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Part I

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“Mother, Viveka, Viveka Mother” he gripped her elbow gently and introduced

Viveka feared this was going to happen when walked in and saw the elegant lady lounging in the grand formal living room, in an outfit that had to be some high end original Viveka thought

Smrita looked up and down and up and down and up and down without saying a word

Viveka reached politely for a hand shake

“Lets hug…” Smrita smiled weakly and hugged her instead

“Your skin in soft” she said with what looked like an eye roll

“Oh? U must be talking about the grime”

“Could be” Smrita agreed

It can surely not be smooth skin on amiddle class girl it ought to be exhaust fume grease

“Have u eaten?”

“I was going to go home to eat actually” Viveka sat down casually

Smrita watched in horror

She was the one that usually invited people to sit opposite her

“Umm.. have you met Rakshit?”

“Umm.. no… I don’t know…”

“Well we are working on planning his wedding, his fiancée does not eat dinner”

“Oh really? Woww” Viveka laughed

“Oh yeah… very disciplined,

“Oh wow” Viveka nodded

“I mean… Rakshit is very impulsive… but Raanav is very very cautious” she “messaged” Viveka subtly

“that’s great… guess he is a lawyer”

“Oh yeah… I am very careful what I say to him” smriti laughed loud and high like a giant wind chime

“Vivekaaa, look who is here” Raanav returned from the hallway with Kalyani in tow

“YOU SAID YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY Dude” Kalyani jumped and danced all around her

“Good pick… good pick… OMG I am stressing right now”

Viveka began to laugh

“How can you stress for everything?” she laughed

“their lives are so much more stressful than “ours” Smrita gently grouped Viveka in her own age group

“Oh really?” Viveka smiled

Smrita had a lot to learn about Ms Mathur

Ms Mathur was rarely angry or vindictive or vengeful

“Yes. Yes… I mean…. They have so many things to deal with” Smrita was sure

“shall we eat?” Raanav asked her in her ear

“what about the others”

“We all eat when we want” Smrita lied

Satyen expected kids to be present at dinner, phones turned off

“That’s not true… it is but not routinely, we have dinner together” he smiled gently

“You must be hungry no? Jao beta… khao” “Mwahhh” she hugged and kissed her son

She did not look like she was nearing 60

“How was your meeting?” she wiped lipstick off his cheek

“great” he stepped back

She was marking her territory

Viveka was not stupid she knew it

Kalyani was chattering incessantly, and then dragged her to go see something

She turned and waved at raanav and took off

Thery ate in one of the many dining areas in the house

Thank fully it was Indian and it was food she recognized

Kalyani ate with them and didn’t give much chance to talk privately

“Your Dad is not home?”

“Nope… he stayed way too long this morning, my mother makes a big production out of everything” he laughed

“My Ma is the exact opp…” she chuckled “We learned to braid our hair, make chai etc at 9 I think, she does more now when she has begun to delegate at work but the first 20 years she didn’t” she said quietly

“Do u cook?” he asked digging into  a bowl of what she thought was paneer heaven

“Oh yeah… everything…” “Kidding… no I cant do vrat ka khaana and such”

“We should do date night so u can cook I can pick a movie” he tried to not break out laughing

She thought seriously for a second…

“I cook and you give me a hand or foot massage” she laughed

“Would love to” he muttered

Viveka realized Kalyani was listening


“Bhai can be wicked” Kalyani blushed

“I state facts”

“and oh… don’t argue with him… he always wins”

“Oh really?” Viveka played innocent

“OH YEAH Dude”

“You have no idea but Viveka is mocking me”

“Are YOU?” Kalyani was shocked as she watched Viveka blush.

They did have silent communication now

HOW?” Viveka worried

“can u stay? Can we watch a movie………………. Say yes PALEEEEEEZ” Kalyani was more dramatic than Diya and Karu

“Its 9:14 I have to be home… I am usually home at 9” “Maybe next time”

“I LEAVE AT 4 AM” she began to wail

“How about next time?”

“Will you guys be married?

“I don’t know” Viveka shrugged

“Most definitely” Raanav growled

He is definitely not good for my heart rate… she thought

He said something to send Kalyani off

He told her he had something for her…

“I am not going to your room” she was shocked

“Sure we can be in the East lounge” he shrugged with a smile


“Just don’t mind if Mom walks by”

“raanav no” she followed him as her dragged her to his room

His room was “rooms”… a suite with a lounge and a bedroom and a hallway and a office…

He gently shut the door and moved with a carnal grace that completely shut her off speech and breath

“Raa” she whispered quivering

“Do u ever miss me?” he whispered on her lips

“Kabhi nahi” she whispered as his thumb stroked her waist squirming to catch it

“That’s bad” he shook his head

“Whyy?” she asked looking up into his eyes innocently

One minute he was approaching her the other he had her pinned against the wall

He wasn’t even touching her… just that wicked thumb

“Loosen my tie” he ordered

“All the way?” she asked

“Umm sure” he nodded his eyes closed

She was a tormentor… for sure

“I smell like sweat” she groaned, reaching for his neck

“Let me check” he bend down on her acres of bare skin around her collarbone and cleavage and tasted

“I don’t think so” he muttered

She was writhing against the wall, white heat spreading fast invisibly between their bodies

She shook fiercely, and began to tremble

“I cant be still” she begged

He gathered her in his arms, steadying her

She noticed glossy mauve lipstick on his evening shadow jaw

She turned away and groaned on his chest

“Are you sure this is not infatuation?” she asked

“Very” he said

Her body betrayed her in a shuddering flush, delirium winding through her, making her body tight , her curves felt fuller, her legs weaker than playdough, the first signs of ache settling between her legs

“I am so… so gone.. so far gone Raanav” she declared sobbing her attraction and went limp in his arms

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