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Hardened Heart
Hardened Heart By Misswow2020 226 6 1

Khushi and Arnav were friends in childhood but have parted way with a ...

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Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family By NitaReid 2008 23 7

Arnav Singh Raizada ,the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

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Child Marriage
Child Marriage By Misswow2020 396 12 3

Arnav and Khushi are married in Childhood but seperated. This story will be ...

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Marry @ First Sight
Marry @ First Sight By Shilpa 1553 8 4

Short story on Arnav Khushi which can be read in few minutes

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Hit Wicket My Heart
Hit Wicket My Heart By LifeDramaFicTns 36009 24 58

Arnav is rakishly handsome and a world famous cricketer, the vice-captain ...

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One Shot Series: Yaad Hai? [Track ReWrite]
One Shot Series: Yaad Hai? [Track ReWrite] By -Grace- 1381 10 6

This is a series of one shots based on the scenes from the original show. ...

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Khushi’s Visit To North America #IFFA2019
Khushi’s Visit To North America #IFFA2019 By Savera84 448 1 1

A glimpse at the life of Khushi and Arnav after their second wedding.

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¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦ By ShiriFictionPen 688 12 2

Arnav has loved Khushi since forever, but she cannot accept him in her ...

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Beauty And Her Prince
Beauty And Her Prince By Hope 105848 24 23

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in India and a BIG mystery ...

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Ishq aisa bhi hotha hai
Ishq aisa bhi hotha hai By Misswow2020 959 12 6

Khushi joins AR as intern and wins over ASR and he equally loves her back. ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Incandescent By Just-do-it 9122 29 26

Khushi and Arnav embark on a relationship with each other knowing clearly ...

Completed + 7 more
Entwined By Koeli Dalmiya 1040 15 6

When two broken souls find peace in each other

Ongoing + 3 more
The Mafia Princess
The Mafia Princess By Koeli Dalmiya 8300 31 22

In order to save his girlfriend, he has to kidnap the sister of his ...

Completed + 3 more
Khushi in Control
Khushi in Control By Misswow2020 1057 15 5

This is my take on the show with changes from the point where Arnav is ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Blacks, Greys and Whites
Blacks, Greys and Whites By -Grace- 1550 19 6

Asher is battling between a bitter adulthood and a pleasant childhood, ...

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Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon By charlotte74 169387 28 22

Khushi is shocked when she finds out that she was adopted and that her ...

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Dil Ki Awaaz
Dil Ki Awaaz By Misswow2020 2779 21 6

Arnav's journey towards wining a heart surgeon Khushi back into his life.

Completed + 3 more
Distant Horizon
Distant Horizon By charlotte74 21405 115 17

Khushi meets Arnav Singh Raizada at a friend's engagement party and finds ...

Ongoing + 3 more

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Songs of Silence and A Playful Afternoon
Songs of Silence and A Playful Afternoon By nushy1995 58 0 2

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