| Holding On & Letting Go : AR FF | chapter 15 - pg 76 | 11 Nov - Page 42

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Posted: 3 years ago
yea that would be great
Posted: 3 years ago
1 | Ek: For the future Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan stared at the album in his hand, before coming here he made sure to click pictures of every place he had memories with Ridhima, with his friends. He didn't know if he would be able to remember those memories with his appallingly decreasing health and mental state.

He looked at the pictures of their apartment, he brought for their married life, it would just stay as an asset now and not the place he imagined to build his future at with the love of his life.

As soon as someone would enter, they'll have the view of Mumbai City and the smell of whatever getting cooked. Armaan had the whole sequence revolving in his mind, like a girl maybe but think about your future, having future scenarios in your mind, was that supposed to be a sexist thing?

He smiled, he remembered almost breaking his neck after tripping as soon as he opened the door due to that white marble bowl that was pushed under the table which had a semi-circle depth rather than the usual rectangle drawers.

This was the look the person would get after entering their apartment and he almost felt proud of his choices and taste. These pictures were taken at different times, some he had while the architect and interior designer were still doing some changes, some were sent to him by the agent who showed him the apartment with things still there of the family that lived there before while some were clicked by Ridhima when he showed her the apartment and some by him after he checked it the last time.

It was supposed to be their room, which was on the left side of the living room with the bed placed in such a way that when they would've had woke up, the first thing they would see was the sun and the scenery outside.

This was the balcony attached to the bedroom he decided to share their caffeine intakes. With the apartment on the right side corner of the building, they were quite lucky with the windows department.

While they had a pretty large bedroom, they had another room in case of guests or maybe their kids in the future they would've had, was small when compared to their's but it was beautiful. It was just on the right side of the living room and since the Kitchen was on the right side of the living room and at the entrance it was in front of the kitchen.

Also since there was a rectangular spaced hole between the walls attaching living room and the small bedroom, he later got the wall completed and hung two painting in the room while he was supposed to add the television he had in the rented apartment he was living during his internship in the living room.

They had the bathroom attached to the main room which had glass doors and shower cubicle which had the door from outside for others to bath but later they got changes and had a concrete wall and soundproofing and locking system so that whoever bathes could get their privacy and only had a small wooden door in the same color and design as the wall attaching the bathroom to the master bedroom.

A tear left Armaan's eyes as he cursed the fate which didn't let him, her, both of them complete their dreams.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Awww. This is so sad! Yaar, thoda happy bhi dena.

But, it's just so Armaan - ish, clicking pictures of places important to him. And that apartment wala toh was really sad! :(
Posted: 3 years ago
Reading this, I feel like doing it for ILYLTF. Cute drabbles. And maybe TDBU, too. :p
Posted: 3 years ago
poora read toh kiya nahi tune ^ ab dekh, apartment tour diya. :p
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

poora read toh kiya nahi tune ^ ab dekh, apartment tour diya. :p

I'm a complete stalker of this thread. I proudly admit that.

Read the whole thing. Good taste you've got. I love the apartment tour! <333
I can almost see AR living there, romancing in every nook and corner, having their friends drop by unannounced and then Armaan getting mad at them, but also loving it because they all hang out and have fun. :p

What a beautiful life they would've had! *lovestruck emojis*
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by RihooHaws

Originally posted by Meraki.

Originally posted by RihooHaws

res :D

Pata hai maine actually tab res kyun ki...??? Arey tujhe kaise pata hoga :P woh toh mujhe pata hogi na...
Ek reason toh yeh hai ki , tumne meri ff pe res karke choda...
Aur dusri reason yeh hai ki... Mujhe samajh mein nehi aaya main kiya bolun... 
Ab tum soch rahi hogi, aisa kyun... Don't pressure ur small brain too much haan hehe... 
Likha toh bohot accha hai, itna accha ki... 

See again I got blank... mujhe toh lafz nehi mil rahi tumhari writing ki compliment karne...
Issiliye toh maine tab chod diya comment kiye bina... I was so lost in the part, aur tum toh jaante ho main kitna emotional hojaati hun...
As maine pehle bhi kaha, main likhte waqt time lagti hun aur padke bhi comment karne mein... 
Ab itna emotional update denge toh tujhe meri comment ka waqt karna padega...
Woh kiya haina, mujhe tohda waqt chahiyeh khud koh sambhalne ke liye...
Itna zyada asar padta haina in sab cheezon se, I know i know yeh fiction hai still.. 
Asar toh padega na jab meri pyari si choti si kido itna gehri gehri baatein likhenge toh... 
Kyunki iska asar, seedhe, straight to my heart pochti hai... 

It was heartwrenching their moment, be it past or present...
tumne itni acche se described kiya un dono ke feelings, and to add more to it, tumne RM ke moment bhi daala...
Rolane ka pura plan karke tumne yeh story shuru ki na... 
Itne din baad, I mean like after ages dmg ke khatam hote...
I feel main phirse woh sab yaad kar rahi hun... 
Happy sad and worst moment of AR... and thanks to u Kido... 

Ok ok, zyada senti hone ki zarurat nehi hai I know... 
but truly, it was heart touching, wrenching part... their pain, their hurt...
uff... Aur kuch nehi keh sakti... Itna toh kehdiya bolke :P 

Ab give me next part...
Update kardi kiya...????
If so main baad mein padungi.. nehi ki toh karke batana... 
Kyunki maine sone se pehle padungi... sab kaam ke baad nehi toh main kuch karnehi paungi...
Love u kido... 
Muwaahhh :*
take care :D

Haha! Di chalo isi bahane maine unress toh kiya. :p
Love Ya Di! ab inti tareef mat karo. Embarrassed

I am still your chotti Kido and well someone had to do it, right?
no i understand you know, it's hard. I legit cried reading emotional stuff.

New Chapters will have some happy part maybe :p Flashbacks tho. LOL! Present waale AR time lagayenge happy moments dene mai.
RM are so my fav. Muskaan was totally different that Ridhima but their love stories were kinda connected and their separation was almost similar.

Yaas! you got me. Emo stuff is my fav rn. :p Happy stuff isis point sai Praggs nai likh toh diya. 

LOve You too Di <3

next part on pg 31.

take care. :)

Jo tareef ke hak daar hai, usse tareef karna chahiyeh... 

Haan kido, bas aise hi rehna... 
meri choti si kido banke...

and I just got to know u have update :(
anyways maine new os update ki hai, mann ho toh padlena ;)

take care :)

sorry tohda tension chal rahi hai life mein...
Issiliye tumhari update abhi pada nehi... padke comment karungi 

Maine padha di!!!! I will comment tom. Rn I am not gonna write or read because yesterday I wrote too much. LOL

Take Care you too!!!!

ps: get everything sorted, yeh sab toh chalta rahega, you be happy. :)
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by NishitaRahman

Awesome part

Thanks :), Nish.

Dill Mill Gayye 

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