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this CC is for discussions regarding IB & DBO + idhar udhar ki baatein . 



NO Discussion of any other Fandom allowed in This CC in regards to IB. Only Shivika - NM/SC based discussions

you can talk about the social media updates  Of other actors related to show as far as it is not harmful & that is it . you are more then welcome to talk about other things not related to IB e.g films, this is us etc, other shows like YUDKBH 

so feel free to Bookmark, fav and start discussing things lol
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man1 full month form oct 18th to nobv 18th to finish previous ghar
anyway here 


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Fary, har CC ke title mein "Read page 1" daalna zaroori hai? LOL I think ppl have gotten the message by now...hardly any "controversial" discussions happening is dead anyways. 
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Lo beHan nikal dia I just copy paste Toh iss liye aa gaya Big smile
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anu thank you for uploading scenes as well . Embarrassed

thank you fary for next thread Big smile Embarrassed
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Originally posted by blackorwhite

Aaj ka episode worked for me... not sure why but it did..
Note: After writing this post.. I now know why it  did.. because it reminded of many older tracks and scenes! Smile

As I said in my tweet this morning.. Today's first scene was another one of those scenes where all the emotions that were apparently throughout their journey are spelt out by Billu.. Billu(and NM) present this soo earnestly and then Anika(SC) has itne poignant expressions.. That you really end up going along with them on this walk down the memory lane.. SmileSmile

Also, I actually loved that Shivaay-Anika told the truth instantly... There was no hesitation... This is what I expected from them..Smile that was such a pleasant surprise unlike doosra shows jahan keechte hain bil wajah aise galat fehmian for all we knew they both could've done nautanki p please family walas and i was afraid ke thy will try to  go ahead with this MU with the family ke ab unko lagta hai toh let's just give them the good news but yes glad the did not keep them in the dark and told them right away 

Anika diaogues were heart-breaking when she was telling the truth.. reminded me of "mera koi khandaan nahi hai" - kulgotra puja time yup her voice sounded almost same and heartbreakign it was for her to say it awww
Shivaay ka "yeh baat bahut personal hai, but since you are emotional" reminded me of  "Hamara rishta bas hamara hai but kyonki kuch log..." during the biwi declaration i loved the disclaimer ke it is personal set the tone right  from there that he isn't pleased sharing this info with them  but will have too since they are so attached and emotional with this news  it really kept the diginity of  their relationship i felt as i said i was not at all in favor of this but choice of words was great and itna emotion and earnesty ke it worked big time . he kept in mind not for a moment anika gets or feels insulted in any way  or feels embarrassed by the situation in front of family hi insured her that they had genuine reasons and  it really was ok as he genuinely had a different Goal in mind instead of forcing her ClapEmbarrassed
Shivaay telling Diny maasi to stop it and that his Anika is perfect reminded me Shivaay's dialogue to Pinky "Anika ka haath chodiye...mujhe Anika pe pura bharosa hai" &  "Anika ke khilaaf kuch nahi sununga" 
His Meri Anika reminded me "Meri Khidkitod Anika" anika ki izzat billu ki izzat again it was highlighted so well ke woh sirf kehta nahi hai karta hai the moment it came to her izzat he went STFU dinky don't you even dare and  ofcourse good social message & the other thing was it was conveyed without making a big scenes in the sense keek  simple si line main baat khatam kar di and message bhi de dia without nimbo nachoding  form it unlike other shows .

Kudos to the team to sending across the brilliant message - "Why is the woman always blamed first if something goes wrong in a relationship.." Clap

Shayari achi thi but Billu bolta hai toh haasi aati hai! LOLLOL mujhe  baad main samjh aaya billu ne sher bola when rudy said it pehle samjh hi nahi aaya lol

I did enjoy his Billu reminiscing their journey and giving others kind of a reality check - 
1. how first Anika ki khudari and his NKK were the reason they did not accept and acknowledge what they felt for each other...
2. When they fell in love.. 1..2..3 wali KISMAT(Really Billu kismat *rolls eyes*LOL) separated them
3. This bit was the best Embarrassed - After remarriage, Billu realized Anika ne life mein bahut struggle kiya hai so, he decided... Husband se pehle... Dost Banana tha(I won't lie Anika ka dosti dialogue yaad aayaLOLLOL) SAHI MAYNO MEIN LIFE PARTNER.. Clap - Sorted Billu FTWParty 

Loved the way Shivaay said I hope I have answered all your questions and then grabbed Anika's hand and just took her along with him..Smile They are a TEAM now! Smile  they always were but without acknowledging it so openly ab they take pride in them being a team which makes it even more special 

Room Scene
For me this scene embodied COMPANIONSHIP..Smile... 
Sorry...Thank You bit was poignant! Both just wanted to ease the pain of the other! Apna nahi soch rahe the.. doosre ka soch rahi the!Smile
Aaj bahut dino baad bina taadi.. bina NDE ya phir public humiliation LOL ke, they both told each other how much their presence have changed their life for the BETTER! Smile That the other person has filled the void in their life..(Added colors Tongue in their black and white world... Laal ISHQ ROFL)

Audio Cassette analogy was Heart... 
"Thank You meri side mein aane ke liye" reminded me of  "Kuch tum bhi badal kar dekho.. Kuch hum bhi" Heart
Billu asking if she is secure was sweet but then he immediately jumped into the besharam mode! LOLLOL

Okay.. This post is already huge toh.. tiger wale ke liye separate post! LOLLOL

Things that I have been thinking about for some time:
1. If Billu have his signature moves - baal sehna.. kiss on forehead/head... Now even Anika has signature moves.. I adore the way she places her hand on his chest..near his heart...and then sehlafoies him..consoles him..
2. If Billu has this specific style of hugging, when he initiates the hugs.. Anika has also found the way she fits in his aaram.. Always reminds me of  "Tumhara Pati Hoon.. Hug Kar Sakti Ho.. I think Tumhe Hug Karna Chahiye" scene Hug
3. One thing that has always fascinated me about these two... One is weak.. the other becomes the strong one.. One of them gives up.. The other one fights.. They have this ying-yang thing(yes.. ILU pun intendedLOL) going on..HS always tries to highlight that they are contrasting via many scenes(and they are - how they view the world/process the information/ how they are wired) but if you think about it they both are remarkably similar..and hence, finally they are able to take baby steps towards each other to sametofy the raita..

and ofcourse the way you describe this as always is so perfect again  TAKKAR FTW
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