TDBU #3 [An AR FF] - (Track 66 to 69 - Page 82/83)

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Posted: 5 years ago
So, hello, all!
New TDBU thread, guyses! YAYAY!

So, as has become tradition with each new thread, a list of thank yous for all you guys for sticking around. As always, Humi, Paki & Sanju who have been here right from the start - thank you for everything. To Sanu, Tani & mera Twinnie, thank you for all your long comments and lovin'. Shweta & Sara, you people are absolutely amaze and I love you guys so much! Thank you for loving this story as much as I love it. Prizu & Rihoo Di, thank you for always being there. Your comments make me super happy. Aur haan, Prizu & Aayu, thank you for the constant whining of 'update, update' NOT. Tum dono bohot annoying ho, but I love you still. Ofc, my gurl, Sheena, who is the absolute best, thank you for EVERYTHING. I love you! <333333

Y'all are the best readers ever and I adore all of you! :D
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 Track Thirty One - Lean On Me, Bill Withers - Page 1

Track Thirty Two - A Thousand Years, Christina Perri - Page 7

Track Thirty Three - Warrior, Demi Lovato - Page 10

Track thirty Four - f**king Perfect, P!nk - Page 11

Track Thirty Five - Stitches, Shawn Mendes - Page 13

Track Thirty Six - Wonderwall, Ed Sheeran - Page 15

Track Thirty Seven - The Boxer, Simon & Garfunkel - Page 18

Track Thirty Eight - Titanium, Sia ft. David Guetta - Page 20

Track Thirty Nine - When We Were Young, Adele - Page 21

Track Forty - You're My Best Friend, Queen - Page 23

Track Forty One - Bad Blood, Taylor Swift - Page 29

Track Forty Two - Roller Coaster, Jonas Brothers - Page 32

Track Forty Three - The Scientist, Coldplay - Page 39

Track Forty Four - An Honest Mistake, The Bravery - Page 42

Track Forty Five - Skinny Love, Bon Iver - Page 50

Track Forty Six - He Didn't Have To Be, Brad Paisley - Page 52

Track Forty Seven - Don't Wait, Dashboard Confessional - Page 55

Track Forty Eight - Never Grow Up, Taylor Swift - Page 63

Track Forty Nine - The Best Day of My Life, American Authors - Page 65

Track Fifty - You Are The Reason, Calum Scott - Page 67

Track Fifty One - You're Not Sorry, Taylor Swift - Page 69

Track Fifty Two - Apollo, Noah Reid - Page 71

Track Fifty Three - A Song For Mama, Boyz II Men - Page 73

Track Fifty Four - When You're Ready, Shawn Mendes - Page 74

Interlude - Page 76

Track Fifty Five - Phir Le Aya Dil, Arijit Singh - Page 76

Track Fifty Six - Halke Gaadi Hako, The Kabir Cafe - Page 76

Track Fifty Seven - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle - Page 76

Track Fifty Eight - Aise Kyu (Ghazal Version), Rekha Bharadwaj - Page 76

Track Fifty Nine - Kho Gaye, Taaruk Raina - Page 77

Track Sixty - Aashayein, Salim Merchant & KK - Page 77

Track Sixty One - Aankhon Se Batana, Dikshant - Page 78

Track Sixty Two - Main Yahaan Hoon, Udit Narayan - Page 78

Track Sixty Three - Toota Pull Wahaan, The Deepak Rathore Project - Page 78

Track Sixty Four - Kar Chalna Shuru Tu, Shilpa Rao & Vishal Dadlani - Page 78

Track Sixty Five - Khaare Raste, Raghav Kaushik & Yashika Sikka - Page 80

Track Sixty Six - Koi Ladki Hai, Lata Mangeshkar & Udit Narayan - Page 82

Track Sixty Seven - Raakh, Arijit Singh - Page 82

Track Sixty Eight - Janam Janam, Arijit Singh & Antara Mitra - Page 83

Track Sixty Nine - Ladki Badi Anjani Hai, Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik - Page 83

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Posted: 5 years ago
Congratulations and celebration👏🥳
Congrats on ur new thread prags🤗

Chalo ab sabke sab thank u bolo. .. Main ayr aayu di issr update k liye itna zyda irritate jo karte hai. ..

