It's Complicated • AarYa FF • Chapter 27 page 46 | 4/12/22

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We can never have too many stories. Please do write.

Posted: 1 years ago

im definetly interested love reading about our loving jodi

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Always look forward to reading more about our beloved Yash and Arti 

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Yes..pls do write...I am so much excited to read that next story😍😍

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Great Soni , Ill be waiting for the 

next AarYa story 

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I come once in a blue moon moon but I love reading about AarYa when I do🥰

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Hi guys.

This story is based on college life, more on friendship. There are many characters and all are important and flawed. Unlike my other stories this has a second lead too but don't worry I won't bore you with too many scenes, but let me also tell you it's their love story which will give way to our AarYa. I hope you all enjoy it ❤

Chapter 1

Scindia house...

Gayatri goes to Yash's room, he is getting ready.

“Yash, are you going to Pari home?” she asked.

“Yes maa, I have to make aunty agree, she thinks xyz college is not good.” he said, picking his wallet.

"Is that college really that bad?” She asked. Yash looked at her only to find her really worried. He held her hands.

“Maa please trust me that college is best in our Bhopal but yes there are some people who are not good but we can’t leave a good college for two bad people, can we?” Gayatri nods no, Yash smiles at his innocent maa.

“Ok bye” He went out of the room picking his mobile and bike key.

“Yash wait, have your breakfast” Gayatri tried to stop him.

“Not now maa, I’m getting late.” Yash yells in hurry.

“Uff why is this boy always in a hurry.” Gayatri shook head smiling.


Pari’s mother opens the door, she smiles seeing Yash.

“Yash come beta” He came inside and sat on the sofa.

“Actually I come to talk about pari college admission.” he said. She looked worried.

“Please aunty trust me she is safe with me and Aman” he tried to assure her.

“Yash I trust you both and I know you will take care of her but she is my everything.” she tell.

“Aunty I know what Pari is to you but she want to continue college with us only and Arpita is also with us, try to understand we are friends from school time, please don’t do this to us, let Pari join us.” He request her making a baby face

“Theek hai Yash, tum jeet gaye, pari can join you guys.” She gives up knowing Pari also wants to join her friends. Yash hugs her in happiness like an innocent kid.

“Oh thank you, thank you so much aunty” She smiled at his happiness. As Yash leaves she goes to Pari's room and tell her that she can join her friends for xyz college.

“Mumma, how did you change your mind ?” Pari was curious.

“Yash came here to meet me and he said that he will take care of you.” she said. Pari happily smiled and hugged her mother.


Xyz college.

"Hey Ishita" Akash looked at his girlfriend entering the college.

“Where is everyone?” Ishita asks to see him alone.

“I’m here and you are also here and Vicky is right behind you.” He pointed behind.

“Vicky, where is Aarti?” she asked.

“I don’t know yaar.” Vicky shrugged his shoulders.

“She will reach, come on guys you know what is today?” Akash's eyes shine with mischief. Ishita and Vicky smirks.

“Yes we know.” They both chirp.

“I can’t wait to ragging your juniors.” Vicky excitedly told.

“Guys look there.” Vicky points at 4 new students. Akash sat on his bike and Ishita stood next to him.

“Hey, you 4” Vicky yells.


Outside college.

“Guys I’m not coming.” Pari made a small face. Yash looked at her angrily.

"Stop being so afraid” Arpita lightly hit Pari's head.

“I convinced aunty and brought you to college now you're talking like this.” Yash was upset.

“Yash, you don't spoil your mood. Pari you're coming or not?” Aman asked. Pari looked at everyone making baby face.

"Now don't make these faces.” Arpita said. They all dragged her inside. Vicky called Yash and his friends.

“Why is he calling us?” Pari gets scared.

“Pari stop it yaar” Arpita scolded her. Pari ignore her and hold Yash hand out of fear

“I told you guys I'm not coming still you all dragged me.” She whined. Yash looked at Vicky.

“Lets go” He pulled pari along with him, Arpita and Aman followed him, they stood little away. Vicky looked at 4 of them then his gaze stuck on Pari who was hiding behind Yash and how she was holding his hand. He smiles evilly.

“Freshers?” He asked. Pari nods.

“Boyfriend haan?” Pari was shocked and followed his eyes and found him looking at her hand holding Yash. She quickly moved away. Yash gives an angry look to him.

“Why did you stop us?” Yash asked.

“Boyfriend got angry with me for looking at his girlfriend.” Vicky laughed.

