Choices  (#IFFA2020)

Choices (#IFFA2020) Completed M

Published On: Thursday,Apr 23, 2020 18:14 PM GMT-06:00

eye 11840 star 18 book 8

Three people stood against her marriage, one for revenge, one for love, and one for her son. And their choices could wreck her life and probably stop her marriage as well. And yet what she didn't take into consideration was her choice as well that may be different from the one she believed all along. Join in their journey as everyone was given a chance to make a choice that could determine not only their future but the future of others as well.
Author's Note:
Readers Age Group : 13+

Trigger Warning : Mentions of Suicide.

Level of Triggers : Mild

A Warm Welcome to everyone who gives this story a try :) This FanFiction is based on the show Swaragini and is written on the first Marriage track of the same .
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