I love u too
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Posted: 5 years ago

LOLOL.. Usne abhi tak update kiya nahi and you have already reserved the first comment!! 😊
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Posted: 5 years ago

Arre idiot! Update toh karne de. Uske pehle hi res kar degi kya? Kis cheez pe comment karegi? Mere sar pe?
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Posted: 5 years ago

Originally posted by: KJLuv

LOLOL.. Usne abhi tak update kiya nahi and you have already reserved the first comment!!  😊


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Posted: 5 years ago

Originally posted by: DMGThings

Arre idiot! Update toh karne de. Uske pehle hi res kar degi kya? Kis cheez pe comment karegi? Mere sar pe?

Comment new thread k khushi pe v kar sakti hu
Tu update de ab
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Previously On...

Armaan & Riddhima spend some time together and have a chat.

Armaan realizes that all might not be well in the SR marriage.


Track 31 - Lean On Me, Bill Withers

"Here, this is for you," Riddhima told Anjali, giving her a wrapped packet.


Riddhima, Anjali, and Muskaan were sitting in Anjali & Atul's room, and Riddhima was giving Anjali the presents she'd bought. Nikki was busy putting Nikumbh to sleep, and hence, wasn't a part of this little girl gang chatter that was happening.


"What's this?" Anjali asked, curious.


"I thought I'd buy you a present, Di," Riddhima replied, smiling.


"Oho, why?" Anjali asked.


"Arre, what why? Ab, I can't buy something for you? Waise, it's not really for you. It's for my lil baby," Riddhima clarified, smiling.


Anjali grinned brilliantly at that and opened the gift to see a beautiful stuffed lion, a cute onesie with unicorns printed on it and a bib that read, "Yes, I know I'm cute. Please stop staring."


"Oh! This is beautiful! Thank you so much!" Anjali exclaimed, hugging Riddhima tightly.


"Do you like it?" Riddhima asked nervously.


"I love it!" Anjali answered, still grinning.


Riddhima grinned.


It was then that Anjali noticed that the bag contained more wrapped boxes.


"Ridzy, what is this?" She asked.


Riddhima looked inside the bag, confused, and replied, "Pata nahi, Di. I didn't buy all this."


"Let's open and see na!" Muskaan cried.


"Arre, aise kaise? What if we got these by mistake?" Riddhima asked.


"Ridzy, yaar! You worry too much. We'll open and check once. We can still return all this to store if we find out it's not ours. Woh log le lenge, especially if we haven't paid for it," Muskaan joked.


"Yaar, Ridzy, I'm also very curious to know what's inside. Dekhte haina," Anjali pleaded.


Seeing the two of them gang up against her, Riddhima sighed but agreed.


Excitedly, Anjali opened the box to reveal fancy looking sneakers for babies, a cute little lab coat, a blankie and a few more t shirts and onesies.


"Awww. These are so cute! Ridzy, are you sure you didn't buy them?" Anjali asked.


"Haan, Di. I only bought those things. Not these," Riddhima replied, gesturing to the things scattered on the bed, when she looked closely at the shoes.


She instantly recognized them. Armaan had fallen in love with them at the store and had wanted to buy them, but Riddhima had refused because they were too expensive, and the baby would outgrow them quickly, so there was no use of spending so much money on them. But, seems like Armaan hadn't listened to her.


"Oho! This Armaan I tell you! Usne liya hoga yeh sab, when I wasn't looking," Riddhima moaned.


"Armaan... He was with you?" Anjali asked, delighted. "I mean, when you bought all this?"


"Yes," Riddhima replied nonchalantly. "He was. We went directly na, after finalizing wedding stuff. He helped me pick the onesie. And we even went to dinner after that."


"What? Really? Wow! That's so great!" Anjali beamed.


Armaan and Riddhima were spending time with each other, voluntarily. That was such a great sign.


"Yeah. When I told him I wanted to shop for the baby, he got really excited. Practically skipped all the way to the mall," Riddhima replied, smiling fondly at the memory.


"Yeh, Armaan na. He'll never change. Bas doosro ko gift deni ki baat aayi nahi ki kood - kood ke wahaan pohonch jaata hai. Khud toh kisise kuch nahi leta," Muskaan moaned.


"Really?" Riddhima asked, curious. Armaan always loved it when she brought him presents. In fact, on his birthday, he used to behave like a little kid, always demanding that she get him a present.


At the same time, Anjali said, "Yes. I agree."


"What?" Riddhima asked both of them, confused.


"What?" They asked.


"Armaan doesn't like getting presents?" Riddhima asked them.


