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Ridhima stepped out of the bus with Sid on her tow. She felt overwhelmed, a whirl of emotions and a number of possibilities. Was she too late, is he okay, is he being too hard on himself? Did he forget it all? Their memories and her.

She breathed in and turned around to face Sid who was quite confused with different behavior of Ridhima. He came to know that they were going to Panchgani Mental Hospital and he looked forward to going there after all he so wanted to expand his work horizons, wanted more experience in different medical departments.

"Dr. Sidhant I expect good profession behavior now as we are here. No nuisance and keep a distance from me." Ridhima pointed a finger at him and hailed a cab to the address written in the brochure that she held in her hands so dearly like it held her life, it held every hope of her being happy in her life. 

"Armaan tum na bilkul bache ho.." Ridhima ruffled his hairs and giggled.

Armaan gave her an irritated look and said "First of all, you are mine and only I am allowed to kiss you and no one else. Second, don't ruffle my hair. Third yes I am baby if I get to be yours.." and winked at her at the last part.

"First, he was just a 6 year old who happened to like me, like every other kid, usse bhi jealous?! That's cute," and she pulled his cheek as he said "Ridhima yaar.." but she cut him in middle and continued "Second I will, you are my property. Third of all tum yeh...don't talk like that. I feel embarrassed."

She hid her face in the crook of his neck and mumbled " and yes I will call you cute because you are baby," and kissed his cheek.

Armaan inhaled her fragrance. He felt, warm, fuzzy and all kind of things as she just confessed to him. This girl, he thought; what would he do with her. She disobeyed Dr. Keerti and came behind him and confessed to him. Hell, she sang and danced on this song which made him embarrassed so much in a good way and she was about to jump, he knew she wouldn't but he wanted to be with her and when she was about to slip, it made his heart stop, it felt sickening. He held her so close to himself that she had to move away because he literally chocked her. 

"I love you and will never leave you," Armaan whispered and kissed her forehead.

"Yes! Even if I ask you to, you have to pull me towards you because you know I am such an idiot. Armaan please don't give up on me ever, even if I am irritating, even if I do some wrong, scold me, fight with me but please keep me assured that you are with me, always." Ridhima looked at him innocently as she held him from his waist.

"Ridhima I love you," Armaan whispered.

"Me too. I love you too." Ridhima whispered back as they kept holding each other for one last night in Panchgani before they leave for Mumbai.

Armaan opened his eyes with a jerk. He missed her, missed her so f**king much that he just wanted to forget everything and go back to Mumbai and hold her, hug her, kiss her and breathe her. He looked up as a nurse came inside his room and took his blood samples. That needle used to feel like a pinch on the skin but now he became too used to it that even if they prick thousands of them at once, he wouldn't feel it. 

The doctors and nurses were familiar with this guy, he was a doctor like them as they heard, a successful one and now all they see is a broken person who once held determination and now just a lifeless soul who had misty eyes whenever conscious. He was very healthy when he came there, his eyes held a hope to get back normal, to go back as soon as possible from wherever he came from. His identity for five weeks was kept a secret, they never knew why but when he had his first relapse, they all figured. That handsome boy they first saw became skinny and pale. His skin felt dry and his eyes yellow.

Armaan was shattered when he had his first relapse, he felt distraught from the happening, he was scared of the person he became. It's not like the first day he woke up he decided to leave Ridhima, no! In fact, he was there even on the days she woke and Abhi whispered to Nikki, Atul and Muskaan about her being paralyzed. He so wanted to hold her, tell her it was all going to be okay but he couldn't. 

It was Shashank who first proposed the idea to him, of course, that man almost lost his everything and his daughter because of his childishness but he ignored it for two weeks, he himself studied on his condition, he was shocked how he behaved with Ridhima after losing his memory but a smile formed on his lips as he thought about her new nickname "Dr. Psycho Teacher Lady".

But as he researched further, he hoped to get better, he hoped to be normal. He knew he could hurt Ridhima. He knew Ridhima would be with him even if he would be mentally ill but it didn't matter, he would have had gotten better but the thought of hurting her physically scared him. When he decided to get the treatment he went to the extent of asking Dr. Shashank to not tell her anything, he requested Padma mom to give him some time but as he had his first relapse, he was shocked to see the man he became and right away asked them to Ridhima he left her for her physical condition. 

He cried for two days and his condition went worsened after that, he lost the hope to get better, he felt his insides die as he realized that his Ridhima might hate him forever. He heard about doctors saying Ridhima won't get better ever from Padma Mom and he studied her condition whenever he was able to for a month. He was the one who pushed Padma Mom to talk with others to take her to Bangalore and even got them an appointment from his guest professor in college.

He looked out the glass window to see Billy with tears in his eyes. They were never close but Billy was the only person who hoped for him to get better after he lost all his hopes. He wanted to feel something but he couldn't. His breathing pattern suddenly disturbed as he got hyper with his chest falling up and down due to lack of oxygen and his doctor and nurses rushed in, he felt his eyelets drop as he felt numbing pain around.

Ridhima stepped out of the cab and sighed. She was here, finally to meet him to see him and ran inside the Hospital's premises. She looked around frantically. She passed some patients as some nurses looked at her with a confusion at her hyper state.

Ridhima went to the Receptionist and showed her Armaan's identity card but was shocked to her wits as she heard someone say "Armaan... he needs...where is Aashna?" and looked at the person.

"Billy Uncle.." She whispered.

A/N : I was supposed to Introduce Armaan in last some line and have the next chapter for him but then I decided in negative and did this. Hope you all liked it. I will show more of Armaan's treatment phase for some parts rather than just AR meet. So Praggs it's 8:30. I will update when you again if you agree to post ILYLTF's next part in 2 days because dude that cliffie ? sucks!! -_-

love, sanju <3
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Posted: 3 years ago
First update mein hi sidha dil pe vaar kar diya
U written it very beautifully
U portrait Ridz pain,her condition very well
I always think ki CV's ka dimag kya ghaas krne gaya tha jo itne khubsurat show ki band baja di thi
Can't wait to read the next update
Thnx for the pm
Do cont soon
Posted: 3 years ago
Updating ILYLTF in ten. Ready raho tum bhi! :p
Posted: 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.


Posted: 3 years ago
I have class till 8:30. There better be an update by the time I'm out of the lecture!

Dill Mill Gayye 

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