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Knew no bounds
Knew no bounds By Mehbeer02 eye 2215 star 1 book 13


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Mismatched By Rusty_Quill eye 508 star 6 book 1

The story of an impossible pair, Arnav and Khushi. Much like that of sky ...

One Shot Collection It’s called
One Shot Collection It’s called By WildestDreams eye 935 star 2 book 4

Welcome to my world of writing, writing filled with Sweetness ,Happiness, ...

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The Sweetness Of Love
The Sweetness Of Love By Anushka S. eye 283 star 1 book 1

The sweetness in love is the ultimate thing in life that who ever misses ...

spark in our bonfire hearts
spark in our bonfire hearts By DelusionsOfNeha eye 533 star 2 book 6

A few short poems exploring the inner self and desires and fulfilling ...

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Just Another Love Story
Just Another Love Story By Shirisha eye 408 star 2 book 1

Tia has been engaged to Rohan since 3 months. But they lack physical ...

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Unspoken - Things I never told you
Unspoken - Things I never told you By Shirisha eye 291 star 2 book 1

An original fiction about a girl in her mid-twenties who is depressed after ...

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Aai By Aditi eye 422 star 3 book 1

An unaccepted transgender by his father but later he himself adopted a ...

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Random write-ups (personal and original)
Random write-ups (personal and original) By Artesia eye 227 star 0 book 2

This thread is a route to some of the random ideas I get... They will be( ...

I still love you- until the last breath
I still love you- until the last breath By Priya eye 2669 star 5 book 21

It's not necessary every love story would have a happy ending, some lovers ...

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Gifts of Love
Gifts of Love By BlurredLines eye 355 star 1 book 2

On the occasion of Christmas, a joyous season filled with happiness and ...

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The Bus Rides
The Bus Rides By Shibani eye 278 star 2 book 1

Move on, they say, its such a small thing, a small incident! But is it that ...

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Blurred Lines
Blurred Lines By BlurredLines eye 484 star 0 book 2

What makes you question the path you choose to walk either you reach a ...

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Annu Kay Tareefain
Annu Kay Tareefain By Opsora2090 eye 639 star 0 book 1

This poem is based on one of my Prerish Fellow Member from kzk 2 forum ...

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Her Timepass Love Story
Her Timepass Love Story By Vageeshwari eye 738 star 0 book 0

Sam and Ananya are two individuals involved in a problematic relationship ...

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An Arranged Love Marriage
An Arranged Love Marriage By Aishwarya eye 63 star 2 book 1

Roli and Siddhant have an arranged Love marriage.

The Billionaire's Hired Boyfriend
The Billionaire's Hired Boyfriend By Shirisha eye 75 star 6 book 1

Arnav leads a simple life working as a supervisor in a multinational company. ...

Choona hai asmaan
Choona hai asmaan By Shaitan-Ki-Khala eye 264 star 2 book 12

Rewriting (like 10%) of an old show I used to watch only for Iqbal Khan.

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