War Fan Fictions

Captive Bride
Captive Bride By Mg13 eye 7754 star 55 book 5

Anhoni toh ho gayi hai, Rajkumari ji..na jane kiski buri nazar lag gayi ...

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De Novo..Curtains Down
De Novo..Curtains Down By sanyamalhotra eye 163380 star 49 book 37

At KMA they were always told that a wartime situation is always different ...

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Hiṃsāyai Kiṃ Samabhavam? (For Slaughter Did I Take Birth?)
Hiṃsāyai Kiṃ Samabhavam? (For Slaughter Did I Take Birth?) By BrhannadaArmour eye 529 star 1 book 1

A poem written on Parākrama Divasa, January 23, 2023, the 126th birth ...

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Kīrtis Te Vyucchinnā
Kīrtis Te Vyucchinnā By BrhannadaArmour eye 907 star 1 book 7

On earth, only the turtle Akūpāra still remembered Indradyumna's glorious ...

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Mṛgān pañcāśataṃ prātarāśaṃ dadāni te
Mṛgān pañcāśataṃ prātarāśaṃ dadāni te By BrhannadaArmour eye 1542 star 2 book 13

In Mahābhārata, Kṛṣṇā Draupadī receives Jayadratha hospitably, offering him ...

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Children of War
Children of War By Shibani eye 378 star 1 book 1

After the medal ceremony, Harleen thinks about the war, its affects on the ...

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Binate By RSBS eye 12643 star 17 book 11

I am the one who looks upon every living being on Earth, there are also ...

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Balidaan By Neha eye 4232 star 3 book 1

"Mera Bhai mara nahi thha, shaheed hua thha." Karan Shergill for Param ...

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Homecoming By aawaaradill eye 1636 star 4 book 1

Asad Ahmed Khan, on the last day of world war II in Germany, where he was ...

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A Tremble in her Step
A Tremble in her Step By proteeti eye 876 star 1 book 1

One soldier killed in a great war is of importance to none but his wife.

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Mine By Just-do-it eye 149 star 5 book 1

One year post the wedding of Payal and Akash, Arnav and Khushi are in a ...

The Last Goodbye!
The Last Goodbye! By MaDiee eye 117 star 0 book 1

What would you call it if you bid goodbye to someone, never to see again but ...

Sneak peak
Sneak peak By Nitya Ahuja eye 165 star 0 book 3

Ram and Priya story

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