Reshimbandh Ongoing

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The world's police departments are trying to control the crime. Arjun, his sister, Neha and the ETF team are on their quest to find the kingpin, Sikandar and bring him to justice. In a precarious journey, the stakes are high at both, personal and professional levels. What all are you willing to sacrifice? Your life? Relationships shape humans and play an important role in their lives. "Love" is a small word, not enough to describe the nuances of it. Let's explore what these individuals are made of!
Author's Note:
Watching the first episode of Arjun had me thinking, what if, Aryan from Special Squad was his elder brother, and they have a younger sister Neha, who is sweet, tough and a complete badass! The story was born and I've been writing it since 2014-15. We also look at our very beloved and elusive Sikandar, more as human than a villain. Sakshi has her own motivations for doing things a certain way. There is no black and white character in this story, all are in various shades of grey and the entire spectrum. This is the revamped version, much shorter but more fun. Hope you love it! There is sometimes a usage of strong(explicit) language, the characters drink, smoke and do drugs - these should be read as a necessary part of characterisation and story-line, I DO NOT ENDORSE THE USAGE, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE. SELF-HARM AND SUICIDAL TENDENCIES ARE NOT NORMAL BUT COMMON, THEY SHOULD BE TREATED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS/ COUNSELLORS, DON'T SHY TO SEEK HELP IS NEEDED. As a student of psychology, this is also an attempt to show how trauma affects individual's life and how seeking help from professionals is important.
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