Ariya Fan Fictions

Unexpected marriage
Unexpected marriage By Nupurjaishwal eye 865 star 7 book 1

Unexpected marriage is a story of two people who wants to be each other but ...

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Notebook (reborn)
Notebook (reborn) By Nupurjaishwal eye 536 star 6 book 1

You can find the love in the most unexpected place and situations. That's ...

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Saathi By bloomie eye 14212 star 20 book 30

A burning ACP Arjun finds solace in the calm research specialist Riya ...

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Second Chance
Second Chance By neha eye 846 star 10 book 2

He has loved someone immensely. But she was snatched away from him ...

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Chaalbaaz #ReadersChoiceAwards
Chaalbaaz #ReadersChoiceAwards By bloomie eye 9228 star 124 book 31

ACP Arjun Rawte is in a cat and mouse game with the trusty technical expert ...

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Caught in Revenge
Caught in Revenge By bloomie eye 11402 star 20 book 33

ACP Arjun Rawte is hit with a blast from the past. Now he has to deal with ...

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Captured By Aditi eye 3691 star 25 book 5

After Riya's demise, when she suddenly comes in front of Arjun as a bar ...

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Case of the Missing Red Clip (#IFFA2020)
Case of the Missing Red Clip (#IFFA2020) By BitterBerry eye 1469 star 51 book 1

Sakshi is afraid of the wrath of ACP Arjun Rawte. She doesn't know who the ...

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Humsafar (#IFFA2020)
Humsafar (#IFFA2020) By bloomie eye 46251 star 185 book 72

ACP Arjun Rawte and S.I. Riya Mukherjee may have opposite exteriors but ...

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Of Roses and Thorns (#IFFA2020)
Of Roses and Thorns (#IFFA2020) By bloomie eye 9000 star 112 book 28

The strict and ever-ready ACP Arjun falls for Riya with a dark past in the ...

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Latest Stories

Miracles By Just-do-it eye 349 star 4 book 1

After almost a decade of marriage, Arnav and Khushi are still as besottedly in ...

A Beautiful Mess
A Beautiful Mess By Maddy eye 208 star 0 book 1

OS - Mahek and Shamsher Their struggle and their journey. And how it all ...

Masterpieces By Aditi eye 497 star 3 book 2

This is a one shot collection of different pairs. I will be updating the ...

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