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Posted: 2017-07-18T21:23:40Z
this CC is for discussions regarding IB & DBO + idhar udhar ki baatein . 


so feel free to Bookmark, fav and start discussing things lol
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Posted: 2017-07-18T21:25:44Z
just caz i feel humari bunty the cutiepie needs her own Bm too *EEKS* and this pic is adorbs

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Posted: 2017-07-18T21:27:08Z

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Posted: 2017-07-18T21:34:37Z
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Posted: 2017-07-19T09:13:34Z
This pic needs to be on the front page too
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Posted: 2017-07-19T09:20:17Z
OBros ke scenes were again the only saving grace today...the boys are all clearly in their element and having a lot of fun doing the random comedy with the baby...

BEST moment was Rudy thinking he's SO smart trying to feed the baby milk with a STRAWROFL

I've started forwarding all Bhavya scenes now...including the ones with Anika...nahin bardaasht hoti. 

Shivika-wise, total filler random scene which added nothing to the story and just gave us one random W*F FB of the "baanjh" scene from the ML drama and showed Anika being dialed down to super dumb again...Shivaay's hair looked HORRIBLE in the entire first half...super yuck to the highlights...they look poop colored. 

The entire Basanti codename scene had nothing to it either...just a little token fight over what is the best film and phir scene khatam. 

I shouldn't even start getting into the maha stupid Anika-Rags "comedy" scene todaySleepy

I think the only pair that got a meaningful scene today were suddenly Om has gone back to achhayi ka bf mode and sant aatma tone mein gyaan baant raha hai about parents ke liye chalo he anyways looks like normal Om when his hair is open. 

I'm fast losing interest...this whole week feels like a washout.  The baby alone deffo can't save this sinking ship. 
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Posted: 2017-07-19T09:22:13Z
Re-posting my review from the previous thread! WinkLOL
Today's episode was quite meaningful in terms of Shivika and Rikara.. kuch toh movement hua.. Hardly any sidey scenes.. 

I'm sorry but I'm getting pissed with Anika every time she doesn't clear Shivaay's MU about her being engaged and then I get pissed at Shivaay for being such an idiot for not figuring out that she's at home all the time worrying about him and Ragini and not going to meet some other guy.. but he still insists on being dim-witted and insists on thinking that she has already moved on and gotten engaged!! Both are just acting dumb! Angry

OK Rant done!*

Now coming to the episode.. the comedy was limited.. had some good scenes.. Episode started with the guys going crazy over zero sleep and baby crying as he/she is hungry.. Rudy named it Bunty.. Girls decide code names and changed their naari shakti slogan to a "Nayi soch" wala slogan "Sab pe bhaari Indian naari".. meh! 

Om and Rudy went out to handle Jhanvi from entering the room and to get milk for the baby respectively leaving Shivaay alone in the room with the baby.. Shivaay sensed Anika when she entered the room to find out what is going on..LOL 

Anika shows her concern about him being ill and Shivaay is like tumhe kya farak padhta hai.. so Anika is like "Fikr ho rahi thi.. Rishta bhale hi khatam ho gaya ho par ek waqt tha jab hume ek doosre ki fikr hoti thi.." 

She sees baby pics / articles on Shivaay's laptop and MU's that Shivaay wants an NKK kid and that is why he's marrying Ragini just after 3 months of divorce.. and she's like mujhe laga tha ki aapko bachcho mein koi interest nahi hai.. and Shivaay is like why would you think that.. she's like bcoz you said you dont care whether I can give you a child and has a FB of ML Baanjh wala scene where Billu says it doesn't matter to him if she can give him a child or not.. Billu was like that was past and you should move on.. 

It's so irritating now.. it's always Anika who brings up NKK.. why doesn't she understand him..stupid girl!! I liked Shivaay's reply though.. to her question that he wants to marry Ragini for NKK child just 3 months after divorce.. he was like tumhe kya farak padhta hai and you are the one who is already engaged.. I just announced my engagement.. 
A: "Mujhe farak..." stops!
S: Jis din tum yeh sentence poora karogi us din hum baat karenge.. Cry

All this girl has to do is clear his MU that she's engaged.. that is the main complaint and hurt he has.. but No this girl will not clear it..! For God knows what reason! Why is Harneet making her a stubborn idiot all the time! Angry

Looks like she thought Shivaay didnt want kids or kids with her.. whatever.. I dont know if they are actually trying to address the "Mother of my children" issue people have..I guess when Anika sees that Shivaay is ready to take care of an illegitimate child she will realise that she has been wrong about his NKK thing.. he has evolved in his thought.. unlike her and her insecurities!! I mean how else can this be explained?Confused

Baaki same Basanti wala BTS..the boys were trying to get a feeder for the baby while the girls are spying on them outside.. There was a nice Rikara scene too.. Om finally meets Gauri's mom and welcomes her to the house sweetly.. Rikara have a conversation about mothers and have a moment.. but that's it.. Ruvya ka very negligible scene tha.. 

Funny parts: Obros scenes with the baby.. Rudy's trying to feed the baby milk in a glass or with a straw! ROFL Anika and Ragini fighting over a parcel which apparently Shivaay gifted Ragini..It ends up being empty LOL
Rudy's attempts to get the feeder without anyone finding out.. LOL

Aaj comedy was okay..not that great compared to yesterday! Some funny scenes! And episode ended with Shivaay's Junglee dance! Lol LOL

Precap: Tomorrow laundry basket thing will happen and finally girls will find out.. I guess tomorrow we will get Anika and Shivaay scene with the baby too..
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Posted: 2017-07-19T09:50:12Z
This whole track for Shivika feels like is supposed to be for Anika's realization! From today's episode she has totally become dumb! It feels like she has no realization whatsoever about the changes that have happened in Shivaay over the time.. Angry
All his gestures.. his mature talks and advises.. every thing he has done for her.. every thing he has changed in himself just went over her head or something.. she's still stuck over the Shivaay she knew from her initial days.. saare progress ko kachre mein daal diya hai CVs ne!

Her entire question about him wanting kids with NKK shows that itne time se dimag bandh karke rakha tha madam ne! Angry Which is why she was so sure about her decision to leave him the way she did!

Hum log itne din se Shivika progression ki baat kar rahe the.. looks like the progression was only on Shivaay's end.. nothing on Anika! And ab Shivaay bhi wapas dumb ban gaya hai by not realizing what she did and not trying to investigate her actions! Angry 

Harneet literally rebooted both of them to make them idiots again! 
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