Her Broken Heart Completed

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Gauri , faced heart breaks from the day she was born . It started from the loss of her father love who wanted a Son instead of her. And her life as a child was continued to be filled with heartbreaks from people who failed to love her unconditionally , a story where the little girl learns to believe in love again and trust that she was worth being loved by someone . This story is about Gauri whose life was filled with Heart breaks , and her strength that kept her going forward inspite of them . Join in her journey as you take a glimpse of the girl behind the timid stature who held a heart of steel that refused to give up on the hope that there will be someone who would love her unconditionally .
Author's Note:
A Warm Welcome to everyone who choose to read this Story. This book focus solely on Gauri, a girl lost in the world and fought a battle of her own from a young age. This book is my attempt to give a glimpse into a child life where she longs to be loved unconditionally and a glimpse into the reality that sometimes blood is not thicker than water. Banner Credit @MsChanadlerBong
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