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this CC is for discussions regarding IB & DBO + idhar udhar ki baatein . 


so feel free to Bookmark, fav and start discussing things lol
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Posting from edt kisi ne instagram or post kia lol people are still confused between actual divorce and just signing the papers


Anyway dunno how reliable this person is

Originally posted by -Ishqbaaaz-

<font color="#330066"><font size="5">From instagram:</font></font>

Everyone, pehle toh message karke mera dimakh khaana bandh kardo. I give only a spoiler which is confirmed, here I don't know when pinky will be exposed,when shivika misunderstanding will be cleared, how long Aditi and Ankit are staying on IB, What I know is Separation track isn't for so long. Ankit And Aditi's character will be negative of course which everyone knows I guess. Ankit will be playing as Samar who will have feelings for annika, he is very much protective about his family like shivaay. he is in search of that girl who don't have any fear to face the problems, who is brave and that's what exact Sumar finds in Annika. Aditi will be playing as Ragini, her character is also negative, in friday episode you might have known her role. She will be falling for shivaay. From Thursday/ Friday Lapse will be started. Not only Nakuul And Surbhi but whole caste will have new look. IDK about DBO. Shivaay will not hate annika, I want to give big slap on that face who are saying S.S.O will hate annika and insult her again, might you've forgot Shivaay loved annika, and he can never insult her again. Of course he is in pain, to hide that pain he will be in relation with Ragini. Many people asked me it's only 3 months lapse what is the need of change or why annika isn't wearing mangalsutra or sindur, Hello bhala kounsi aurat divorce k baadh 3 mahine tak Mangalsutra aur sindur lagake bethegi? Aur next question is what is the need of S.S.O changed so let me clear you, ushka daily new look nahi hoga, that change is for a first episode of lapse. S.S.O will not wear such kindaa dress every day. Annika will be more powerful, this time she will give back to each either it is pinky or Shivaay. We've requested harneet,gul many times to change separation track but please if they think Separation is needed they'll add,and won't listen to any viewers. They're waiting to give Muu todh jawaf to everyone who are against separation. Shivika separation isn't for so long. More romance, more Tadi, and a very less michmichi baaz will be there. So take your heart away from separation and welcome this khidkitodh new beginning of IB.
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Posted: 2017-06-18T16:08:02Z
Speculation hi lagta hai.
Spoliers hai wohi keh rahi hai. Apna thoda tadka laga kar.
Jab air hoga tab dekhenge. 
Abhi se BP badha kar kya karoon. 

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Posted: 2017-06-18T16:08:07Z
lol can I be frank! I doubt inki story fixed hai.. this seperation maybe for a month or 6 months - all depends on how the audience receives the track!!

And this more taddi, more romance and less michmichi statement actually seems like a smokescreen LOLEdited by blackorwhite - 2017-06-18T16:08:50Z
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Posted: 2017-06-18T16:10:37Z
Ikr I am. It believing until it comes from Elvira haha caz everything she said came true rest no yeh waise bhi hai main aaj se pehle toh dekha nahi and aaj itna aage ki story

Aise toh el ne bhi bola tha ke sister track will start in aug lol
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