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Posted: 3 years ago

"Ridhima..beta tum?" Billy looked shocked. He loved this girl for his son. He had seen Armaan changing from a spoilt attention freak to this responsible and independent boy. He knew his faults of the past, and since all those months have done his hundred percent to make up for all those years Armaan barely got his attention.

When Armaan called Billy, he was surprised to hear that broken voice and he couldn't understand if he had smile or cry, his son called him, giving him a chance to repent but on the other hand, the condition he called was so adverse that it almost made him tore to pieces.

"Billy Uncle.. Armaan? Where is he? I want to meet him. I know the truth, he never left me for my incapabilities but because he loved me too much but now I am here..." Ridhima asked him while holding his upper arms and cried as she found it hard to breathe-"Please, I want to be with. Wo kaha hai ? Mujhko mere Armaan sai mila dijiye.." Her body shivered as she almost fell down but Billy held her and hugged her. He patted her back as she cried like a mess. This girl loved his son and he was so proud of her, for making his son feel secure.

"Ridhima bache... he is here. Thank you so much for getting back to my son but before that, you should know about the stuff he is going through...first stop crying beta." Billy caressed her head like a loving father.

"Nahi please aap mujhe...pehle Armaan kai paas lai chaliye. Please Billy uncle. Please." Ridhima cleared her tears and asked in a desperate tone.

"302 Armaan Mallik, Dr. Aashna report quickly, please." The hospital speakers announced as Billy before asked for Aashna.

i can read your foolish mind
going dark from time to time..

Ridhima ran like a madwoman with her hair flying in different directions but in last some hours for the first time she didn't have tears, she had the look of desperation and hope. She looked around to read the number of the rooms to find the one, maybe the lift would've made her reach the room faster but this time she knew no lift would take her in the right time to her Armaan than her own legs would. 

Billy, on the other hand, looked worried, not because he thought Ridhima would leave Armaan after watching his condition but he was scared for that pure soul to face the harsh reality, to watch the love of her life in pain. He was scared of what would be the impact on her watching Armaan as such. He hoped he was asleep so he would buy some time for himself to explain Armaan's situation.

"Dad.." Billy looked at his phone' screen to check if he was hearing and seeing right? He was perplexed at the sudden change in Armaan's tone after all those years. 

He knew about Armaan and Ridhima's accident. He stayed with Armaan for a week but Armaan straightaway asked him and Anny to go back. So getting surprised was an understatement, he was shocked to wits.

Billy though somewhat understood the sincerity of the situation and rather than his usual jokes, he answered in a soft tone.

"Armaan beta.. You are calling me at 2 in the night. Everything okay? Is Ridhima okay?" Billy asked in a worried tone.

"Dad can you come to...Mumbai?" Armaan spoke in a broken tone.

"Of course Armaan." Billy assured him.

Ridhima stopped in front of Room 302. She breathed in and out. Finally, the wait was over. She kept her bag on the benches in the corridor and moved closer to the glass wall of Armaan's room. She wanted to go inside and hug him but she didn't have the strength. She wanted to see him from afar for once. What if he had forgotten her? She couldn't bear the pain. Her legs felt wobbly.

And there he was, asleep. There were nurses who were clearing the room while there was another nurse who was injecting him and left after checking his vitals. Ridhima wanted to ask about his health from them but she couldn't muster up the courage. It was an overwhelming moment. Her throat felt dry while her nose clogged due to crying.

His face looked peaceful but he looked weak, skinnier. He had a rough look though, hairs longer than before, unshaved face and his fingers bruised and she wondered why as her heart wrenched. She looked around and saw a couple of frames or more which had their pictures, the biggest one had hers though. She smiled as she hiccuped a cry. She started at the walls which had some sticky notes and then looked at the blackboard which had some scribblings on it.

see the writing on the wall

Billy came and looked at her as he panted due to coming upstairs at a fast pace.
He was kind of relieved to see him asleep but that meant he needed to talk, he needed to explain to this girl who looked so sad, so broke. He thought and regretted of not calling her much earlier but he couldn't do anything about the past and what he could change was present, give his son his hope and give this girl a chance to have her love back.

"Ridhima...Do you want to go?" Billy placed a hand on her shoulder.

Ridhima cleared her eyes and looked at him and nodded in a negative,"not yet."

"You want to know more about his condition?" Billy asked in a soft voice as he walked her to the bench and both of them sat on it.

"No. I want to know it from him and on my own.." Ridhima spoke in a determined tone to which Billy was about to cut in but Ridhima continued, "Please Billy uncle, I know that you want to save me from a heartbreak but this time I would like to deal with every situation without any help."

Billy nodded and gave her a small smile. He looked at Armaan thought the glass wall.

"I am not ready yet to go inside, why don't you tell me about how you came to know about Armaan being here and his situation." Ridhima sighed and asked him.

"You'll be surprised to know that he himself asked my help for the treatment. He asked me to be here for him." Billy chuckled in a nostalgic voice and looked at her. He was quite surprised when she asked him this. He figured that it was some sort of way to know what happened in Armaan's life, it was her start to get involved again.

As soon as Billy arrived he was shocked to wits to see Armaan. Such a mess. Books sprawled in the living room and sticky notes on the wall with scribbling on it. Armaan had stubble grown and had dark circles, eyes looked red and face had strains of tears.

"Armaan yeh kya haalat..." Billy was about to ask as he dropped his luggage on the floor when all of a sudden Armaan got up and hugged him. He held Armaan from his shoulders and his body felt cold as he was only in his vest with air conditioner conditioning at the lowest temperature. 