"Riddhima, what are you saying? Armaan has never liked getting presents. Even when we were all together, aur uska birthday aata tha, he'd never take any presents from any of us," Anjali said, looking at Riddhima as if she had grown a third head.


"But... But, Armaan always loved it when I got him presents," Riddhima whispered, shocked.


"He did?" Muskaan asked, absolutely shocked.


"Yes," Riddhima replied. "In fact, on special occasions, especially his birthday, he used to get mad if I didn't give him one."


"Well," Anjali spoke, "it was different for you. I mean, we were all just his friends, but you guys were in love. So, that makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? The sense of entitlement that comes with a relationship, a serious one at that, is a whole lot different than the one in friendship, don't you think?"


"I guess you're right," Muskaan murmured in agreement. "Armaan was... he never was as open and honest with us as he was with Riddhima. Jitna itne saalon mein maine tujhse samjha hai, Ridzy, I've come to realize how little all of us actually knew about him. We only knew about Armaan, the star athlete, promising intern, helpful friend and romantic boyfriend. But, those are titles we all gave him. Those weren't the only things that defined him. We just gave those things way more importance than anything else. And we forgot to think about him as a person beyond these spectrums. I mean, uske jaane ke baad, mujhe yeh realize hua, I didn't even know what his favourite food was. Or any basic things about him, that we generally know about our friends. His interests, his hobbies, yeh sab kahaan pata thi hum mein se kisiko? Ab dekho, he's such an amazing singer and sensational pianist, and Nikki always knew that, but did we?"


Riddhima nodded. "Yeah. I... I never knew that. In fact, I don't know anything about his life before Mumbai and Sanjeevani. Ab... Jaanhavi... Just looking at the two of them, anyone can decipher just how important she is to him. Jaan basti hai Armaan ki usme. But, he never mentioned her. Ever. They're cousins, right? So, it's not like he met her after he came here. He always knew her. But, he never talked about her.


He... He never really talked about anything. But, he was always so interested in knowing about me. He would ask, like, a thousand questions every-day, and I'd happily answer them all. But, I never asked him anything. The few times I tried, he used to reply really vaguely, and I could always tell that he didn't want to talk about his past, and hw was only humouring me because he didn't want to hurt me. So, after sometime, I also stopped asking. I thought... Well, I thought we had our entire life together to figure all this out."


She stopped talking and looked away, wiping the lone tear that had fell from her eyes as she remembered the countless hours she'd spent with Armaan in the Fire Escape of Sanjeevani, talking about everything under the sun.


"Well, I guess I should go thank him! So, I'll see you girls later," Anjali said, trying to break the tension. She knew that Riddhima wasn't really comfortable talking about Armaan with everyone. In fact, most of the time she preferred to talk about it only with Muskaan. Anjali didn't know why, but she felt that it was because Muskaan understood Riddhima's plight better than anyone, having gone through something similar with Rahul. So, she immediately left the room in search of Armaan, leaving Muskaan and Riddhima behind.


The duo sighed.


"So," Muskaan said a few minutes later. "Shopping huh? With Armaan? How was it?" She asked,  a teasing smile on her face.


"Muski!" Riddhima scolded, "Aisa kuch nahi hai."


"Kaisa kuch nahi hai?" Muskaan asked cheekily.


"Shut up! We both know what you're implying. But, just FYI, nothing of the sort happened. We shopped, had a pleasant conversation, ate and then came home," Riddhima replied.


"Don't you think the smile on your face implies a lot more?" Muskaan questioned.


Riddhima sighed. "I'm just happy that I got to spend time with him, okay? And, that it didn't end badly. We had such a good time - laughing and joking, just having fun. For a minute, it felt like the past 8 years hadn't happened, and that the two of us were together and happy and in love and just doing those mundane things that couples do together. Pata hai, I never thought like this when I was with him before. We've shopped together countless times, and I never thought twice about it. In fact, most of the time, I used to get super annoyed at him whenever we did go shopping together because of his stupid antics. And, I just took it all for granted. But today, I lived in every moment. And, it was the best feeling in the world."


Muskaan was the only person from all the people in her life with whom Riddhima never shied away from talking about Armaan. In fact, nothing about Armaan and Riddhima and their relationship was hidden from Muskaan. In these years, she'd become Riddhima's closest confidante, her support system. Yes, Riddhima had Anjali, but somehow, with all the boy (Atul) problems in Anjali's life and then her subsequent marriage to the boy himself, Riddhima hadn't been able to say anything to Anjali, because she didn't want her sister to worry more than she already did on a daily basis and then later because she didn't want Anjali's married life to be marred with worries about Riddhima's unrequited love life.


