the play of emotions on her face.


In the script this woman is trying to play, the man should have hugged her to a room by now.


But since he is not following the standard procedure... he is interested in seeing how she improvises


The woman looked at the man feeling half frustrated and half panicked. This was not the plan. She wasn't supposed to be this drunk. She can hardly stand. Much less connive and plan. Why is he so dumb. She had thrown herself at him. Can't he take a guess? Is he a monk? Does she have to do everything?


The woman's faced turned white and then red...


Even if she gets him into a room ... does it mean she have to take the initiative ... but... but... She hasn't even kissed before!!


This plan is quickly derailing and maybe she should listen to her manager and stop this. But then thinking back of the past events ...She firmed up her resolve once more.


W- We... we rest now. Yes rest?


M- Shall we go to my room then?


Woman nods enthusiastically.


Yes!!! Finally!! This man so handsome... Tch... but brains not matching. But then that's good for her yes very good


The man supported her to his room. And then guided her to sit on the bed. Making sure she won't fall anymore, he started to walk away.

M. - You rest here. I'll take the couch.


She was dumbfounded.


You can only bring a traveler to the well. The well cannot take out water and pour it down the traveler’s throat!!!


She grabs his hand before he can walk away.


Her alcohol addled brain trying to work the best it can.


W- Rest here.


She doesn’t know what else to say now.


M- Do you want to sleep with me?

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Posted: 6 months ago

Congratulations on your new story 

will read and comment in a short while,

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Posted: 6 months ago

congrats for new story


is that woman's plan to trap maan

are they maan n geet 

waiting to read more

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Posted: 6 months ago

Loved the first part! I’m really hoping those 2 are Maan and Geet, coz the girl seems naive and a rookie here… she seems to be on a mission to have sex with Maan.. wonder what’s her motive. let’s see where this goes

taahir004 thumbnail
Posted: 6 months ago

Part 1

Curious Start 

The girl I'm hoping is Geet 

while the guy should be Maan

so she wanted to get him into bed 

she certainly had a motive for her drinking and getting friendly 

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Posted: 6 months ago

This women want to trap.him

Who manager guilde line she following 🤔 👀 

Nice start 

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Posted: 6 months ago

Congratulations for new story dear

Wonderful start

Watting for next update

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Posted: 6 months ago

he said no more drinks, so why is he letting her push him into drinking more?

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Posted: 6 months ago

Who is this woman and what is she up to? What plan? She is too wasted to even think right.

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Posted: 6 months ago

He said it outright. Is that what she wanted? Seems like she is new to this. So why?