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Hello My Dear Friends..

Here U can Read a New Version of RangRasiya / PaRud LoveHeart

I am Bhavya.,I am not that much Good in English to write a Story abt Our Beloved Couple PaRud.. And also I am not a writer too.

But My Heart started Narrating A Story Of PaRud in Different Way.,

I Just Tried this FF.,.

I am started writing for the first time,.

Friends Pls Forgive ME for My Bad Writing Skill...

                                       Character Sketch

Dr. Vasha

Aman's cousin, working as a Doctor in BSD hospital..

Barath & Nandhini

V.K Singh son & Paro's Sister


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This Story Begins after Rudra Knows the truth abt Gowri/Paro

Chapter 1

Rudra Takes of The veil of Gowri and Shocked to See Paro. He runs to his father's room where Dilsher is sleeping peacefully. Rudra come out of the room and shouts Paro. All family members gathered in Hall. Paro came to hall.

Rudra ask Paro to go out and says I feel annoyed because of your presence. I can't able to bear your presence go from here. But Paro didn't budge so Rudra hold her hand forcefully and drag her to the gate of the haveli and ask her to go out. Paro try to say something but Rudra didn't give a chance to her to speak and throws her out of the haveli and shut the door in front of her face.

After that he hears Paro's Voice. She says I am going to stay here to get my forgiveness and I won't leave this haveli. I need your permission to stay inside of your haveli but I don't want your permission to stay out of your haveli. After saying these Paro sits in Steps and she ask God to give her strength to face the situation. Rudra who hears her declaration and he ask his family to go in their room. All are leaves one by one but  Mohini is the one who stands in middle of the halls. She thinks about her backfired plan and again thinking new plan to kill Dilsher.

In night, Rudra looks at gate and remembers Paro's Words. Rudra opens the gate where Paro is Missing. He is about to close the door who saw the broken Glass Bangles of Paro. Rudra thinks this means she is not leave from here someone kidnapped her and started searching nearby areas but he didn't found her. Rudra shouts Parooo.

Rudra calls Aman and tells him about Paro's missing. He orders him to start search her and tells I will be there at BSD within few minutes and then he cut the call and move to his room to change his BSD uniform. On the other hand Mohini overhears Rudra talk.

Rudra come out of his room before leaving his heart feeling something which was new feeling so he move to his father's room where Rudra fitness his father's bad state. Dilsher is straggling to breath and the Oxygen mask is on floor. Firstly Rudra immovable at  moment next moment came back to reality and rushed to his father's side and put his Oxygen mask and calls Danveer for help.

Aman saw his watch which shows morning 2am. Still Aman is waiting for Rudra more than 3hours but there was no sign of Rudra so called him. Rudra's phone rings but there were no response. So Aman informed V.K Singh Sir about Paro's kidnap details and then he leaves BSD to Search His Sister Paro.

At hospital, Doctors checking Dilsher. Nurses are rushed inside and outside of the room. Rudra is restless. Danveer and Samrat gave him hoping words. After an hour Doctors came out f the room and informs them about Dilsher condition and assures them to don't worry. Danveer is the one who decided to stay with his brother and ask his family to leave. Rudra who is stills sits at the chair at hospital. Danveer comes to him and assures him and ask Rudra to do his work. Rudra ask What ? Rudra who is really forgot about Paro. Danveer says you're wearing your uniform so I felt you're going to BSD. Then only Rudra remembers Paro. Rudra says Paro in soft voice and leaves.

Rudra drove his jeep as much as fast to reach BSD. At BSD, V.K Singh, Aman and few BSD soldiers are talking about Paro's kidnap case when Rudra enters room, they stopped talking. Rudra salutes his General and Aman tells him, we are all searched her and checked all the vehicles at check post but we didn't get any clue about Paro. Rudra is not satisfied with his friend's statement so he asks V.K. Singh's permission to head the search again. V.K. Singh said Ok.

Rudra drove his jeep like a mad man. Rudra and Aman searching her everywhere but they are failed to find her.In morning, Aman says we couldn't find her till now, Rudra says we will find her, Aman says what if Tejwat gets her before us. Rudra says I will meet you at Headquarter. They leave.

Rudra thinks Where are You Paro ???


That's it. Friends I need your suggestions and encouragement to continue this Fan Faction.

Pls FORGIVE my Grammar mistakes and My English too..

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hi. Good beginning. Great start. Your work doesn't look as if it is your first. Nice choice of incident to start writing. Continued intriguing of search of Paro. Keep it up. Eagerly waiting... 
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Posted: 2016-06-27T00:11:00Z
Originally posted by pavinitishiv

hi. Good beginning. Great start. Your work doesn't look as if it is your first. Nice choice of incident to start writing. Continued intriguing of search of Paro. Keep it up. Eagerly waiting... 
Thank You so much Dear...Wink
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Posted: 2016-06-28T06:51:43Z
Originally posted by bluetitliya

Awesome beginning Thumbs Up
The Scene from where you have begun is intriguing. Hope Rudra finds Paro Soon and also about Mohini's evil plan.

Don't worry about your Language dear.
It is good and am sure you will definitely improve as the story Progresses . Practice makes a man Perfect.
Thank U so Much Dear,.
I'll try to improve my writing ..
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Posted: 2016-06-29T01:57:52Z
Nice to see your version of Parud's story Bhavya and interesting start too.
PM me when you update next.
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