IFFA2020 Fan Fictions

Words from RPSS (#IFFA2020)
Words from RPSS (#IFFA2020) By Vishva eye 2321 star 0 book 2

These poems written on human bonding and the associated predicaments. ...

The Ashy Abode (#IFFA2020)
The Ashy Abode (#IFFA2020) By DaddyMarvel eye 1284 star 1 book 1

A poem written on War and its associated miseries, how the changed ...

Her Broken Heart (#IFFA2020)
Her Broken Heart (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 8575 star 13 book 21

Gauri faced heartbreaks from the day she was born. It started from the ...

Completed + 5 more
Fireflies (#IFFA2020)
Fireflies (#IFFA2020) By Nushrat eye 9396 star 3 book 24

It's funny how the things you desire the most often become the reason for ...

Ongoing + 9 more
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family (#IFFA2020)
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 21313 star 83 book 19

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

Completed + 6 more
Chot (#IFFA2020)
Chot (#IFFA2020) By Prit_007 eye 3263 star 0 book 1

A small descriptive drabble on Anirudh and Bondita's commitment towards ...

Sabak (#IFFA2020)
Sabak (#IFFA2020) By Prit_007 eye 2129 star 0 book 1

An affectionate husband, Anirudh's sorrow for his kid wife Bondita's ...

Zapurza (#IFFA2020)
Zapurza (#IFFA2020) By tinamalHOTra96 eye 30200 star 3 book 9

A new story on Sairat, but there will be a lot of Samrat and Pakhi as well ...

The Truth (#IFFA2020)
The Truth (#IFFA2020) By caller123 eye 316 star 0 book 1

Darkness can cover the light but cannot win over it. Similar way evil can ...

Ruditha in Fairypur (#IFFA2020)
Ruditha in Fairypur (#IFFA2020) By caller123 eye 264 star 0 book 1

Anirudh, Bonditha and all the other characters are in Fairyland instead of ...

A Second Chance (#IFFA2020)
A Second Chance (#IFFA2020) By Nushrat eye 595 star 0 book 4

Lucky are those who get a second chance at happiness. But what happens when ...

Ongoing + 6 more
Bhaisasur (#IFFA2020)
Bhaisasur (#IFFA2020) By Nikita eye 189 star 2 book 1

Naman recounts his first and only encounter with the most dreaded asur, ...

Completed + 3 more
Deal with the Devil (#IFFA2020)
Deal with the Devil (#IFFA2020) By MsChanadlerBong eye 3887 star 23 book 8

When she knocks on the door of Devil for help, he makes her sign a deal. ...

Ongoing + 9 more
Glitch in Time (#IFFA2020)
Glitch in Time (#IFFA2020) By BitterBerry eye 1146 star 10 book 1

Arjun and Riya are stuck in time where they face their deepest fears, ...

Completed + 2 more
Shattered (#IFFA2020)
Shattered (#IFFA2020) By Nikita eye 1367 star 4 book 1

This is an OS based on the show Nazar... In this I have portrayed ...

Completed + 8 more
A Hasty Kiss (#IFFA2020)
A Hasty Kiss (#IFFA2020) By Koeli eye 4272 star 34 book 2

Inspired from the KZK2 track when Prerna receives Business woman of the ...

Completed + 3 more
A Treasure Trove of Memories (#IFFA2020)
A Treasure Trove of Memories (#IFFA2020) By Nikita eye 208 star 2 book 1

Memories... Memories can be good, they can be bad. But memories stay with ...

Completed + 3 more
Adopted Princess (#IFFA2020)
Adopted Princess (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 4301 star 13 book 19

Lavanya Sanskar Maheshwari a.k.a Princess was the heart of her adopted ...

Completed + 2 more
The Marriage Contract (#IFFA2020)
The Marriage Contract (#IFFA2020) By BlurredLines eye 11296 star 17 book 41

Swara and Sanskar had one thing in common their unwillingness to marry ...

Completed + 7 more
A Story Of The Truth (#IFFA2020)
A Story Of The Truth (#IFFA2020) By Alefiyah eye 366 star 1 book 2

What happens when Bondita, a little eight year old is been told her life's ...


Latest Stories

A Prick of a Thorn
A Prick of a Thorn By CrookedSmile eye 172 star 3 book 1

One day a boy meets a girl. And then a story forms, unfolds myriad of secrets ...

FATE By caller123 eye 904 star 1 book 22

This is a story of a widow and a business tycoon. It's about their FATE.

Hold my Hand
Hold my Hand By caller123 eye 535 star 0 book 16

Geet was married to Maan's younger brother Dev against Maan's mother's wishes ...

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