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Priyadarśana By BrhannadaArmour (@BrhannadaArmour) eye 274 star 1 book 1

Priyadarśana, an accomplished vīṇā musician and ten-year-old leader of the ...

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Crumbs of Suleiman ibn Daúd's Feast
Crumbs of Suleiman ibn Daúd's Feast By BrhannadaArmour (@BrhannadaArmour) eye 536 star 1 book 1

The moral of the Islamic myth of Suleiman ibn Daúd trying to feed all the ...

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You Are Too Late (#IFFA2020)
You Are Too Late (#IFFA2020) By BitterBerry (@BitterBerry) eye 2952 star 60 book 1

When it's too late to realise something? He realized her love only after ...

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Through time..always be mine
Through time..always be mine By rav (@-midnightsun-) eye 19187 star 48 book 9

A young Armaan and Riddhima time travel to visit their older selves in the ...

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Second Chance At Love
Second Chance At Love By Minhasmansi92 (@Minhasmansi92) eye 101 star 0 book 0

XXX "Unse mulaqaat hui bhi toh kuch aise, Voh nazrien mila na sake, Hum ...

Broken Promises
Broken Promises By Shirisha (@ExoticDisaster) eye 30597 star 1 book 2

When Samar and Aryan - two brothers, meet two sisters named Mehak and Chahat, ...

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