Suddenly Armaan's body started to shake and Billy realized that he was crying and mumbling. Billy pulled him out of the hug and held his face,"Armaan, son; what happened?"

"Please save me. I don't want to leave her, I want to be okay, I want to be with her." Armaan looked at him with a tearful look.

"Whatis happening Armaan. Tell me clearly but first go get cleaned, I'll clean everything here." Armaan nodded and picked up Billy's luggage to his room. Billy, on the other hand, called Ananya and updated her on Armaan's situation. She wanted to come but he asked her to wait until he knew everything and cleaned the living room and decided to make some soup for Armaan.

Armaan came back and showed Billy his medical reports. 

Billy sighed and wanted to tell her more when they heard some beeping voices from the room and both got up in a hurry as Nurses rushed in. Ridhima moved closer to the Glass Wall and watched him closely. He was mumbling something, he looked here and there while pushing a nurse who asked him to stop.

Ridhima recognized those tensed looks on everyone's faces. Her doctors had the same when she asked them to stop her treatment, to stop giving her false hope. She hated when people treated her so indifferent but then she realised she became different and so she didn't need any hopes. She hated how sometime before everyone made her feel like she wasn't a burden on them and now suddenly having her treated, building hopes in her made it feel otherwise. She felt like a mess, contradicting her own thoughts, she felt cranky and confused and just wanted to sleep, stay still and just stare at the blank-white roof of the room.

 we can't be saved we knew it, after all, all

A doctor soon rushed in and showed him to breathe in and out and calm him down but it only made him more aggressive. A nurse held his hands tightly as another moved closer to inject him but he got his hands loose and mumbled no. He didn't want to sleep again, those horrible dreams haunted him. He was much more scared of the dark world in his insides now rather than the reality out. He feared the reality before but he thought his Basket wasn't going to return and facing it didn't feel scary as before.

how's my heart suppose to beat
how's my heart suppose to beat

Her heart broke when she saw him, so much in pain. He looked so peaceful a while ago that it almost felt like a dream. He breathed in hard and threw his hands into directions to push the doctor and nurses away. Her hands felt numb, her knees sore as she fell on the floor in desperation to touch him, to feel him, to breather him; looking at him through the glass window for the longest time.

What happened to them? They were so happy these some months ago. Why life got so cruel to them? Maybe it was her fault that night when she pushed him away, doubted him, his love for her for no reason. He shouldn't be in pain, it's her who deserved it. She wondered as her body shook with fear, pain, and guilt. 

how's my heart suppose to beat
without you

A/ N: and there you go. another update. yes IK everyone wanted AR to meet but that couldn't be possible because there is still so much to show, so much to tell. I made this part longer so that we might get AR meet each other in next part hopefully.ROFL

SONG USED: Without You by One Two.
I have been in love with this song and while writing this chapter I went on humming the song suddenly and found it so perfect for the chapter.

Hope You Liked It. 

Love, Sanju
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Posted: 3 years ago
Res ...

Hayye.. kiya kahun main Kido...
It was so emotional... Abhi toh tumne bas teen part update ki... 
Aur har part pe u hold the emotion so well, It make me just speechless...
As I keep reading, it make me hold my breath with every word... 

So glad that Billy was there with Armaan all this time, even Armaan call him to save him because he was in so much love with this girl that he want to be in good health just for her...
Woh khud tik hone ke liye research karke, treatement lene ki decision li but... After the first potion, woh khud darr gaya tha apne haalat dekhke...
us waqt bhi woh sirf Ridz ke baare mein socha... Woh nehi chahta tha Ridz usse, us haalat mein dekhe... 

Aur Ridz, yeh bhi kam paagal nehi hai apne hero ke liye... Kaise dekhe bhaag ke aagaye, lift thak nehi liya bas usse uswaqt apne Armaan koh dekhna tha...
I m so happy, yes u read it right... I m happy ki Ridz ne khud apne tarike se yeh matter face karne ki baat ki... 
Billy toh hai help ke liye, sab kuch batane ke liye lekin woh Armaan ke muh se sunna chahta tha... 
Because than only she could be more strong, woh apne pyar ke liye zarur himmat rakkhenge... 

Aur yeh kiya kido...???? Is this even long...
Ek minute mein khatam hogayi... Shuru ki toh next second end...
I wouldn't complain for not making them meet, kyunki dono koh mentally bhi prepared karna chahiyeh... 
and u r describing their emotions so well, main toh yeh sad parts bhi enjoy kar rahi hun... 
I could feel it while I read it... the connect a reader and story should have, I feel it... 
Ab yeh toh meri favorite bangaye... heheh as hardly any story be my favorite...
Main tujhe bohot tang karne wali hun update ke liye...
Continue super soon...
take care...
Love u... 
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Posted: 3 years ago
updated di!! hop on!!!!!!!!
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

updated di!! hop on!!!!!!!!

Wohoo... I m going to read it now hehe...

Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

PMs sent.

got it n read it 
Posted: 3 years ago
Okay. I'm gonna comment properly tomorrow cause I've just read it and I'm not even home yet. :p

Had gone on a picnic with my cousins.

But this was just so!! <33333

Made me tear up!! So good, Sanju. But please, make AR meet soon!
Posted: 3 years ago

sanjuuu what a beautiful update girl
I'm in love with this update... i never knew you can pen down this emotional stuffs so beautifully

u knw fr a change I'm glad AR didn't met yet... Matlab u knw aamna samna... fr a change im loving ridhima's perspective

lov u

cont soon
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Dill Mill Gayye 

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