LGBTQ+ Fan Fictions

It's a (Pretend) Date
It's a (Pretend) Date By Shibani eye 173 star 3 book 1

Vincenzo needs a date, and that's the only reason why he asked Han Seo out. ...

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Khel By WildestDreams eye 271 star 4 book 2

What the hell did they all have to watch? The answer was simple: ...

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I Saw You and I Can't Think Straight Anymore
I Saw You and I Can't Think Straight Anymore By Shibani eye 373 star 2 book 1

Three years after her divorce, the last person Payal wants to see is her ...

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Hasta-prāpya-stabaka-namito bāla-Mandāra-vṛkṣaḥ #ReadersChoiceAwards
Hasta-prāpya-stabaka-namito bāla-Mandāra-vṛkṣaḥ #ReadersChoiceAwards By BrhannadaArmour eye 6222 star 30 book 29

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Pallavi's first husband Mandar Deshmukh is in ...

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A Lavender Mess
A Lavender Mess By Shibani eye 374 star 2 book 1

Aman, who is living with his boyfriend, gets the news that his family will ...

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Questions when you start dating #ReadersChoiceAwards
Questions when you start dating #ReadersChoiceAwards By Shibani eye 3836 star 35 book 1

Kunal is acting weird and his friends have questions (and assumptions)

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Friends #ReadersChoiceAwards
Friends #ReadersChoiceAwards By PangaNaLe eye 882 star 2 book 1

Two people hiding their secrets, get revealed when a third one comes in ...

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Gray By Diya eye 533 star 1 book 1

They say that your world is coloured in gray until you meet your soulmate. ...

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Touch me not, Touch me #ReadersChoiceAwards
Touch me not, Touch me #ReadersChoiceAwards By LizzieBennet eye 3046 star 53 book 1

Priya deals with self-doubt and her problems with physical intimacy in her ...

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Love is Never Wrong
Love is Never Wrong By Shibani eye 444 star 2 book 1

Komal has questions, Coach Kabir has answers.

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Love is Courage #ReadersChoiceAwards
Love is Courage #ReadersChoiceAwards By Tiara. eye 1096 star 0 book 3

#1 June Rain: A drabble love story between a trans woman and a cis man. ...

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Revelio #ReadersChoiceAwards
Revelio #ReadersChoiceAwards By Shibani eye 930 star 1 book 3

Everyone is valid, those out of closet, and those in the closet, and those ...

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Shikhandini By proteeti eye 4172 star 3 book 14

She is always valued but never respected. She struggles with her identity, ...

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Certainly Uncertain
Certainly Uncertain By Alexia eye 599 star 1 book 1

Certainly uncertain

Completed G
Not a female
Not a female By Alexia eye 708 star 1 book 1

I am not a female.

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My Home
My Home By Alexia eye 637 star 1 book 1

An endearment

Completed G
Untitled By Alexia eye 633 star 1 book 1

Untitled will be the title

Completed G
Who Am I
Who Am I By Alexia eye 652 star 1 book 1

Identity of yours is what you perceive

Completed G
Unconditionally Conditional
Unconditionally Conditional By Alexia eye 354 star 1 book 1

Dear love, why are you with the conditions?

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Latest Stories

Anti Hero (Sequel to Villain)
Anti Hero (Sequel to Villain) By SalvatoreK eye 291 star 11 book 1

(Sequel to Villain) A glimpse of Aryan's past is revealed to Imlie by her ...

Kash! By MrinalR eye 83581 star 1 book 30

CV Arohi reads business tycoon Arjun as open book. Arjun is shocked how Arohi ...

The Withering Cosmos
The Withering Cosmos By Mimi S eye 670 star 13 book 2

Imlie Chaturvedi: A celebrity with hits in rows and a secret of having an ...

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