Just Friends

Just Friends Ongoing

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Gauri Singhania nursed a broken heart for two years when the love of her life broke up with her. Yet she held on to a glimpse of hope that one day she could find her way back to him and all her hopes were dashed in a single night leaving her not just with a broken heart but a body that felt suddenly alien to her . And a mind that was filled with nightmares and despair. Arun Prasad nursed a broken heart when the love of his life died with their daughter in a car accident two years ago , how can one cope with death and it's finality he didn't know and so found himself lost without a purpose to live . Until his paths crossed with someone who offered him a reason to live. With their heart locked away for someone else ,their path could only be intersect as friends and nothing more .
Author's Note:
This book is an sequel to my other work titled Her Broken Heart , awhile this can be read as a standalone you can understand it better if you read it's prequel. Banner Credit : Sanskruthi
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Sanskruthi Sanskruthi

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