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Posted: 3 years ago

"Dr. Keerti are you sure that you can handle right now? Dr. Abhimanyu bhi yahan nahi hai and even Shubhankar is gone and your due date is coming near." Shashank washes his hands and looks at Dr. Keerti who had a file in her hands for him to sign.

"Dr.Shashank iss waqt Ridhima ko aapki zarurat hai, meri help kai liye yahan interns hai aur Dr. Muskaan bhi kal raat ko ajayengi." Keerti nodded and gave him the file and a pen.

"Let's do this, aap apna aur Navneeta ka zarurat ka samaan pack kar lijiye aur mai shaam ko aapko pick karne ajaunga and then you will stay at our house. No arguments. Padma is experienced so if anything happens she'll be a great help." Shashank gives her the file back and patted her shoulder. Keerti smiled at him and leaves as the pager beeped.

Shashank quickly changed his scrubs for a cleaner pair of Shirt and Trousers and went to his cabin to pick up his bag and car keys. 

One look and I can't catch my breath
Two souls into one flesh
When you're not next to me
I'm incomplete

Armaan drew her face on the blank white canvas. He saw her today and it almost felt like a dream but it wasn't and he wanted to remember this moment in his memory even if it was faulty, tainted but it was their's and to get the glimpse of the girl he imagined to have a future with, the girl who made him who he was, the one who taught him to forgive and forget. She was okay, fine, walking and he was so proud of her at that moment. She conquered the hurdles, unlike him. He scoffed and turned the canvas to the wall and drew the curtains over it. He quietly laid down on the bed, still, the photographic memory of his never letting him let go of her face filled with determination and confidence. 

 Armaan kept staring at the white colored wall of the room with a blank expression. She was here and he couldn't touch her, feel her presence and beyond that, he hurt her. Something he never thought he would and it made him feel angry at himself, it made him feel sad and worthless as his vision got blurred, his breathings contracted as he tried hard to move his hands to press the calling bell.

Ridhima sighed as she finished taking the blood sample of the last kid in the primary school. It was a hard day, she admitted but she never felt so weak when he asked her to go. Those words never leaving her mind. 

"Go away, please save me from the misery and go away."

It revolved in her mind like a chant. She needed him so much that she couldn't fathom. She thought she was in the misery but watching him like, she knew he needed her much more than she ever did, he was much more broken than she was when she heard he left her and her body shuddered thinking what he went through. She asked Billy for his reports coming out of the room, she somewhat was updated with his condition but wasn't sure of anything. His vitals seemed normal, the stress, the loneliness, the isolation was what made him weak.

Sid looked at Ridhima as he checked the vaccination charts of the kids and looked for more details about the common illness everyone faced mostly. Sanjeevni was a Charitable Organisation as well as part of the Government body and the work it brought in terms of files and making records was hefty. Now he understood why Abhi always complained about how he wanted to be a doctor who just cut, open and close people's body rather than part of the part of the administration.

She looked so tired, so weak, like she lost some pounds, she maybe was happier, chirpy and a little brighter than she usually was but he thought it was because of the Kids and old memories this place might have had for her, after all, Sanjeevni held this medical camp with every 1st year intern.

As they reached Panchgani Mental Hospital, she ran like a madwoman and as if Earth swallowed her, she was gone, disappeared into the thin air as he reached inside the hospital premises but that wasn't an issue anyway, he was initially told that inside the Hospital they were going to do different work, she was there as a representative from the administration to talk about things unknown to him and he was there as an intern and he quickly informed the nurse in charge about his arrival. 

After hours she came to him, having a band-aid on her palm and in a fresh pair of clothes which was surprising because that wasn't her usual salwar-kameez or churidaar but a t-shirt and jeans, a white t-shirt with horizontal black stripes and a black loose fitting jeans and she looked so different, he almost complimented her.

(clothing reference: https://bizasialivecom-6bb5.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/jwinget002.jpg )

'Cause I'm on fire like a thousand suns
I couldn't put it out even if I wanted to
These flames tonight
Look into my eyes and say you want me, too
Like I want you

Ridhima got up and moved to the garden outside and sat down on the ground and thought about how different their lives were a while back and suddenly everything changed because they wanted to do good. She looked at the sky and stretched.

It was the day before his parents would be coming to go to Ridhima's house to discuss the engagement plans and then the shaadi date, which would hopefully be soon because she couldn't wait to be his wife, to be with him, to start her day and finish her day with him.

She smiled and ironed the clothes she would be wearing the next day and looked at the time, it was still 4 hours until her shift starts as she got a night shift and suddenly her phone beeped.

- Hey Basket! 

She giggled and texted back: Hey Armaan!

"Tum na aise haste aur sharmate hue badi achi lagti ho."  Ridhima shrieked and dropped her phone on he floor.

"Kya Armaan dara diya na, tum kabhi normally nahi aasakte?" She said and huffed picking up her phone and turned in the opposite direction.

Armaan laughed and came closer and hugged her from the back and kissed her cheek," sorry lekin jab tum aise surprise hoti ho toh bohut acha lagta hai" and turns her around to face him. Ridhima smiles and looks down shyly.

