| Holding On & Letting Go : AR FF | chapter 15 - pg 76 | 11 Nov - Page 39

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Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Prizi

Originally posted by Meraki.

Originally posted by Prizi

nxt part is ready?
hanji almost. :p

A cute AR flashback and a much-needed insight to Armaan's mental state. what is it? what happened exactly? why isn't he getting better.
toh kab milega?

I hope jaldi jaldi mil jaaye!
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

Originally posted by RihooHaws

res :D

Pata hai maine actually tab res kyun ki...??? Arey tujhe kaise pata hoga :P woh toh mujhe pata hogi na...
Ek reason toh yeh hai ki , tumne meri ff pe res karke choda...
Aur dusri reason yeh hai ki... Mujhe samajh mein nehi aaya main kiya bolun... 
Ab tum soch rahi hogi, aisa kyun... Don't pressure ur small brain too much haan hehe... 
Likha toh bohot accha hai, itna accha ki... 

See again I got blank... mujhe toh lafz nehi mil rahi tumhari writing ki compliment karne...
Issiliye toh maine tab chod diya comment kiye bina... I was so lost in the part, aur tum toh jaante ho main kitna emotional hojaati hun...
As maine pehle bhi kaha, main likhte waqt time lagti hun aur padke bhi comment karne mein... 
Ab itna emotional update denge toh tujhe meri comment ka waqt karna padega...
Woh kiya haina, mujhe tohda waqt chahiyeh khud koh sambhalne ke liye...
Itna zyada asar padta haina in sab cheezon se, I know i know yeh fiction hai still.. 
Asar toh padega na jab meri pyari si choti si kido itna gehri gehri baatein likhenge toh... 
Kyunki iska asar, seedhe, straight to my heart pochti hai... 

It was heartwrenching their moment, be it past or present...
tumne itni acche se described kiya un dono ke feelings, and to add more to it, tumne RM ke moment bhi daala...
Rolane ka pura plan karke tumne yeh story shuru ki na... 
Itne din baad, I mean like after ages dmg ke khatam hote...
I feel main phirse woh sab yaad kar rahi hun... 
Happy sad and worst moment of AR... and thanks to u Kido... 

Ok ok, zyada senti hone ki zarurat nehi hai I know... 
but truly, it was heart touching, wrenching part... their pain, their hurt...
uff... Aur kuch nehi keh sakti... Itna toh kehdiya bolke :P 

Ab give me next part...
Update kardi kiya...????
If so main baad mein padungi.. nehi ki toh karke batana... 
Kyunki maine sone se pehle padungi... sab kaam ke baad nehi toh main kuch karnehi paungi...
Love u kido... 
Muwaahhh :*
take care :D

Haha! Di chalo isi bahane maine unress toh kiya. :p
Love Ya Di! ab inti tareef mat karo. Embarrassed

I am still your chotti Kido and well someone had to do it, right?
no i understand you know, it's hard. I legit cried reading emotional stuff.

New Chapters will have some happy part maybe :p Flashbacks tho. LOL! Present waale AR time lagayenge happy moments dene mai.
RM are so my fav. Muskaan was totally different that Ridhima but their love stories were kinda connected and their separation was almost similar.

Yaas! you got me. Emo stuff is my fav rn. :p Happy stuff isis point sai Praggs nai likh toh diya. 

LOve You too Di <3

next part on pg 31.

take care. :)

Jo tareef ke hak daar hai, usse tareef karna chahiyeh... 

Haan kido, bas aise hi rehna... 
meri choti si kido banke...

and I just got to know u have update :(
anyways maine new os update ki hai, mann ho toh padlena ;)

take care :)

sorry tohda tension chal rahi hai life mein...
Issiliye tumhari update abhi pada nehi... padke comment karungi 

Posted: 3 years ago
^ Rihoo Di I hope everything gets better soon. :)
Take care!
Posted: 3 years ago
Dude! PM ka toh reply karde. :P
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

^ Rihoo Di I hope everything gets better soon. :)
Take care!

I hope so too...
Mujhe aur tension nehi chahiyeh life mein...
already itna tension hai :(
Posted: 3 years ago

"Ridhima tumse shaanti sai nahi baitha jata kya? Kitne sawaal karti ho yaar! Mai ek toh itni mushkil sai sasurjee sai permission lekar aur tum ho ki yahan mere sai pyaar sai baat karne ki jagah aise gussa kar rahi ho. Tabhi mai sochu tum itni jaldi aane kai liye kaise maan gayi? Ab dekho kitna sawal jawab kar rahi ho." Armaan stopped the car and placed his hand on her mouth to shut her as she continuosly said the same thing to him.

