| Holding On & Letting Go : AR FF | chapter 15 - pg 76 | 11 Nov

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Posted: 3 years ago
what if, billy lets ridhima meet armaan in the panchghani mental hospital?
what if she opened armaan's locker with no one in the locker room?
what if sidhant modi never heard the father-daughter conversation in the basketball court?
will it all be okay at once?

Hey! Everyone. Sanju Here. I have had this concept since so long tho with Praggs having the same kind with ILYLTF, I kind of forgot but some days ago I talked with Praggs and I am doing it a little different and I am so excited to be back.

This is an AU of S2. Hope you all like it.

a story of fate, acceptance, and compromise;
it's heartbreak, love & friendship.
sometimes you need a saving. 
sometimes you have to let go,
sometimes you just have to accept.
it's not a bed of roses but it surely will lead to a garden full of happiness.
everyone is not perfect, everyone have flaws;
you just have to overcome all those.

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story aesthetic

0 | shoonye : page 1

1 | ek : page 1

2 | do : page 6

3 | teen : page 13

4 | chaar : page 16

5 | paanch : page 27

6 | chei : page 31

7 | saat : page 39

8 | aath : page 45

9 | nau : page 48

10 | dus : page 51

11 | gyarah : page 54

12 | barah : page 60

13 | terah : page 66

14 | chaudah : page 70

15 | pandraha : page 76

16 | solaah : page 

17 | satrah : page


1 | Ek : For the future Mr. & Mrs. Mallik
2 | Do : 

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Posted: 3 years ago

Her heart broke when she saw him, so much in pain. He looked so peaceful a while ago that it almost felt like a dream. He breathed in hard and threw his hands into directions to push the doctors away. Her hands felt numb, her knees sore as she fell on the floor in desperation to touch him, to feel him, to breather him; looking at him through the glass window for the longest time.

What happened to them? They were so happy these some months ago. Why life got so cruel to them? Maybe it was her fault that night when she pushed him away, doubted him, his love for her for no reason. He shouldn't be in pain, it's her who deserved it. She wondered as her body shook with fear, pain, and guilt. 

"Armaan.." She breathed and held his hands in hers. She cried as he looked away from her. She wanted to hold him, close with their bodies entangled that no force would be able to pull them away but he wasn't even looking at her. And somehow this time she never doubted his love, somehow she knew it was because he was ashamed, because he didn't want to hurt her and her heart broke to see him in that state, the state where he loathed himself, where he felt unworthy of her.

Armaan looked out for her one last time, today he knew that that girl would never leave him. He was surprised at the kind of proposition she did, it was almost unreal like he was in a parallel dimension where Ridhima and his souls interchanged because that girl was so badass a while ago and he was sure that in the time they aren't going to be together she'll take care of herself.

Shashank looked toward Armaan's proud smile and he as always wondered how their love for each other even being painful could be both their weakness and strength

He always thought a relationship is not something where you compromise but what those two did just to help each other mentally and emotionally, moving past their insecurities made him proud of his little girl and her choice for her life. 

He understood why hiding everything from her was a mistake, the pain both of them were in before could've had gotten lesser, both of them could've had been with each other and in a better place rather than miles away from each other.

She waited for so long for this. He was finally coming around, he was getting better. After his relapse, she felt scared, she felt like she did wrong by moving away from him but he is okay, he is getting there. She smiled.

Muskaan hugged her as they both clung to each other watching the other idiot in pain. They had a teary laugh as they realized both their idiots were so good at pushing away the only people they loved in their life, even though they walked like puppies to pursue them. They were both so lucky yet there was so much pain that they didn't know if it will ever go away completely.

"Vakratunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Sama Prabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva Karyesu Sarvada."

He looked at her, she looked so beautiful, he knew she was waiting for him but he couldn't be there, not because he didn't want to for once but because he couldn't risk him getting better. He read those letters and he knew the best thing he could do for both of them to stay here and breathe, to feel normal, to be her worth and he yearned for that one perfect moment when he would return for one final time and would never leave her.