Talking to Sid about it felt like a betrayal to Armaan and so, despite numerous efforts from Sid's side, Riddhima had never talked about him with Sid. Her relationship with Atul and Nikki hadn't been such that she could talk about Armaan without being on the receiving end of a few taunts. And though Abhi had become a really close friend of hers, who had supported her in some tough times, given his history with Armaan, Riddhima hadn't really thought it to be a nice idea to talk about Armaan with Abhi.


Thus, Muskaan had been on the receiving end of a running commentary about Armaan and Ridhdima's relationship, 24x7 all courtesy of the Armaan Mallik Fanclub that was run by one Riddhima Gupta, who was hopelessly in love with a boy she'd let go herself.


It helped that Muskaan seemed to understand just what Riddhima was going through after her break-up with Rahul. They'd both found in each other, a sounding board like no other and these talks had gotten both of them through some very tough times.


"Ridzy," Muskaan said, "why don't you tell him the truth? You love him so very much! He deserves to know."


"Not this again, Muski. You know that I've thought a lot about it. I don't want him to know. Call me a selfish bitch or a raging coward, but, I can't tell him everything only for him to tell me he doesn't love me anymore. I won't be able to take that. And, weren't you the one who was so happy about his closeness with Tamanna?" Riddhima asked.


"Well, he seems happy, and you've seen just how close him and Tamanna are. As his friend, it makes me happy that he's happy. But, I'm not just his friend. I'm yours too. And, I can't see you this way," Muskaan replied.


"If he's happy with Tamanna, isn't this exactly the right thing to do? Take a step back and not interfere in his relationship with her, or do something that might jeopardize it?" Riddhima questioned.


"Isn't that his decision to make?" Muskaan fired back. "Yes, him and Tamanna are close, there's o no denying that. But, what if we're all reading too much into this and interpreting it incorrectly? What if nothing of the sort is going on between them?"


"He looks at her, almost in the way he looked at me," Riddhima replied. "That same concern and love shining in his eyes for her, as it did for me, once upon a time."


"Almost being the key word," Muskaan answered. "And, that's Armaan! He cares about everybody. Haven't you seen him look at Jaanhavi the same way? Or, as a matter of fact, at me and Anjy and Nikki? So, does that mean he's in love with us, too? Why are you letting this become a hiccup? Tell him, Riddhima. And then let him be the one to decide whether or not he loves you still. Don't make decisions for him, like he did once. It's what got you in the mess the first time."


"I'll tell him if you tell Rahul," Riddhima declared. She couldn't see any other way out of this discussion. She knew that what Muskaan was saying was valid, but, she still was so scared to say anything. She always would be. She'd already said too much, done too much. After the way she'd treated him once, what right did she have, to go to him and ask him to take her back as if she hadn't shattered his heart into a million pieces on a daily basis when she did something or the other to prove to herself that she was devoted to Sid?


Armaan had already suffered a lot because of her, and his love for her. He wouldn't anymore. Not if she had a say in it.


"WHAT?" Muskaan shouted, bringing Riddhima out of her thoughts.


"You heard me," Riddhima replied. "I'll tell Armaan if you tell Rahul."


"Wha... What do I have to tell Rahul?" Muskaan asked.


"You know exactly what you have to tell him, Muski. I'm not the only one. You're still in love with Rahul, too. But have you said anything?" Riddhima asked.


"Why do I have to say something?" Muskaan questioned. "He's the one who left me."


"He didn't leave you because he stopped loving you, Muski. You know that. And, you've already admitted that had you been in his place, you might have done something similar, so why are you talking as if what he did was a sin? He left you because he loved you, because he knew how much you loved kids. He left because he thought he wasn't good enough. So, what makes you think that in all these years, he has stopped thinking that way? Shouldn't you be the one who goes and talks to him, tells him that it didn't matter to you then, and doesn't matter to you now? Maybe, he thinks that he did the right thing by leaving, because you've come to realize that what you were saying then was something you hadn't thought through, that you were saying all that because you were in love with him and you didn't fully understand the implications of what you were saying. You're going to have to be the one to tell him that you're still okay with adoption and surrogacy as options, aren't you?" Riddhima explained.