“He is not my…” Pari started speaking but Yash didn’t let her finish.

“I'm asking again why you stopped us?” Yash question again. Vicky was about to say something when a bike came and stopped in between Yash and Vicky’s friends. Aarti took off her helmet and looked at her friends then she turned to Yash. She is wearing blue jeans and black top which fit her curvy figure perfectly.

“Hey Aarti, look who is here” Vicky comes near her. Aarti glanced at all of them then she sat on her bike.

“So dude you are asking why I called you all? We are your seniors so you all have to do what we say, get it.” Vicky finally cleared it. Pari glanced at Yash scared. Vicky noticed that and doesn't know why he hates it.

“Hey you.” He smiles evilly at her.

“Come here.” He said. Pari nodded no. Arpita and Aman tell her to go.

“Nothing will happen, we all are here.” Arpita said. Pari walked ahead and stood in front of Vicky.

“What is your sweet name sweetheart?” Vicky smirked.

“Pari” She said, getting more nervous.

“Nice name, so you have to do…” Pari closed her eyes, holding her breath. Vicky smile at her

“Hug me.” Vicky's friends were surprised. Akash surprisedly stared at him.

“He can demand anything, why hug?” Akash noticed how he is staring at Pari. He smile naughtly.

“Why are you smiling?” Ishita asks.

“I guess Vicky finally fall in love.” He told.

“What? How do you know?” She asked in surprise. Akash only smiles with himself.

Yash, Arpita, Aman all are looking at Pari who is making faces at Vicky in confusion. Vicky himself is surprised about his own demand, wondering why he didn't tell her to do some difficult task.

“Fast, I don’t have all day for you.” He said roughly. Pari nodded no again, he glared at her and about to say something in anger when he found her in his arm which made him smile. She quickly pulled back.

“Now your task is finished Vicky” Ishita tell. Vicky stood next to Aarti who is watching all the drama or say just Yash.

“So friends I will choose this champu.” Ishita pointed at Aman, he came in front of her.

“What are you wearing?” She said laughing at him. Aman is wearing a blue shirt pant, his hair is oily. Everyone laughed at him. Yash and Arpita get angry and want to give them their piece of mind. They all start to insult Aman. He stood looking down.

“Stop laughing guys.” Ishita glared at all. Akash and Vicky try to control their laughter with great difficulty.

“So what is your funny name champu?” She asked again. Everyone again started to laugh.

“Stop it guys, kitna haste ho tum sab. Tell your name baby.” She smiled softly at him somewhere feeling bad seeing his small sad face.

“Aman” Aman tell still not meeting her eyes.

“Nice yaar, I was thinking Raju or pappu hoga.” She said, Aman really hating all this, he just looked away.

“So where were we? yeah so you champu, oops sorry Aman, you are going to take 10 rounds of this college ground.” She tell.

“Ishita, this is such a simple task baby.” Akash speaks.

“Do you really think this is simple after looking at him?” She pointed at Aman.

“I don’t even think he can complete 5 rounds.” She continued. All again start laughing.

“Go, or you are expecting me to show you the way” She glared at him. Aman ran to complete his 10 rounds. Akash got up from his bike.

“Are you waiting for an invitation card.” Akash points at Arpita, she comes forward.

“Name?” He question.

“Arpita.” She said in a confident tone.

“So guys, how about a dance?” He asked for others' suggestions.

“Now what?” Pari looked at Arpita worriedly.

“Relax, Arpita will handle it” Yash assured her.

“What happen? don’t know how to dance?” Akash's evil look irritates Arpita.

“I can dance.” She replied. Someone played a song on his mobile, she actually danced. When the song stopped she looked at everyone and thought now they all will make fun of her. Akash clapped for her and all the students who were watching her dance until now also clapped for her.

“You are too good” Pari hugged her.

“Thank you.” Arpita smile.

“Good yaar” Yash gave her a side hug.

“Thanks Yash.” she smiled at him.

“Now, it's Pari's boyfriend's turn.” Vicky said, looking pari. Mansi comes in front of Yash.

“So hottie.” She smirks.

Aarti was all busy in her mobile when she heard Mansi's voice. She tries to not be affected by what is going on here but doesn't know why she just can’t ignore Yash. She doesn't even know his name then what is in him that she can’t stop herself from looking at him. When Mansi was about to touch Yash that broke the last bit of control Aarti had, she herself didn't know when she held Mansi's hand that was about to touch Yash's face.