"By the way Dr. Mallik aaj normal gate sai entry kaise? Khidki khuli nahi thi ya chadna bhool gaye?" Ridhima smirks.

"Arrey if you really like me coming from the window, you should've told me. Agli baar khidki sai aunga." Armaan winked at her.

"Bilkul nahi. Jyada sir par mat chadho, aise normal logon ki tarah main gate sai aya karo. Also, it would save me from the worry of you getting hurt. Pata hai before your memory loss, you used to come from the balcony almost every day and it used to scare me so much and it's kind of nice that we don't have to hide anything." Ridhima speaks as she plays with the buttons of his shirt as her eyes sparkled.

"Haan vaise bhi ab toh chup kar mere ghar ana have become your forte," 
Armaan gave a hearty laugh as she blushed. 

"By the way why are you here, I am sure sirf romance karne kai liye toh main gate sai aye nahi honge." Ridhima moves away from him and picks up her ironed dress to hang it in her closet.

"Good point. Romance karne kai liye hi aya hoon but not here, we are going somewhere out and no you can't say no because I have taken permission from sasurjee and your Anji di and Nani and Padma mom and no Dr. Keerti doesn't have any problem either because I asked Dr.Shashank to talk to her which he did so get ready basket, also wear this," and he gives her a polybag and quickly ran out of her room after shouting to her "you just have 40 minutes to get ready basket."

Ridhima looked at him with a shocked look and smiled deeply.

Armaan whistled as he talks animatedly with Padma and helped her by giving her the ingredients she asked for and watches intently at what she was cooking.

"Arrey aapko pata hai kal na hum sab duty karke children ward mai gaye thai kyunki waha ek bache ki birthday party toh Atul jaise hi sofa par baitha achanak sai awaaj ayi and we were so shocked ki kya hua and Atul looked so embarrassed. Even Muskaan looked shocked that she didn't even laugh. Ridhima and Nikki toh waha sai jaane waale thai ki suddenly Anji laughed and Atul was about to cry and then we came to know that the fart cushion was kept by Anji and it was to prank anyone of us who would have had sat there." Armaan laughed and Padma gave a hearty laugh. 

"Tum log kitne badmaash ho, bechara Atul." Padma spoke as she told Armaan to stir the curry carefully.

"I am ready Ma" Ridhima enter the kitchen and picks up a glass to drink water without looking up.

Armaan got up and looked at her and smiled as she looked so perfect in the dress, just like how he imagined, like a princess. She was wearing a blue floral hand block print fit and flare knee length dress.

(clothing reference: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/7c/60/ae/7c60aee0d192ed8ee244aa94343e19f5.jpg)

He smiled and winked at Padma to stay quiet and went behind Ridhima and waited for her to finish drinking the water and booed her as she finished.

"Aaah.." Ridhima shouted and turned back and was about to slip when Armaan catches her and helps her stand straight as Padma was there.

"Kya Armaan? This is the second time you scared me, agar mai girl jaati toh? Tumhra jo bhi plan hai chopat hojata." Ridhima pointed a finger at him and looked at him with a frown.

Armaan turns her frown into a smile by stretching the corner of her lips in an upward direction and says "Mai tumhe godi mai utha kar lejata, I am sure Padma mom wouldn't mind and Sasur...I mean Dr. Shashank toh aur bhi khush hote, unki beti ko chalne bhi nhi diya maine." Armaan grinned as Ridhima looks at him with a pointed look.

"Chalein ab?" Ridhima picks up his car keys and moves out of the kitchen. Armaan smiled and kissed Padma's cheeks and ran behind her. 

Oh, love, let me see inside your heart
All the cracks and broken parts
The shadows in the light
There's no need to hide

Ridhima looked at her phone as it beeped. Shashank's reply to her last message she had sent when they had a conversation soon after she got aided for her injury.

(ignore any spelling mistake, it's already a hassle to use text message generator.)

Ridhima sighed and smiled to herself and stood up dusting her jeans.

A/N : So this is already really big, I think so. :p I have a continuation to the flashback scene and next part would be definitely in hours because I am so excited to write happy AR! :)

Edited by Meraki. - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
I'm really excited about the Shanky stuff. And Ridz - Muski too! Actually, I'm excited about everything. :p
Posted: 3 years ago
Sachchi mein update aane wala hai?
Posted: 3 years ago
haan ayega update. abhi wo armaan ki medical condition find karne mai time lag gaya cuz Mostly Head Injuries that causes mental disorders are caused by kind of neurological conditions which are not curable.
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

haan ayega update. abhi wo armaan ki medical condition find karne mai time lag gaya cuz Mostly Head Injuries that causes mental disorders are caused by kind of neurological conditions which are not curable.

Hmmm. Good, good. Karo update!
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

Originally posted by Prizi


unress karo
will do it tomorrow
Posted: 3 years ago

wohhh what an awesome update sanju
love d flashback.. ahhh happy moments

sid is noticing too much...   Confused

loved that msg frm ridhima... she actually askd him to come.. thats nice.. Edited by Prizi - 3 years ago

Dill Mill Gayye 

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