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Arranged marriage was an age-old story that Khushi, the youngest of the infamous Gupta family, who revolutionized and dominated the trading market for generations, knew well.

For it was the only thing she heard growing up.

But that neither prepared her nor comforted her as she got ready that morning. It was an important day, a day where she would trade her surname for a new one, her silence for a new chance, her respect for a new hope, her life for another. It was a day of contracts, both new and old.

As she hid behind the traditional red shawl, knowing that the whole world would be watching her, waiting to pounce, she wondered why her mother never told her about any of the good marriages. The ones that worked out. The ones that had hope. The ones that had love.

Probably because they don’t exist, Khushi thought to herself.

Only, destiny had believed otherwise. 


Hello everyone,

I am not even sure if some of my old readers are still active on IF, but to introduce myself, my name is Archi. I have been writing stories on and off for many years now. This forum always holds a special place in my heart, because it's where I have started as a writer and got to meet such amazing people. So even though I tend to disappear for a long time  (personal life, studies, etc.), I always do come back smiley27 

I hope you will enjoy this new story just as much as the last one! 


Previous Works

Silent Whispers

Jaane Doh Naa

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Chaos

Chapter 2 - Deserted

Chapter 3 - Alien

Chapter 4 - Hide-and-Seek

Chapter 5 - Unsurprised 

Chapter 6 - Denial

Chapter 7 - Anger

Chapter 8 - Invitation

Chapter 9 - Cursed

Chapter 10 - Value 

Chapter 11 - Exposed

Chapter 12 - Accident

Chapter 13 - Reason

Chapter 14 - Conditions

Chapter 15 - Destiny

Chapter 16 - Blue-Blooded

Chapter 17 - Intern

Chapter 18 - Paranoia 

Chapter 19 - Walk

Chapter 20 - Bond

Chapter 21 - Expert

Chapter 22 - Appearances 

Chapter 23 - Choice 

Chapter 24 - Bed 

Chapter 25 - Victim

Chapter 26 - Low-key

Chapter 27 - Bargaining 

Chapter 28 - Depression

Chapter 29 - Price 

Chapter 30 - Faith

Chapter 31 - Time

Chapter 32 - Pawn

Chapter 33 - Apology

Chapter 34 - Omelette

Chapter 35 - Lost 

Chapter 36 - A-Okay

Chapter 37 - Lion

Chapter 38 - Allowed

Chapter 39 - Riant 

Chapter 40 - Known

PMs/ Update Schedule

Unfortunately, I will not be sending out PMs anymore 
(the new IF website is just very time-consuming).

I usually update 1-2 times a week smiley1

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The content of this story belongs strictly to the author, -Archi-. Any unwarranted use/copy of it is not encouraged and is strictly prohibited.

Chapter One

- October 2019 -


There was chaos. 




And yet, no one could see it except for her. 


Standing in the middle of a voluptuous dais, complete with budding flowers and galloping lights, all she could witness was utter insanity. Cameras flashed wildly, people laughed mindlessly, the fire roared uncaringly; it was as if they were all blind to her plight. 


She was caged like a lion in a zoo. The spectators gawked at her, some staring at her jewels, some at the glow on her face and others at the man seated next to her. But none of them saw the shackles around her feet or the rope tying her hands. And even if they did, she didn’t think they would care. 


The truth was, she was powerless today, with nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The truth was, she was nothing more than an ornament today, worn for show and nothing more. The truth was, she was being tied down today, meant to be stowed away and never to resurface. 


The truth was, she was getting married today.


She was told many would kill to have her place, she was reassured that she was going where happiness was abundant, she was cajoled that this was all her good luck coming to fruit. But she didn’t believe a word of it. 


This wedding wasn’t her fortune, it was her compulsion. Like most other things in her life, she didn’t have a choice. She was simply warned to obey; the circumstances otherwise would be dire. And knowing the man who raised her, she knew not to cross him anymore than she already did. 


Her eyes wavered through the hall, wondering for how much longer she had to carry this facade. She yearned for some familiarity in the stares she was recieveing, but the only warmth she got was from the holy fire in front of her. She vaguely felt someone adjust the drooping shawl around her, whispering that it won’t be too long now before she would be left alone for the night. A shiver ran through her body, as she vaguely pondered about the next set of horrors she had to witness. 


Finally, the hymns came to an end. The priest arose, announcing the completion of the rituals. Husband and wife, he declared, causing the audience to erupt in claps. 


“This way,” directed a soft voice, leading her off the stage to the row of elders she had to receive blessings from. 


She followed without heart, not really registering the smiles she saw on everyone except her family. She felt her brother hug her more tightly than he should; he was scared for her, perhaps more than she herself was. And her father, he remained as cold and poised as ever. 


They were whisked away to the press, all waiting impatiently to get their pictures. She stood blankly, blinded by the sporadic cameras and dumb to the questions flying around. 


“… the entire nation is talking about this wedding, what do you have to say?”


It was the man tied to her that answered. “It is an honour to be related to the Gupta family, who as you know, are one of the most renowned families of this city. My family and I are excited to start a new chapter in our lives with their daughter.”


“Sir, rumours are flying around that this marriage was simply a business deal to boost up the Raizada shares. Is this true?”


“It’s funny how you reporters manage to find a bad thing behind one of the most sacred rituals of our culture. We are married for godsake, together until death do us apart – what exactly about that is a business deal?”


“But sir, the merger between Raizada Industries and Gupta and Sons-”


“Is just that – a merger. My wife is not a part of Gupta and Sons, so our marriage doesn’t even fall into that equation.”


“Is it true that this merger was planned only after you agreed to marry to Miss Gupta?”


“Of course not! This merger was planned between my father and Mr. Alok Raj Gupta years ago. Marriage or not, it would have go on as planned next week.”


The reporter was not to be fooled so easily. “Miss Gupta, what do you have to say about the matter?”


All eyes turned towards her, including the man standing next to her. She knew they were not going to be let go until she put a rest to all the doubts floating in everyone’s minds. So, clearing her throat, she said:


“Our relationship is not a matter of public speculation. Merger or no merger, business or no business, we are married, happily might I add, and are looking forward to a beautiful journey ahead. Now if you will excuse us, we need to get back to our families.”


“But Miss Gupta-”


“It’s Mrs. Raizada,” she corrected, sternly as she was taught. “Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. And we are done with your questions for tonight.”


And she walked away, her husband in tow, to the approving nod of her father, the relieved smile of her brother and the delighted grins of her new family, the Raizadas. 


Looking forward to hearing your comments!


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Interesting start

Posted: 5 months ago

Hi dear how r u??

I'm very much here, ardent fan of your writing, 👌👌👌👌

Can never forget arshi in SILENT WHISPERS

Count me in , would love to read your new one


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Welcome back, how can we fogets you and  your beautiful stories.. interesting start,  so  Khushi is  not Gupta,

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Welcome back! Lovely to be reading a story written by you again :) 

The first chapter definitely intrigues and raises so many questions. I'm so looking forward to reading more! 

Posted: 5 months ago

It is lovely to see old writers coming back. I have enjoyed reading your stories and I'm looking forward to following this one. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Welcome back. So happy to read your story. I was/ am a fan of silent whispers.  Looking forward to your new story 

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