“He is mine.” Aarti says. Everyone was shocked hearing what she just said. Yash was himself taken aback, she doesn't even know him.

“What are you saying?” Mansi gives her a 'are you out of your mind' look.

“HE IS MINE.” She repeated it loud and clear. Everyone was speechless.

“What is she talking?” Vicky murmured to himself.

“I think she knows what she is saying.” Akash said even though he is also curious. Ishita stares at him confused. Mansi tried to say something but Aarti stood in between her and Yash. Mansi angrily walked away from there. Yash looked at Aarti.

“Aarti, what task are you gonna give him?” Vicky asks. She didn’t even think it was necessary to answer him.

“Kiss me.” She demanded. Everyone looked at her in horror. Aman who returned after finishing his task got shocked hearing what this girl said. Yash looked at her in disgust, he thought she was a little mad but he didn’t expect she would be cheap too.

“If this is a joke then let me tell you it's disgusting” He said. She didn’t like that disgust in his eyes.

“Do it now.” She said coldly. Yash closes his eyes, why he even thinks she will change her mind. His hatred increased more when he heard her next set of words.

“Else it won't be good for your friends, you can ask anyone here what I can do.” Aarti tells looking into his eyes. Yash glared at her in rage.

“What do you think I'll get scared of your threat?” He stood there towering her. Aarti smiled at him, Yash looked at her confusedly.

“So you are not ready now then see you very soon” Aarti smiles, moving her fingers on his cheek to jawline before leaving from there. Yash gets worried not for himself but for his friends, somehow he feels she is not a girl to give up this easily.

“What happened?” Aman came near him.

“Yash, say something.” Arpita also questioned.

“Her looks are enough to scare me” Pari said. Yash looked at the three of them and smiled while entering in class, they followed him knowing he wasn't fine. Lecturer entered the class. Yash sat beside a boy as he didn't want to talk with anyone right now. Their class was over soon and he moved out but bumped into a girl. She was about to fall when he pulled her up, She instantly held his shoulders. He looked at her, her closed eyes out of fear.

“I’m sorry, are you ok?” Yash apologized. She looked at him.

“New here?” He asked, She nodded yes.

“I’m Yash Scindia” He introduced himself.

“Khushi Gupta.” She said.

“Nice to meet you.” They exchange warm smiles.

“Hi I’m Arpita. Yash's best friend” Arpita forward hand.

“Hi” Khushi shook hand with her.

“I’m Aman, also Yash's best friend.” He forward hand.

“I’m Pari and they all are my best friends.” For the Pari intro everyone laughs.


In the college garden.

“I can’t believe Aarti asked that guy for a kiss, oh my god” Vicky screamed in happiness.

“Stop screaming Vicky, this is the 10th time you are saying this now please don’t.” Ishita gets irritated by his overacting.

“Ishita, let him scream as I myself can’t believe that she really wants to kiss that guy. What is his name ? And what that guy has that we don’t have.” Akash said. She hit his arm tightly.

“What you said, so now you want Aarti too” She looked away in anger. He hugged her from behind.

“No baby I don’t want anyone but just think she doesn’t have a boyfriend and now she asked a kiss from a total stranger that too in front of everyone, this is really something interesting.” Akash smirks.

“Whatever” Ishita rolled eyes.


In the college canteen.

“So where are you from?” Arpita question.

“I’m from Lucknow.” Khushi said. All canteen went silent when Aarti and her gang entered.

“Guys we still have one more junior.” Vicky mischievously looked at Khushi. Khushi gets scared as he comes near her but Yash comes between them as he already doesn't like how Vicky demands a hug from Pari.

“Please leave her.” Yash requested.

“So now she is your new girlfriend haan?” Vicky smirks. Yash grabbed his T-shirt collar.

“If I don't say anything that doesn't mean that I can't do anything” Yash pushed him in anger. Vicky fell on nearby table, he gets furious and tries to punch him.

“Vicky” Aarti shouted. Vicky looked at her stunned.

“You are shouting at me for this guy?” He yelled. She just gave a glance to Yash before moving out of the canteen. Yash was surprised as to why she is behaving like this for a total stranger. Yash and his friends too move out. He finds Khushi silent.

“Are you alright?” Yash asked.

“It's all because of me” She feels bad.

"Nothing happened because of you. They are all like this, they love to make everyone's life hell” He said in anger recalling Aarti threat.

“You get really angry” She said innocently, making a scared face.

