Book 4 FF:Till the End of Time (Chpt50,Aug22,pg12)

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I really can't believe we have received book 4 for this FF. for the record, I never even imagined I would write a story for this long.LOL still I just cant express how glad I'm and thanks to everyone to has made this possible. Embarrassed it was August 10, 2011 when I started this story and today is January 30, 2015 I'm starting book 4 and last book for this FF. it's been 3.5 years and I have lost many readers by this time and Im sure by the time i will end it, i will lose some more. But many joined and some remained with me from the beginning and always inspired me to write and keep writing. and it's because of all of you I have reached this far. I'm thankful to Heena with whom i start shared this story and i wrote so many parts of this story according to her wish. and also Shrish. she loved the story from the beginning. i miss her. thanks to her. 
Thanks to Dishu, Shreya, Megha, Mandy, Indu, Rukhsi and Urvi for always inspire me to keep goingHug 

and thanks to Heena, Neethz, Chinky, Peehu thanks to you guys for making my 1st self made character even more popular than lead - Aryan LOL 
and to everyone who didn't give up on me and commented and loved what i wrote even for a 1day. and Im sorry if i havent mentioned your name here but please know I remember and truly value every comment, every criticism you have made and every love you have showed me and my characters.  i'm truly greatly to you. Hug

The summary is done by Dishu... thanks for the hard work my dear Hug


New banner for book 4. banner credit: Sunshine from FF graphicers

Piya takes Abhay to Manali where they first met. They get closer and Piya tricks Abhay into drinking from her which finally breaks Mohini's spell by giving Abhay all his and Piya's shared memories. They make up for the lost time by spending passioante moments. Jeh learns Aline being alive and Gaurav's evilness and that changes his perceptions. Aryan brings Abhay and Piya back to Dehradun after informing them about the case against Abhay and Kol arrives in Dehradun to meet Abhay.Peehu died after giving birth to twins - Pranay and Aahana. Abhay's friend and Mohini's ex-husband Kol arrives to support Abhay anyhow possible. Piya decides to be Abhay's lawyer despite his protests Kol helps her in this since he is one of the jury members in panel. and Mohini gets a Metamorphosis Pamona to fight the case in Ragini's form. While Abhay, Piya and Kol are shocked to see Ragini alive, she goofs up by not recognizing Kol or showing any sign of having any relation with Abhay. On investigations they get suspicious about her but are unable to find anything conclusive. Pamona tries to make Abhay soft towards her but fails as Piya lands there in time. Aryan performs shadow of the soul spell to spy on Mohini and discoveres Ragini's body still inside her coffin. The trials go on with some fake witnesses from Mohini's side, but Alina's turning up a as a witness in Abhay's defence starts making the court in his favour. While the case swings between being and against Abhay's favors, Jeh arrives there finally decides to say the truth on Alinas encouragement and Abhay wins the case. Mohini manages to steal two of Piya's hair while Pamona loses the case and gets exposed in the court as Jeh's testimony twists the case and Pamona fails to turn up in the court as Ragini. Jeh realizes the truth has thrown him into a lifetime danger name Mohini. There's a horrible clash of Kol and Mohini where Mohini blasts him for supporting Abhay once again. Abhay and Piya have their honeymoon in Belgium while Mohini starts performing black magic on Piya's hair. Arnab invites vampire hunters - The Arghasises clan to Dehradun and Mohini decides to perform the spell of forbidden insanity on Piya.

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If you want to recieve PMs for any of my stories, be in wattpad or IF. add me in  THIS account for Pms for FF. and silent readers too please.
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congratulations for book 4 :)
Posted: 2015-01-29T16:21:14Z
Congrulations For Reaching Book 4 Smile Thumbs Up

Sorry Dear I Started Reading Ur Story As Soon As I Joined IF... Smile And When U Were End Of Book 3... Well Must Say U R Too Good.. Not Just Good U R Fab Writing This Story... Smile... I Bookmarked It... And This Story Is In My Favourite Stories List Now.. Smile

Im Saying Again This Story ''Till The End Of Time'' Is Very Veryy Good...Smile

And What Shocked... This Book I Mean Book 4 Will Be Last Book. Dont Say That Plzzz... Unhappy Cry... Plzzz Continue As Long As U Can... Smile... Plzzz Smile Big smile
Posted: 2015-01-29T18:33:57Z
Congratulations on book 4. This has long been one of my fav FFs and so feels great to see it go this far.
Thanks for the summary and the banner is stunning Heart
Posted: 2015-01-29T19:05:59Z
Congratulations for new book
Love this story very much
Pls ccontinue soon

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