Historical Fan Fictions

Captive Bride
Captive Bride By Mg13 eye 7628 star 55 book 5

Anhoni toh ho gayi hai, Rajkumari ji..na jane kiski buri nazar lag gayi ...

Ongoing G
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His Closest Companion
His Closest Companion By Ramya eye 4831 star 13 book 1

Jalal comforts a distraught Ruqaiya.

Completed G
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Incomparable By Ramya eye 7220 star 12 book 1

Ruqaiya comes to visit Jodha after the birth of prince Salim.

Completed G
The Fateful Night
The Fateful Night By Ramya eye 686 star 1 book 1

The fateful wedding night of Rani Umade and Rao Maldev Rathore of Marwar.

Completed G
Princess of the dawn
Princess of the dawn By So-So eye 30696 star 39 book 33

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil. Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ...

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Rani of the West
Rani of the West By shPriyaK eye 450 star 0 book 0

An action-packed Western about Rani Singh, a rancher in the Wild West who ...

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As American As Apple Pie and Johnny Appleseed
As American As Apple Pie and Johnny Appleseed By BrhannadaArmour eye 424 star 1 book 1

On land that traditionally belonged to native people of North America, ...

Completed G
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Alliance of Hearts
Alliance of Hearts By Chandragupt eye 789 star 6 book 1

The Rajput Kunwari of Kacchwaha clan and the Mughal Shehzaada Jalal - Two ...

Ongoing R
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A New Life
A New Life By neha eye 1238 star 4 book 7

What if your life is not as simple as you think? What if you are not who ...

Ongoing R
+ 2 more
Moments of Love
Moments of Love By Ramya eye 1825 star 30 book 3

Capturing Emperor Akbar's relationship with each of his three chief queens.

Completed G
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Jodha By Koeli eye 1565 star 13 book 2

He said I was his. He also said that he is going to make me cry out his ...

Ongoing R

Latest Stories

Swept Off His Feet!
Swept Off His Feet! By DazzlingLight eye 3045 star 29 book 1

Ram has challenged his wife to do something that sweeps him off his feet. ...

Masked Feelings
Masked Feelings By Keechu eye 23296 star 0 book 2
Na Umra Ki Seema Ho
Na Umra Ki Seema Ho By Loving2Missing2 eye 271 star 8 book 1

Dev middle-aged business tycoon, Vidhi naïve young girl..... How they cross ...

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