Muskaan sighed. "I know," she admitted. "In fact, I have been thinking about it - about talking to Rahul, telling him that I love him, but I just... I'm really scared. He left me once even though he knew I loved him, what if he does it again?"


"And now you know how I feel," Riddhima answered. "You want me to tell Armaan the truth, but... Even I'm scared, Muski. What if he doesn't love me back? What if he's moved on? What if he only sees me as a friend? I just... I can't... I won't be able to handle his rejection. And, don't you think he deserves someone better than me? A girl who hasn't been married before?"


Muskaan snorted. "Riddhima Gupta! Do not tell me that you don't think you deserve Armaan now because you were married before! So what if you were? Many people get married twice. It doesn't make them heinous. And, your marriage was annulled. Even the courts agree that it was a mistake. The annulment makes it so that it's like you were never married in the first place, unlike a divorce, and you know this better than anyone!"


"That doesn't change the fact that I was married once upon a time!" Riddhima burst out. "Yes, it was an annulment and not a divorce, but I was still married."


Muskaan just looked at her disbelievingly. "You know Armaan doesn't care about that stuff."


"But I do," Riddhima replied. "He deserves so much better than me!"


"Riddhima..." Muskaan sighed. "You should let him decide that. I just... I think what you're doing is wrong."


"You just said that you haven't spoken to Rahul yet because you're scared. And here you are, telling me that I'm wrong," Riddhima bit back.


"I never said what I am doing is right, either," Muskaan admitted, closing her eyes and memories of her time with Rahul assaulted her. Their fights, their fake marriage, all the moments they'd spent together - it all flashed in front of her like a freaking movie montage and there was nothing she could do to stop it.


"You're so much braver than I am, Muski. If you can't do it, you really think I will be able to?" Riddhima asked.


Muskaan sighed. "Look, I know what I'm saying is easier said than done, and I won't pressure you into doing something you don't want to, but I really think you're being unfair to Armaan by hiding the truth."


"I guess I am, but this... whatever it is Armaan and I have right now? This friendship? It's... It's really good, Muski. I love it. We're talking... Like, really talking. I haven't been this open with him ever. Not even when we were together. I don't know what it is that's making me tell him about my feelings - maybe the fact that we're not together anymore, is actually giving me the strength to do it, to tell him how important he was... Is to me. Pehle, I just... I used to shy away from telling him all this, maybe it was my insecurity or maybe it was shyness or whatever it was, but it stopped me from telling him all this. But now, that's not the case. Just today... I told him... I told him how important he was to me, how amazing a friend he's always been to me. I'd never done that before."


"Hmmm," Muskaan hummed. "So, maybe this isn't all that bad either, eh?"


"Not at all," Riddhima replied, grinning.


Armaan had been building up the courage to go talk to Anjali, ask about Riddhima's wedding, when his phone rang. When he heard what the person on the other end was saying, he wished he'd never answered the phone. A chill ran down his spine at the words he never wished to hear in his life, ever again.


"I'm coming right now!" He exclaimed, rushing out the door, failing to notice Anjali who had been coming to him to thank him for the presents for the baby.


Anjali stared at him rushing out the door skeptically. He seemed to be really agitated and worked up over something, but before she could ask him anything, he was out the door like a bolt of lightning, not looking or seeing or hearing anything or anyone around him.


"I hope everything is okay," she sighed to herself. Because, knowing Armaan, it must have been something really huge to send him in a tailspin like that. It seemed like god liked giving Armaan a lot more than his fair share of problems and he was always, always, always, just running around, trying to make things better for those around him. She hoped that whatever it was this time, sorted itself out quickly. Armaan deserved to be happy, but more than that, he absolutely deserved to enjoy every minute of this time with his sister before she left him and this house. And, Anjali knew that wouldn't happen if he would be preoccupied by whatever it was that had prompted that phone call.


"TAMANNA!!" Armaan shouted, waking up from yet another nightmare, his entire body drenched in sweat. He was shivering and shaking, the horrors he'd seen in his dreams, haunting him still.


He'd seen it, clear as day, what would have happened, had he not reached when he had. Tamanna may not have been alive. The thought sent chills down his spine.


He downed the entire glass of water on his bedside table and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down. Once he felt a little more in control, he immediately went to Tamanna's room, wanting to see her, to hug her, to make sure she was okay.


"Tammy!" He knocked on her door continuously, not receiving any answer. A few minutes later, he turned the handle to find the door unlocked. He was even more surprised to see that the room was empty. He checked in the washroom but that was empty as well.