"Itni achanaq sai yeh kya plan banaya hai tumne?"

"Armaan jawaab toh do!"

"Arrey kuch puch rahi hoon, batao na. Kaha ja rahe hai?"

"Kyun jaa rahe hai?"

"Acha at least yeh toh batao kitni dair mai pohchenge?"

"Armaan bolo na! Itni door ana zaruri tha kya?"

Ridhima looked at him with wide eyes removed his palm from her mouth. As everyone knows, Mumbai's traffic was a hassle and today they got stuck into that hassle. Armaan sighed, maybe coming so far was a stupid idea, here they were stuck in the traffic since past half an hour, he knew they would get stuck in the traffic but 2 hours? Well, that was unexpected and totally not done. "Why today?" He wondered and rested his forehead on the steering wheel and muttered, "Basket would surely eat me alive if we get stuck in this traffic for another 20 minutes."

"Hawww... Mai? Armaan tum.. Off course mai sawwal jawab karungi, dekho hum kitni dair sai traffic mai fasse hai aur tum mujhe kahi lai jaa rahe toh batao ki where are you taking me? What if I don't like that place?" Ridhima deadpanned at him as she said the last bit. He was so cute but he definitely did things which she never imagined and even if the last date they had gone on pretty well, the way their past dates went, she was kind of worried.

No one ever thought the goody two shoes would get into a lockup, no one ever thought that Papa ki Princess Ridhima would go and put her career in jeopardizing by taking multiple days off without permission, even go against her father and run from her house. She sure did things she herself thought she never would. She always planned a normal life, never thought of love marriage but the guy her Papa would choose, she always thought she would marry a guy who would be like her, but here she got him if she was a river, he was the waterfall, if she were a breeze, he was a tornado, but instead of a mess he taught her how to live, stand up for herself, be competitive, take risks and live her life on her own terms.

She looked at him sighed with a smile, even if he was naughty, she loved him, with all her might. He maybe wasn't aware of what he meant to her, he didn't know the intensity of his love, she was sure he would know one day, one day he would come to her and tell her he remembers everything, he remembered how he held her hands when her hands were on a pressure sensitive and time ticking bomb, how he jumped to save her from the fire from crackers, how he held her when she cried after learning the truth about her adoption and she would wait for that day, even if it might take forever.

"Aisa kya dekh rahi ho? Abhi toh chilla rahi thi aur ab dekho aise deh rahi ho. Kitne mood swings hote hai tumhare Basket." Armaan sighed and looked at her with a quirky yet sad expression.

"Dr. Mallik apni date ko iss tarah sai naraaz karoge toh date vaapis chali jayegi." Ridhima rolled her tongue and raised her eyebrows at him.

"Dr. Gupta aako kisne kaha aap date par ayi hai? In fact yeh kisne kaha ki tum meri date ho? I know I am popular but..." Armaan raised his collar and drove faster as the roads cleared.

"Acha toh kyun laaye ho mujhe? Tum na Armaan..." Ridhima looks at him pointed eyes.

"Ridhima I know you want me..." Armaan grinned at her.

"Armaan..." Ridhima whined to which Armaan laughed and said "Okay! Okay! Sorry. Was just joking, Ridhima tum bhi na mazaak ko seriously lai leti ho. Tum na bohut cuute ho!" Armaan cooed at her as they reached their destination.


Oh, love, let me see inside your heart
All the cracks and broken parts
The shadows in the light
There's no need to hide

Ridhima and Sid enter Panchghani Medical Institute to give them the records and have further details and list of people in villiage to go for a checkup the day after.

"Dr. Sidhant aap yeh files submit kar dijye, I'll just submit the blood samples in the path lab." Ridhima goes into the lift and reaches the second floor and submits the blood samples. 

She looked at her phone which beeped: Dr. Ridhima come on the first floor, they need your signature for taking the name list.

Ridhima read the message and sighed, she would get back by the time Arman would've had slept.  She quickly moves down and found Sid standing outside the Physician's office.

