Arjun FF : Blue Shadow. Ch 17 p.57

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Posted: 9 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm starting a new fiction. It's another thriller with Arjun and ETF. Who read myArjun FF : Haunted Mansion,You can say it's a sequel of it because everyone's background story is same here...& the team also. Sonali is not here, but her name would be mentioned in some places. And yes I'll try to put some glimpses of  their pasts. Specially Saakshi.

But if any of you didn't read Arjun FF : Haunted Mansion, she(or he) has nothing to worry..Because it's not a typical can enjoy it as another case fiction of  ETF.

The credit of starting it goes to Rimi (Rimi_invisible)...otherwise I would never posted it here. Especially when the show is ending...and I have least number of readers for my stories.

Now concept - the case starts with a dead body found in Nasik highway. It looks like a random killing but when ETF took the leads them somewhere else.

So Starting...

Blue Shadow

CS : Scroll down
Preface : Scroll down further.
Index :
Chapter 1 : Page 1
Chapter 2 : Page 6
Chapter 3 : Page 8
Chapter 4 : Page 12
Chapter 5 : Page 15
Chapter 6  : Page 17
Chapter 7  : Page 19
Chapter 8 : Page 21
Chapter 9 : Page 26 (posted by NATURESHIVANI)
Chapter 10 : Page 32 (Posted by Armagadon)
Chapter 11 : Page 35 (Posted by NATURESHIVANI)
Chapter 12 : Page 38 (Posted by NATURESHIVANI)
Chapter 13 : Page 43">Chapter 14 :page 47
Chapter 15 : Page 50
Chapter 16  : page 53
Chapter 17 : Page 57
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Posted: 9 years ago

Character Sketch :       

TEAM ETF: (All are same as the show)

                  Commander:  Sameer Daam Singh Rathod

                   Second-in-Command: Arjun Suryakant Rawte

                   Investigation Officer: Ayesha Kapoor & Chandrakant Patil ( Ex- commando)

                   Tech expert : Shreekant Sen

                   Forensic Expert : Lisa D'cruise

                   Public and Media Communications officer : Saakshi  Anand -an Ex crime journalist.

Other characters will come forward according to the story.

Other Characters :

a.   Sonali Mitra : Ex- colleague and friend of saakshi. ( she is from my fiction Haunted Mansion. She is mentioned in some portions of the story)

b.   Kabir Singh : Ayesha's friend and  a Senior inspector (will come forward with the story)


NOTE: The author doesn't owe the characters, names of the places, people, or establishments. Those are used here only for the sake of the fiction.

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Posted: 9 years ago

Preface :

1.50am, A Nightclub in Mumbai.

A girl in a red-black short dress was sitting at a corner with a glass of champagne.  She looked not interested to the dance or anyone showing interest in her. She posed a straight face but was nervous inside. She was waiting for someone.  But it seems that person would not show up. She finishes her drink and got up, when a man in mid 30's blocked her way.

Man : Hey lady...I was watching you, you are alone?

It was not a question but a statement.

Girl : I think so...but today I'm not in excuse me.

Man : Going home? Let me drop you...but after you share a drink with me...

Girl : I've finished my drink..but if you insist, I won't mind...

Man : Sounds good...

Girl : But I need something else also...

Man : Let me need a toffee?

Girl : (Smirked) I'm not a child...but I Like those toffees...

Man : Then you need to join me for a dance (he spread his hand) May I?

Girl : (placing her palm on his) With pleasure.

They moved to the dance floor.


4.50am, Nasik highway.

A black SUV braked at the roadside and a girl rolled down from it. The SUV zoomed forward. It was the same girl at the nightclub, but the difference is, she is dead now.

Now, tell me, should I continue?
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Posted: 9 years ago
ahaaa..caught you...WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

i loved this surprise...Party

finally a sequel...omg...loads of kisses and hugs from me atisha...EmbarrassedHeart

i love you sooo much...HugHugHugHug

awesome start..akdum atisha estyle...Thumbs UpCool

offcourse continue..and i know you will pm so go ahead..Big smile

Posted: 9 years ago
I didn't read HM beacuse of shifting problems , But I will definitely read thisSmileEdited by laila1994 - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
Wow amazing new story
interesting start w8ng 4 part1 plz continue soon
Edited by ...Maha-Srk... - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
superb startThumbs Up
couldn't read HM cuz of exams...
but will surely read thisSmile

Posted: 9 years ago
so nice of u to start a new one just after finishing the haunted mansion
eagerly waiting for the case so continue soon and pls don't forget to pm me for the updates Smile

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