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Our MOST favourite shows from oldest to most recent smiley42 

1. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ❤️

Hindi Serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon GIFs | Tenor

2. Yeh Rishte Hein Pyaar Ke ❤️

Mishti Shaheer Sheikh GIF - Mishti Shaheer Sheikh Abir - Discover & Share  GIFs

Special mention to Bigg Boss, a show we love to hate smiley36 

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First of all, congratulationssss! did we ever think we will be able to make it to 7th thread just on our own? Some chatterboxes we are smiley4 *puts kaala tika to utarofy nazar* 🧿

I love the new layout! Opening message is awesome-sauce too. smiley16

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Haye @ the gifs. Very good job at selection! My arshi and mishbir smiley42 love them so much and it never goes away. 🧿

Looks like we usually take 5 months to finish the cc started in winter months, last year's timelines were around this one only haha.

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Originally posted by Sumaiya27

aww thank you girl, okay let me grab the popcorn from you smiley16

yeah abhi was butchered a while back, in fact i never liked him because even at the beginning he kept on yo-yoing between arohi and akshu. first he fell for akshu, then when his mom picked arohi for him, he said yes to marrying her despite liking akshu. then on the wedding day, he left arohi at the mandap and confessed his love to akshu and emotionally blackmailed akshu to do the same (akshu never wanted to ruin her sister's life). that made arohi hate akshu even more even though abhi was the root cause of all the drama. there were many other instances were abhi's impulsiveness and selfishness put akshu in trouble

now i'm glad that she's finally showing him the mirror and standing up for herself smiley32 she deserves someone better, her current husband abhimanyu is faaaar better than abhi. but unfortunately abhi has insulted abhimanyu by saying he snatched akshu from him and makers have already shown abhimanyu feeling guilty (especially because he knows abhi is the real father of akshu's son) smiley18

so my guess that on abhi-arohi's wedding day, the truth about abhi-akshu's son will come out and abhi's mother will demand to snatch her grandson from akshu and they might even show custody drama smiley11

@ghum: OMG REALLY? okay now i really want to check out both the show and the forum!! btw how's the new ML? tell tell smiley36

Reading about the summary for abhi's character, i've to say he is least charming ML for yrkkh universe so far. way less than naitik and kartik...In fact he sounds toxic.

Can akshu or her hubby slap abhi pls? how dare he ask her hubby to give her up? they are married for all these years you dumbo smiley7

bold - eww. pls no! I hope this doesnt happen. want akshu-abhinav track.

@ghum - yes! I love reading their forum posts but these days its a riot (in a agood way), people are so going crazy with sai's new love interest.

new ML is good so far, he seems to have some past himself. but he's given comic scenes, much like how dr. armaan was initially, pulling ridhima's leg and her getting annoyed. sai is giving very ott reaction though. and virat is already shown to dislike him. I hope they dont waste this new guy just to make the bigamist ML "realize" his wife's worth and leave his bhabhi-cum-mistress-cum illegal wife👎🏼

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Originally posted by Sumaiya27

girl i cant watch it alone either, i cant sleep after watching horror movies so i'm saving it to my watch list to watch with my husband in august lol 

but no worries, i'll send you the summary afterwards smiley16

also, sara's acting ability varies: she was great in kedarnath, okay in simba (the role itself was minimal) but annoying in love aaj kal 2 and meh in atrangi re (i didn't watch koolie number 1). but this looks promising so let's see! 

haha that's good plan.

@sara - i havent watched her any other movies fully except simba, but yeah, you're right, she is unpredictable lol

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Originally posted by m4manju

First of all, congratulationssss! did we ever think we will be able to make it to 7th thread just on our own? Some chatterboxes we are smiley4 *puts kaala tika to utarofy nazar* 🧿

I love the new layout! Opening message is awesome-sauce too. smiley16

aww congratulations to you too 🤗 ikr? especially after how long the previous thread took to finish, i didn't know when we'll finish it lol

thank you so much, i'm so glad you liked it ❤️

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