"Sid what.." She was about to continue when she was shocked as she saw him Armaan inside. She knew about his vertigos and visual blurriness at times but she never knew that he had to take physical therapy for balancing and walking. That's why she never saw him moving while she was there last night. 

She looks at him as he stood on the trade mill holding the handles as the machine moved on a slower pace than he usually did while working out, seven months, do change lives.

Ridhima's eyes were moist as she wanted him to look at her, she wanted to smile at him so he would know that she's there, she'll always be there. She knew how harder it could be to do something poorly which you used to be the best at. Hating to do something you loved too, something which was your way out to every problem suddenly becomes your biggest enemy. 

Sid looks at Ridhima who looked teary at what was happening inside the room, he scoffed, they see people dying every day and here she was crying. Who is this person? He wondered.

Suddenly Armaan's eyes went to her and the world stopped, he wanted to hide from her but couldn't, he wanted to be with her but he knew he wasn't in the state to have someone depend on him and wasn't in the state where he could his whole to someone. 

Ridhima whispered "Armaan.." and smiled at him giving him a thumbs up and moved out of there. Armaan looked shocked that she didn't come in or persuade him to talk and he was relieved. 

Ridhima went away to do her work and moved out of the hospital with a sigh, "baby steps" she muttered and felt proud of herself that she didn't break down, she didn't beg him to talk to her. She'll have him talk to her on his choice, on his own will.


"So what is this place?" Ridhima looks at him as they go inside the lift of the building.

"Suprise, just wait for some more time." Armaan smiled and kissed her forehead, and in return, Ridhima smiled and hugged him.

Soon they reached the 20th floor of a 25 floors building and he took her in an apartment.

"Armaan yeh?" Ridhima questions him as he asks her to move forward and opened the curtains of the glass wall in the living room of the apartment.

"Armaan this is...so beautiful." Ridhima looks at him with a gleam as the Mumbai city was visible from up there.

"Haina?! This is our place." Armaan lifts up the apartment card dangling in his hand.

"Hmmm?" Ridhima looked confused at his words.

"Shaadi kai baad we'll live here. It's our place." Armaan grinned at her as her face from being confused changed into a happy gleam and then her eyes turned misty.

"Kya basket tum toh phir senti hogayi? Kitna roti ho." Armaan teased her and cleared her tears.

"Armaan mai na marungi. Mera mazak mat udaya karo, it's just it's so awesome." Ridhima smiled at him and giggled. She felt her world turning in the right path, she thanked God for giving him to her and promised she would cherish him forever.

Armaan pulls her to how the apartment as she lovingly gazed at him while he animatedly talked to her.

A/N : I have stil more in this flashback and I am not going to update the part atleast in next two days. I really hope you guys liked it!!!

Love, Sanju

NEXT : More flashback happiness and more about Armaan's medical condition + Shanky being the show stealer.

Edited by Meraki. - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
res Embarrassed
Sorry for late unres... but u know the reason right...
as u have update more parts, just a small comment... 

It was awesome update as usual, but small... U know mujhe toh hamesha short hi lagte hai...
Kyunki main toh long update deti hun, so main dusron se bhi long hi accept karti hun :P
I know its not possible, still bolne mein kiya jaata hai right hehee... 

Flashback was awesome, Armaan toh koi moka nehi chodti na Ridz koh impress karne mein ;)
Waise toh impress karne ki zarurat nehi hai kyunki Ridz toh already fida hai uspe... 
Aur Ridz jaante hai, Armaan usse kitna pyar karta hai...

Wow Armaan took her to their future house after they would get married...
Armaan ne toh bohot acche se sab kuch arrange kiya hai... (I know is part mein details nehi hai, but u had already gave a tour of the house in some other post, so after reading it maine yeh mention kiya ;))
leh, yeh toh khatam hogayi wahi se :P pehle toh Ridz kept asking Armaan where he is taking her, phir jab waha pochi toh khatam... 

Waise present mein, jo bhi chota sa part huva it was nice...
I know Ridz feel so bad to see Armaan trying to learn walking again due to his health...
Uske liye woh sab kitna mushkil hoga, Ridz jaante hai aur hum bhi... 

Present mein its not possible to get their moment so soon but I m happy...
Happy that u are putting flashback in between... 
At least uske happy moment flashback mein toh milenge padne...

Take care... 
Will come with other update comment soon...
Love u :*

Edited by RihooHaws - 3 years ago

Dill Mill Gayye 

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