Worried and agitated, Armaan searched the entire house in search of Tamanna - the living room, the kitchen, the garden, by the pool, inside the pool house. But, Tamanna was nowhere to be found. Armaan's voice was hoarse from shouting out for her so many times, but she never once reverted, frightening Armaan to the core.


He ran inside the house, wanting to make sure he'd checked everywhere when his gaze fell on the landline. He immediately dialed Tamanna's number, but she never answered. He called her repeatedly, but she didn't pick the phone up, worrying Armaan all the more.


He was so very afraid. Just this evening, he'd gotten news that one of his worst nightmares was coming to life. That Tamanna's wretched ex - husband and brother - in - law were back. Which meant, they were free to finish what they'd started. 


"RAHUL!!" Armaan banged on Rahul's door mercilessly, his voice growing higher with every passing second.


"Armaan?! Kya hua?" Rahul asked, worried. "Is everything okay?"


"Rahul!" Armaan exclaimed, hugging him tightly. Rahul hugged him back, but was taken aback by the fierceness of Armaan's embrace. He was hugging Rahul so tightly as if he was afraid of letting go.


Rahul knew that something was wrong. Armaan had left the house late in the evening, and in quite a tizzy from what Anjali told him. He'd tried to ask Armaan what was wrong, but like always, Armaan brushed him off, even though Rahul knew it would be a matter of time before Armaan wouldn't be able to hold it in anymore and tell him.


Armaan always did that. He tried to keep everything to himself, to not trouble anyone else, but Rahul knew that after everything, Armaan relied on his support to get him through tough times. And, Rahul was always happy to help. Armaan was his best friend, his brother, his family. It made him happy to be there for Armaan, in anyway possible. Not just to celebrate the happiness in Armaan's life, but also to be there in the tough times. It also made him somewhat smug that he was the only one who Armaan shared his worries with.


"Rahul... Rahul... Tamanna!" Armaan wailed, making Rahul go rigid. Tamanna! What about her?


"Wha... What? What happened to her?" Rahul asked, fearing the worst.


"She... She's not at home, Rahul. And, she's not answering her phone. I'm... I'm really worried. Kahin usse kuch..." Armaan trailed off, not even wanting to imagine something bad happening to her.


"Relax... Tu... Take a deep breath. It's okay. Yahin kahin hogi. Are you sure she's not at home?" Rahul confirmed.


Armaan nodded. "I checked everywhere, Rahul. Her room, the study, the library, the entertainment room, the kitchen, the garden and even the poolside. I even went out and checked the nearby streets. She's nowhere!" He exclaimed. "Mujhe bohot tension ho rahi hai."


"Armaan, itna mat ghabra. It's okay. Kuch... Kuch nahi hua hoga. Wait, let me call her again, okay?" Rahul tried to calm him down, even though he himself was worried as heck. What if something had happened? No! He wouldn't think that way. Tammy was safe and sound.


He kept an around Armaan and used to other to remove his mobile from his pocket, thinking of calling Tammy once again.


"Armaan, bhai, tu itni tension mat le. Tamanna ko kuch nahi hua hoga. Just... Relax. Okay?" Rahul murmured lowly, rubbing soothing circles on Armaan's back, trying to instill his voice with confidence he didn't feel at the moment.


He sighed in relief once he opened his phone.


"She's gone to the hospital, Armaan. Emergency," Rahul told him. "Did you not check your phone? She's sent a message."


Armaan shook his head. "I just... I had a nightmare and I wanted to see her so I rushed out of my room to hers."


"See. She's okay," Rahul murmured comfortingly, hugging Armaan. He knew how difficult it was for Armaan to cope with all his nightmares.


A few minutes later, Armaan pulled out of the hug and said, "I'm just going to call the hospital once and check."


"Armaan! Tu ab kyu stress le raha hai. She's just gone to the hospital. All of us have done it countless times in case of emergencies. Tamanna herself has stayed out all night on more than one occasion. Tu aaj itna bechain kyu ho raha hai?" Rahul asked.


Armaan hadn't been so worried about Tamanna being out late in the night since the sentencing. It was making Rahul really suspicious. Was something going on with Tamanna? Was that why he'd left the house in the evening? That seemed the most likely thing to have happened. But, what exactly had he found out? Rahul could think of only one thing that would worry Armaan so much and he didn't want to think about it. It was all their worst nightmares come to life and he absolutely did not want to think that's what was happening.


