Kīrtis Te Vyucchinnā

Kīrtis Te Vyucchinnā Completed M

Published On: Wednesday,Dec 07, 2022 18:12 PM GMT-07:00

eye 566 star 1 book 7

On earth, only the turtle Akūpāra still remembered Indradyumna's glorious deeds. While being unforgotten allowed Indradyumna to stay in heaven for now, he developed athazagoraphobia, an overpowering fear of being forgotten.

Many characters and incidents from Mahābhārata would be totally forgotten today if not for vestiges in the text that are dramatized in the other chapters: (1) the battle of Dauḥśāsani with Prativindhya Draupadeya; (2) Bhojyā's reaction to her husband Yuyudhāna Sātyaki's battle with his childhood playmate Duryodhana; (3) Śikhaṇḍin's wife Dāśārṇī meeting Sthūṇa Yakṣa whose manhood her husband had borrowed; (4) Bhīṣma shooting at Śikhaṇḍin; (5) the battle of Śikhaṇḍin's son Kṣatradeva and Duryodhana's son Lakṣmaṇa; (6) blind Dhṛtarāṣṭra's interest in coloured horses.
Author's Note:
The title is Saṃskṛta and means "Your fame is torn up." The first chapter was a twenty-word story entry in the MicroPhobia contest. The other chapters were fifty-word Nano Drama entries in the Dharmakshetra contest.
Trigger Warning:
Extent of Trigger Warnings : moderate ; Trigger Warnings : violent deaths of several characters, dead bodies, dismemberment, mental health issue, mention of forcible marriage.

No Content Warnings.
Graphics credit :
PriyaArshiSarun PriyaArshiSarun

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