“You are cute” Yash smiled to see her face. Khushi blushed cutely. All of them smile looking at her.

“Hey I forgot my mobile in the canteen” Pari told before running to the canteen when she was in the corridor someone pulled her in an empty classroom, she got afraid and shocked to see Vicky here. Vicky was in so much rage because of the insult he faced, he also hates how Aarti took Yash's side. When he sees Pari running he remembers how she was all the way with Yash, doesn't know why he hates him and without thinking anything he pulled Pari in class. She was about to scream when he put his hand on her mouth.

“Shhh if you try to scream then you can’t even imagine what I will do with you” He warned her, She gets more scared. He removed his hand from her mouth.

“Please leave me, maine kya kiya hai?” She cried.

“Nothing but your boyfriend Yash insulted me in front of all so I’m going to take my revenge from you.” He tells dangerously.

“Please he is not my boyfriend.” She said, getting irritated.

“Oh just shut up, do you think I’m fool or blind to not see how close you both are and you are telling me that he is not your boyfriend. Oh come on sweetheart I know what kind of girl you are.” Vicky was clearly angry.

“Just shut up, you know nothing. Leave me, let me go.” She was disgusted by his low thinking. Vicky gets more angry as she tries to push him. He pushes her to a near wall and pins her hands over head.

“You know what I was thinking how your boyfriend would feel if I kissed his girl.” He said, glancing at her lips.

“Please leave me.” She cries feeling helpless for the first time in her life.


In the college garden.

Yash looked behind again and again.

“Pari is taking too much time.” He said getting worried for her. Arpita also noticed who was until now busy in talking with Khushi.

“How did she got so late?” she murmured. Aman got up and said he would check but they all told him they were coming with him too. They were going to the canteen when they heard someone cry.

“Here is somebody.” Khushi says.

“Pari.'' Yash murmurs. All looked at him shocked before running to look from where this sound was coming. Aman pushed a classroom door. Yash ran toward him and what they saw angered them all. Before anyone reacts Yash pushed Vicky from a crying Pari, he punched Vicky so hard in the face that he fell on ground. Aman too did not leave him, he beat him until Vicky almost lost his sense. Pari hugged Yash sobbing. He hugs her close protectively, her condition makes him feel so bad. It's his responsibility to take care of Pari.

Yash and Aman took Vicky to the principal's office. Principal called Vicky father and ask him to meet him in office but his dad tell that he don’t have time for his son mistake so short it out yourself. Principal didn’t tell Vicky's condition as he didn't want his college in trouble after all Vicky's father is trustee of this college.

Ishita came searching Vicky and when she heard Yash and his friends in the principal's office, she looked inside to see what was happening but she saw Vicky there, she came inside and asked what they did with him. Arpita gets angry seeing her and tells her what her so-called friend intended to do with Pari.

“I don’t believe this, I’m sure your friend did something so Vicky behaved like this” Ishita said looking at Vicky who is moaning in pain. She makes a call to her bodyguards soon they reach there and take Vicky to her car as Ishita told them she is coming in sometime. She called Akash too, he got shocked realizing what Vicky was about to do in his ego.

“You guys should thank god because his mom doesn't know about Vicky else god only can save you from her” Ishita glared at them all before storming out. Principal helplessly looked at Pari and her friends as he couldn't do anything now. They all come out of office. Arpita checked Pari if she got hurt somewhere.

“What exactly happened?” Arpita finally asked. Pari told them what happened, they all get angry to know Vicky just wants to hurt Pari in his ego for his insult. Yash feels guilty. Soon his mobile ring.

“Yash, I got a call from your coffee shop, they are asking about you.” Gayatri sounds tense.

“But why maa?” He asked, confused.

“Don’t know beta.” She is herself wondering.

“Okay you don’t take tension, I see what happens.” He ended the call and looked at Pari then Aman and Arpita.

“I need to leave, you both take care of Pari.” He came toward Pari and pecked her hair.

“Take care, I'll try to come soon.” Yash says. She tried to give him a smile.


When Yash reached the coffee shop, he found some people there who didn't look like customers. He looked for his boss when he came from behind but Yash found him worried.

“What's wrong?” Yash asked.

“Yash, these people bought my shop.” Vijay shocked him.

“What?” Yash stared at him in disbelief.

“Yes, I buy this shop.” Aarti's voice caught Yash's attention and he turned to face her. She took off her sunglasses and smirked at him. Yash's face lost color when he saw her there.


Precap: The deal.

So tell me, should I continue? smiley9

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