Aashna looked at him and his eyes which held determination to get better, to be better and she couldn't feel anything proud of him and herself. She saw him in his phase of agony and pain all those times that him having that will power meant so much. 

"Armaan, Hey!" She sighed as she heard him sigh.

They stayed like that hearing each other breathing through that technological boon for the longest time. 

They were getting better, they were getting there, he wondered and smiled. She smiled more as they somewhat had the telepathic bond and figured each other's action without seeing each other.

A/ N: So here are the things you should know before reading further :

1. Here the pictures Sid clicked hasn't been seen yet by anyone.
2. Sid never heard Ridhima-Shashank.
3. Sid and other interns don't know about Armaan either.

this is a mix and mash of what is going to happen in the FF.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Continue soon
Posted: 3 years ago

Definitely can't wait to read more! :D

Ab, I hope you'll update this fast! Mujhe toh poori story abhi padhne ka mann kar raha hai!!
Posted: 3 years ago

A/N: The whole part fully in red and italics is a flashback. It might be triggering so kindly don't read it if you are not comfortable, it's a really important part for character growth but you aren't going to miss on the story if you don't read it.

"Dr. Sidhant you have to accompany Dr. Ridhima to Panchghani for this routine check-up for the villagers." Dr Kirti told Sidhant as she looked at Shashank. He was one of the most confident people she has met in her medical career and watching him so down, so broken shook her insides.

"I don't get it why they send Ridhima Di and Sid together even if they fight so much." Naina moved closer to JP and whispered.

"They want them to be friends guys. Both of them are amazing doctors but it's quite risky for them to be in one operation theatre so they are trying hard for them to be civil." Yuvi said and went to his duty in General Ward.

Keerti nodded at Shubhankar to take Shashank with him. She looked at Atul's crestfallen expressions. He wanted to go with Ridhima, to meet his Bhai but he couldn't as he had to take Dr. Shashank's place for a conference in Geneva who was not in the condition to go anywhere. That man's pride have been his daughters but with one, miles away, he never imagined the one who was staying closer, to break their relation in a moment of heat. He hugged Dr. Keerti and smiled at her baby bump and gave her a thumbs up.

Ridhima tried to keep her eyes clear, yet her vision kept blurring due to her tears falling continuously. She breathed in hard as she walked steadily with faltering steps, she felt so weak, so fragile that another pain and she'll be dead inside.

Armaan, her Armaan loved her. He never left her, he didn't betray her. All those thoughts revolved in her mind as she walked towards the Bus Station with her backpack on her shoulders. She remembered all those times of misery where she wanted to hurt herself. She was always confident about her work capabilities, others? not. She always wore salwar kameez and was simple, she was called a freak in her freshers, had it not been her Anjali Di, she would've had a break down in front of everyone. 

When she and Armaan got together, it felt great. Her doubts, insecurities about herself didn't matter. He made her feel beautiful, he made her feel confident in every aspect. So when she got to know he left her because she was incapable of doing most of the tasks, because she was half paralyzed, unable to walk, she felt pain, resentment, anger, so many emotions that she couldn't fathom into words.

Ridhima got into the Bus and took her seat and closed her eyes.

Ridhima looked at the bathroom counter as her eyes leaked yet again for the countless times since the past 3 weeks. She looked at the Razor kept on the bathroom counter, she wanted to end the pain, she wanted to stop crying, she wanted to feel something else rather than the miserable feeling of the love of her life leaving her due to her physical disability. She hated that emotional feeling, her physical pain almost felt nothing in front of that heart wrenching emotional pain.

She picked up the razor moving it closer to her wrist, she was a doctor, of course, she would know the right points to hurt herself but she didn't want to hurt herself, she just wanted to pull of a gash, which would ooze out blood, which would maybe open her senses and maybe those tears would stop for sometime as she would get busy is clearing that blood, treating the wound. 

A little closer and the razer would be 5mm away from touching the skin. She thought as her vision became clearer and her eyes turned a little dark.

