Forever yours - A journey from two broken hearts to a complete soul.

Forever yours - A journey from two broken hearts to a complete soul. Ongoing G

Published On: Tuesday,Aug 30, 2022 06:32 AM GMT-06:00

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This is the story of two broken hearts and their journey. Let's meet two people whose words were like the South or North pole.They discover After having gone through lots of ups and downs, Bollywood is absolutely wrong. They started believing in the phrase whenever we are abandoned by someone that may lead us down two paths. Either we never fall for anybody or we fall for everyone to get rid of the loss of us. But when their path collided and they realised a soulmate is a person who shows us what we are really from inside in real life. A soulmate brings the best version which we couldn't see due to our own misery , darkness in the corner of our hearts . They help us to transform from our virtual essence of what we are portraying to the world to what we exactly can be by showing images of our mirror souls .
Author's Note:
This amazing book cover is designed by Priya Arshi Sarun 😍😍..
Thanks a lot dear for your skilful hand 👌👌
Graphics credit :
PriyaArshiSarun PriyaArshiSarun

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