LGBTQ+ Fan Fictions

Revelio By Shibani eye 105 star 0 book 3

No one should Live in a Closet

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Love is Courage
Love is Courage By Tiara. eye 248 star 0 book 2

#1 June Rain: A drabble love story between a trans woman and a cis man. ...

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Certainly Uncertain
Certainly Uncertain By Alexia eye 153 star 1 book 1

Certainly uncertain

Not a female
Not a female By Alexia eye 118 star 1 book 1

I am not a female.

My Home
My Home By Alexia eye 136 star 1 book 1

An endearment

Untitled By Alexia eye 104 star 1 book 1

Untitled will be the title

Who Am I
Who Am I By Alexia eye 156 star 1 book 1

Identity of yours is what you perceive

Unconditionally Conditional
Unconditionally Conditional By Alexia eye 127 star 1 book 1

Dear love, why are you with the conditions?

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Intoxicatingly Sober
Intoxicatingly Sober By Alexia eye 150 star 2 book 1

'Drunken words are always sober thoughts.'

Beyond Sir and Ma'am
Beyond Sir and Ma'am By Alexia eye 147 star 1 book 1

I am who I am...with pride

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Breaking Free
Breaking Free By Tiara. eye 283 star 0 book 4

The LGBTQAI+ community is misunderstood and faces lots of discrimination in ...

Completed + 4 more
Mera Hero
Mera Hero By Tiara. eye 157 star 0 book 1

Rajeev wants autograph of his favorite author Maya Jaisingh, but Rudra ...

Completed + 3 more
Looking Pretty
Looking Pretty By Gurleen eye 267 star 1 book 1

After his little stint of dressing up as Kesar is over, Krish isn't ...

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Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho
Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho By Gurleen eye 180 star 1 book 1

Seeing Kartik speak jovially with another man, Aman's jealousy brings forth ...

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Sweetness Overloaded
Sweetness Overloaded By Gurleen eye 159 star 1 book 1

“Are you mad bro?” Kartik yelled, as he spat out the food he just ate. ...

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Nazm Nazm Sa Mere
Nazm Nazm Sa Mere By Gurleen eye 125 star 0 book 1

Days pass before Kartik is reminded of the songbook again. He was sitting ...

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The Seer's Revenge
The Seer's Revenge By Pratiksha eye 311 star 0 book 4

A dark fantasy tale about a woman desperate to save her kingdom, and a ...

What are the odds
What are the odds By Sudha eye 1012 star 1 book 1

Clark Kent meets Kartik Singh from Shubh mangal jyada savdhan while he's on ...

spark in our bonfire hearts
spark in our bonfire hearts By DelusionsOfNeha eye 493 star 1 book 6

A few short poems exploring the inner self and desires and fulfilling ...

Completed + 3 more
Friends By Begum eye 216 star 0 book 1

Two people hiding their secrets, get revealed when a third one comes in ...


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Revelio By Shibani eye 105 star 0 book 3

No one should Live in a Closet

IN DINO By Mehbeer02 eye 295 star 1 book 3

Complicated Love Stories are not a fairytales. In dino (these days) cover the ...

The Beginning of a New End
The Beginning of a New End By thetelleroftale eye 1795 star 2 book 18

IPKKND- An alternative ending...

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