"Ridzii.." Muskaan called from her room. Ridhima quickly looked up in a panicky which resulted in the blade cutting up deep. She felt a numbing pain.

No she didn't want this, she just wanted a gash, she didn't want to die. She wasn't doing suicide, it's not why her mother gave her birth even if getting betrayed by her biological father. The razor fell from her hands as Muskaan rushed only to see Ridhima's desperate look.

"Ridzi.." Muskaan in a horror struck face looked here and there. She held Ridhima's hands and tied it tight with her dupatta and pushed the fluffy white towel on it.

"It's going to be okay. I am gonna save you, you are not dying. Not on me, not today." Muskaan quickly pushed Ridhima on her wheelchair. She went downstairs to bring her medical kit and went into Dr. Shashank's personal clinic in the house to bring bottles of disinfectant and other Suture Instruments and ran upstairs.

Ridhima breathed in and out and used her knowledge to stop the blood flow. She put pressure on the wound to stop the blood flow. She thanked God for her family to be away as they left to bid goodbye to Anjali at the airport as she was going to Chicago.

"Ridzi we don't have anesthetics so this is going to be painful," Muskaan told Ridhima and pour the disinfectant solution on her cut and cleaned the blood.
Muskaan wore her medical gloves and started the Suture procedure. Ridhima hissed. 

"Done. You are alright, I saved you Ridzi." Muskaan breathed and smiled as she put the bandages on Ridhima went on to throw the towel and cotton and cleaned the floor along with the bathroom.

Ridhima didn't know what to say, she was ready to answer Muskaan. Muskaan gave Ridhima medicines and helped her get up on the bed.

"Muski say something na.." Ridhima whispered.

"What can I say? I won't blabber it to anyone I promise." Muskaan spoke in a distant voice.

"Muskaan I didn't want to die, I didn't want to do it," Ridhima spoke in a broken voice.

"Then why the hell did it happen Ridzi?" Muskaan shouted and fell on her knees and wailed.

Ridhima cried silently and she held Muskaan's hands. She hurt another person because of her wrongdoing. She pulled Muskaan to her bed and laid her head in her lap.

"Muski I seriously didn't. I would never. Please forgive me." Ridhima cried harder.

"Ridhima never do that okay?" Muskaan patted her head as she moved further under the covers.

Ridhima woke up with a jerk as the Bus came to a halt, her eyes wet yet again. She and Muskaan became so close to each other at that time. Muskaan took care of her and stayed with her until Ridhima was taken to Banglore and Muskaan went back to Patiala.

She looked outside, the countless times they both stopped here in this route while visiting Panchgani. These places, all of them help so many memories, beautiful ones. She cleared her eyes and looked around and was shocked to wits to find Sid there. She looked at her mobile to see the time when she saw some messages from Atul and Dr. Keerti informing her about why Sid accompanied her.

She didn't like him but that didn't matter, what important was that she was going to meet Armaan and that made her insides feel warm.


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Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings


Definitely can't wait to read more! :D

Ab, I hope you'll update this fast! Mujhe toh poori story abhi padhne ka mann kar raha hai!!

Yaar, the whole prologue is even better!! Matlab, I felt so much ki main kya bolu!

Armaan, Riddhima, Shashank all of them. And ofc, my Muski & Rahul too!! Bas, sab theek ho jaaye, aur kya chahiye? I'm so sure that this going to be an absolutely epic story and gods, I'm in love!!

The way you've expressed both Armaan & Riddhima's emotions is beautiful.

Aur, RaMusk ka kya angle hai, yeh dekhne ke liye I'm so excited! I know that these 4 will be each others strength and support through everything. Bas sab theek kardo! <3333

Write fast, bebu! I can't wait to read more!!
Posted: 3 years ago
I'm re-reading! It's so good! I'm loving it!!

Aur story aesthetic! I just saw it!! Pehle load nahi ho raha tha. <33333333

Dill Mill Gayye 

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