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Her Broken Heart
Her Broken Heart By NitaReid 4219 7 20

Gauri , faced heart breaks from the day she was born . It started from the ...

Completed + 4 more
Just Friends
Just Friends By NitaReid 1954 8 19

Gauri Singhania nursed a broken heart for two years when the love of her ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Raazi - The Love Affirmation
Raazi - The Love Affirmation By GOLDIE ABROL 1248 14 7

There is a saying “ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE & WAR” but that’s not actually true, ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Anjana Ehesaas
Anjana Ehesaas By ChhalkiSyaahi 13589 1 14

Anjana Ehesaas - Summary will be added later.

Let Me Go [ JaaneDeMuhje]
Let Me Go [ JaaneDeMuhje] By NitaReid 417 2 1

Deepika loved him and yet walked away from the love of his life , a love ...

Deal with the Devil
Deal with the Devil By MsChanadlerBong 1765 20 8

When she knocks on the door of Devil for help, he makes her sign a deal. ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Masquerade By K 254 1 2

Do you really know your boyfriend? How far can he take a fake ...

Completed + 4 more
La Pasion Del Diablo
La Pasion Del Diablo By Alexia_Wilson 303 5 2

He was the most formidable creature in the history of existence. An ...

Ongoing + 1 more
Protector By Koeli Dalmiya 548 7 4

The story is an adaptation of the famous "Beauty and the Beast". It is ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Howl By Koeli Dalmiya 247 3 1

I had isolated myself from the world for what i have faced despite of ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Best Friends Forever - Till I Find Someone Special
Best Friends Forever - Till I Find Someone Special By ShiriFictionPen 443 3 5

Leher, Hayat and Sarah are unbreakable. Time strengthened their friendship ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Janani Namostuthe
Janani Namostuthe By Viswasruti 591 10 2

This is in remembrance of all those who perished in the Indian Ocean ...

Its you that matters
Its you that matters By Koeli Dalmiya 661 6 4

It is the story of a girl who lost all her dreams loving the wrong ...

Ongoing + 6 more
Perfect By MsChanadlerBong 429 4 1

Dancing under the stars during their wedding night, Rehan realises that he ...

Let her go
Let her go By MsChanadlerBong 401 4 1

A confession from a man who believes he killed his wife and his child.

The Other Woman
The Other Woman By MsChanadlerBong 897 5 10

Avilasha tried to smile as she looked around the party. Every one seemed ...


Love is supposed to be the most beautiful feeling in this world & most ...

Completed + 3 more

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Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali
Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali By Taareymylove 238 1 1

Just a two short story on taarey

Her Rosey Blush Took Away His Sinking Heart!
Her Rosey Blush Took Away His Sinking Heart! By Piyali 461 1 7

A sweet, simple, silly Maaneet story.

Tabhai,Tanhai ya Ishq
Tabhai,Tanhai ya Ishq By Taareymylove 2493 7 8

This is my first and a dark ff on taarey in this both leads are dark. I don't ...