"Nothing. I just want to make sure she's fine," Armaan muttered, unable to look Rahul in the eye when he was so blatantly lying to him.


Armaan didn't want to give Rahul any additional stress over the news of Aniket and Adhiraj. (Aniket is Tamanna's ex husband. And Adhiraj is Aniket's elder brother.) It was a sensitive and touchy topic for all of them, and he didn't want to worry Rahul too.


He called the hospital, hoping to talk to Tamanna, but the duty nurse told him that Tamanna had left almost an hour ago. This caused Armaan to start panicking again. If she wasn't at the hospital, why wasn't she answering the phone? More importantly, why wasn't she home yet? It only took about 40 minutes to drive to the hospital from their house, and that was with the morning traffic. This late at night, it shouldn't have taken her more than 20.


"Rahul! She left an hour ago!" Armaan cried. "Ab tak... Ab tak aayi kyu nahi? Mujhe... Mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai. Please... Just... I'm really scared. Do something."


Armaan was shivering again. And his breathing was getting heavier. It was the onset of a panic attack.


"Armaan!" Rahul exclaimed. "It's okay. Shhh!! Relax. Kuch nahi hoga Tamanna ko, okay? She'll be home soon. Don't worry. I'll call her again. Shhh!! Don't stress so much, baby. I'm here. Nothing is going to happen. Absolutely nothing. Tamanna will be home soon, I promise."


Rahul was just trying to calm Armaan down when Tamanna walked in. She was surprised to see Armaan & Rahul standing there in the middle of the hallway, hugging each other tightly.


"Uhm," she cleared her throat. "What's going on?"


Armaan & Rahul both looked up to see Tamanna smiling at them.


"Oh, thank god!" Armaan murmured.


He immediately let go off Rahul and rushed to Tamanna, pulling her in for a tight hug. He started sobbing in her hair, the relief at seeing her unharmed overwhelming him completely.


"Wh... Where... We... Where were you?" He managed to ask in between sobs. "Ph... Phone kyu... Kyu na... Nahi... Phone kyu nahi utha rahi thi?"


"Sorry! I must have forgotten to take it off silent. But, why were you so worried? I'd messaged to say that I was going to the hospital," Tamanna replied, hugging Armaan with the same fierceness and running her hands up and down his back and caressing his hair in an effort to calm him down.


"I... I had this... It was such a horrible nightmare. And then you weren't home and you weren't answering your phone and the duty nurse told me you'd left the hospital an hour ago," Armaan replied. "I was so scared! I thought... I thought something happened."


"Sorry!" Tamanna apologized. "Woh, on the way back, I had a small accident."


"What! What accident?" Armaan asked, pulling back. He frantically looked her up and down and his hands wandered around her arms and back, checking for any possible injuries.


"Relax, Maani. It wasn't bad. It's just that there was some sharp object on the road and I couldn't see it so my car ran over it. The tyre punctured and I lost control of the car for a second. But, nothing happened to me. I promise," she told him.


"So, you should have called me, na! I would have come to pick you up. Car baad mein repair karwa lete," Armaan answered. "It was so late at night! You shouldn't have waited for the mechanic to come."


"Arre, baba, relax!! Thankfully it was near a car repair shop. So those people got to work immediately. Took them about 20 minutes to change the tyre. And they were really professional and helping," Tamanna explained.


"Woh jo bhi ho. You shouldn't have done that. Next time kabhi aisa ho, you better call me immediately," Armaan ordered.


"Okay, baba! I will. Can I go sleep now? I'm really tired," she whined.


"Hmmm. Okay," Armaan replied. "Go."


Tamanna smiled brilliantly at him. Before going up to her room, she pulled Armaan into another hug.


"I'm sorry for worrying you so much," she told him.


"It's okay. I'm just so relieved that you're safe! Don't scare me like that again," Armaan muttered into her hair.


"I won't," Tamanna assured him.


She then pulled Rahul into a hug and apologized to him too. Rahul sighed into her hair and hugged her back tightly. He'd been so worried. But, here she was, safe and sound, in his arms, and everything was perfect again.


Rahul dropped a kiss to her head and Tamanna smiled brilliantly at him before going up to her room.


Armaan and Rahul looked at each other and smiled and hugged each other, this time out of relief and happiness.


