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Infinite #ReadersChoiceAwards
Infinite #ReadersChoiceAwards By Just-do-it (@Just-do-it) eye 11489 star 82 book 11

For most of his life, Arnav Singh Raizada, never imagined he would fall in ...

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My Revengeful Love
My Revengeful Love By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 3976 star 40 book 7

Arnav has ordered an escort Khushi, but she is waiting for him with ...

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham By kavita (@kavitha_r) eye 1786 star 4 book 10

The story revolves around Arnav, Khushi, Sameer, and Naina. Arnav is the ...

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Guns And The Roses
Guns And The Roses By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 14221 star 40 book 13

Khushi is a cop and was dealing with a case in which Arnav, her ex was ...

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Quagmire By varanasi (@varanasi) eye 54416 star 165 book 33

QUAGMIRE Relationships are like quagmire once you get into them they ...

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Mine By Just-do-it (@Just-do-it) eye 2586 star 16 book 1

One year post the wedding of Payal and Akash, Arnav and Khushi are in a ...

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Falling for Her Boss
Falling for Her Boss By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 35896 star 99 book 27

Khushi Kumari Gupta, has been working for Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR for ...

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Darmiyaan By VeiledWords (@VeiledWords) eye 8618 star 40 book 3

Khushi Kumari Gupta may have walked out of Arnav Singh Raizada’s life a ...

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Palace Of Illusion
Palace Of Illusion By Vanhi (@vanhi) eye 5158 star 32 book 7

Her smile widened as she pulled herself to look at him. "Because my Dadaji ...

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The Perfect Arrangement
The Perfect Arrangement By Shilpa (@HerFiction) eye 2780 star 22 book 4

"The Perfect Arrangement" is a story about Khushi Gupta, a young and ...

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A Night on a Highway
A Night on a Highway By manjiri (@m4manju) eye 6505 star 16 book 11

A secluded highway, a dark night, a car ride with an arch nemesis and an ...

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Miracles By Just-do-it (@Just-do-it) eye 3282 star 17 book 1

After almost a decade of marriage, Arnav and Khushi are still as besottedly ...

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Behind the Story
Behind the Story By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 3098 star 19 book 4

Arnav is a scriptwriter and director, hopelessly romantic whereas Khushi is ...

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Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family #ReadersChoiceAwards
Blind Date - Courtesy of Match Making Family #ReadersChoiceAwards By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 52836 star 118 book 19

Arnav Singh Raizada, the most eligible bachelor in town wishes to remain ...

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The Other Woman #ReadersChoiceAwards
The Other Woman #ReadersChoiceAwards By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 8662 star 44 book 3

Khushi Kumari Gupta learns the reason behind her forced marriage and deals ...

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Someone I once knew...
Someone I once knew... By Mad_Maxx (@Mad_Maxx) eye 1095 star 5 book 2

A new take on ArHi. Campus fic.

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Enigma By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 6514 star 44 book 8

Orphan Khushi's only brother Krish found dead in a suspected condition, ...

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Blind Love
Blind Love By Shiri (@ExoticDisaster) eye 5218 star 22 book 3

Khushi is blindly in love with young sensational Rockstar Arnav Singh ...

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A Case of Misidentity
A Case of Misidentity By ranibowsprimkls (@Satrangi_Curls) eye 263 star 8 book 1

When a small misunderstanding leads to something else and there's a murder... ...

Yeh Dooriyaan
Yeh Dooriyaan By Mirai (@mirai07) eye 62370 star 4 book 17

Sahiba Kaur Monga, the breadwinner of her family gets entangled in a matrimony ...

Prem ki Holi!
Prem ki Holi! By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 1834 star 6 book 1

When you have someone in your heart and want them to colour you and your soul ...

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