What the duo failed to notice was that Riddhima had seen everything. She hadn't been able to sleep tonight, still basking in the time she'd spent with Armaan and remembering it all, enjoying the right breeze in the garden, when she heard Armaan calling for Tamanna like a madman. She'd tried to ask him what was wrong, but he hadn't seen her, too delirious to notice anything or anyone else and had rushed to Rahul, seeking comfort. She'd followed him, wanting to make sure everything was okay and had witnessed it all.


Seeing how worried Armaan had been, how much he cared for Tamanna, the relief in his eyes, his stance on seeing Tamanna sealed it for her. It was obvious that Armaan had moved on. With Tamanna. And, it strengthened her resolve to not tell him anything. Not a word.


She ran to her room, tears shining in her eyes. Once she was inside, she gave into her grief and sobbed in her pillow, mourning a love lost forever.


"Ab tu mujhe batayega? Baat kya hai?" Rahul asked Armaan, glaring at him as both of then sat on the sofa with steaming cups of coffee.


"Kuch... Kuch nahi," Armaan stammered.


"Look, Armaan. I know something is wrong, okay. You were about to have a panic attack. That's how scared you were. And, you've never reacted like that over a nightmare. Not for years. So, I know something else is going on. Now, it's in your best interest not to try to bullshit your way out of this because you know I'll know if you are. So, sit the f**k down and tell me everything," Rahul demanded.


Armaan sighed. He knew how stubborn Rahul was. And, knowing that something was wrong, he wouldn't sit quietly till he knew what it was. In fact, the more Armaan tried to hide it, the more Rahul would bug him. And, he wouldn't stop till Armaan would just blurt everything out.


"I know what you're thinking," Rahul said after a few minutes. "And you're right. I'll just keep harassing you till you tell me. So, why don't you save both of us the trouble and tell me now? Because we both know, aaj nahi toh kal, you'll tell me everything."


"It's nothing serious, Rahul," Armaan tried to dodge.


"Let me be the judge of that," Rahul replied sarcastically.


"Please, tell me. You're so worked up over it, Armaan. Just say it. Share with me. Tune hi kaha tha na, hum saath hain toh kisi aur ki kua zaroorat? Mujhse share nahi karega toh kisse karega? Har cheez apne andar itni mat dabaya kar, ki tujhse bardaasht na ho," Rahul coaxed him.


"Aniket and Adhiraj are back," Armaan sighed.


"WHAT?!?!" Rahul screeched.


Armaan nodded. "Annalise called today."


"Armaan! Itni badi baat ho gayi! Tune mujhe batana bhi zaroori nahi samjha?" Rahul asked. He pulled Armaan into a hug, knowing that this news would be very difficult for him to digest.


Armaan shrugged. "Tujhe pareshaan nahi karna chaahta tha."


"You're absolutely crazy, you idiot! You've been so tense all night. You should have told me right away! This is a big deal, Armaan!" Rahul ranted.


"I know," Armaan answered.


"What are we going to do now?" Rahul asked, worried.


"I don't know, Jaana. I just don't know," Armaan sighed.


They both looked at each other, unsure of what to do to stop the hurricane that was brewing in a close distance. A hurricane, that would forever alter all their lives. Again.


So, here it is!

Gear up for lotsa drama! It is gonna be so much fun. :p

Please share your thoughts as to what is brewing in Tamanna's life and how Armaan is connected to it. :)



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Wohh awesome update 
Loved muski-ridhima convo so much... On one side armaan got rahul or vice versa and on another side muski and ridhima got each others.. These four r love
Love how muski tried to knock some sense into ridhima... Bt well ridhima is ridhima kabhi kisiki baat mani isne? ??Aur ab toh kabhi nhi batane wali... Ok so tamanna was married ??? I thought uski shadi shayad huyi nhi. .. Bt whawhats wrong with her hubby and his elder brother? ?? They're bad ye pata chal gaya. . Bt kia kya in dono ne??? 

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Sometimes in our lives
We all have pain, we all have sorrow.
But if we are wise,
We know that there's always tomorrow.

Lean on me when you're not strong
I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on.

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you won't let show.
You just call on me, brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on.
I just might have a problem that you'll understand,
We all need somebody to lean on.

Lean on me when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on

You just call on me, brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on.
I just might have a problem that you'll understand,
We all need somebody to lean on.

If there is a load
You have to bear
That you can't carry
I'm right up the road
I'll share your load
If you just call me.

Call me if you need a friend
Call me, call me, uh-huh
Call me when you need a friend
Call me if you ever need a friend
Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me if you need a friend
Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me

-      Lean On Me, Bill Withers