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An Arranged Love Marriage

hello guyies... how are u all...
guyies this is aayushi here.. as many may know it... but here i m posting the story of one of my di--->>    arima_mallik    <<---
I m posting from my thread due to some technical problems ...
so for the story all the creadit gos to here. i m just sharing it with u all.. and she will be replying to all of ur comments from her ID only


Part 01 - page 01

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--->>    arima_mallik    <<---

Character sketch

 Armaan Mallik

CEO of Mallik Enterprises. Only son of Mr. Balvinder Mallik and Ananya Mallik. A fun loving person; not often angry but when he is God helps the person in front of him! Loves challenges in life; and does care and love the people to no ends whom he considers to be his.

Riddhima Gupta

soon to be Riddhima Armaan Mallik Daughter of Shashank and Padma Gupta. A very sweet, caring and loving girl. A simple and traditional girl waiting for her prince charming who is about to enter her life and make her his forever.

Anjali Joshi
Sister of Riddhima now happily married to Atul Joshi.
   Baaki ke characters you will know ahead in the story.

Part  1
   A chaos could be heard in every corner of the house; sitting in the room going down the memory lane she sat with a little happiness and a little sadness in her eyes. She was dressed up in a bridal wear looking nothing less than an angel and was about to be married to her prince charming. Her hands full of bangles and dark brown mehnedi with an A written beautifully in the centre.  She caressed her hand and her face turned light pink as she remebered his face; his million dollar dimpled smile when he saw her for the first time. The way he gave her his hand asking if she was ready for this marriage and the way he held it securely when she gave it to him as an affirmation. She blushed as she realized in just a few hours she would turn into Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik from Riddhima Shashank Gupta.
        It was an arranged marriage which was being fixed and both Armaan and Riddhima had not even seen each other but the marriage was fixed. Riddhima being the typical traditional girl was all set to get married to whoever her parents would decide to. Whereas Armaan on other hand did not believe in love and marriage stuff. So he was just tired of saying no to each and every girl coming up with new reasons every time. Riddhima had seen his photo and was quiet impressed though but Armaan had not even seen her photograph. He directly had met her when both the familes had met for a dinner to make their relationship official. He had been there just for a formality but the moment he laid his eyes onn her he forgot to breath. She was a natural beauty and the red dress that was his favourite colour just made her glow like anything. He for the first time felt attracted towards a girl so strongly and thanked his parents a 100 times in his mind for selecting her as his would be. He did not know why but he felt in just that 1 moment that she was the one; the one made for him. But that was the only day he actually got to speak to her cause immediately from the next day onwards the traditions started and to everyone's surprise even Armaan had not been fussy about things now.

Just as Riddhima was drowned in her thoughts Anjali entered her room and said teasingly;
Chalo Ridzy aapke dulhe miya aa gaye; besabri se niche aapka intezar kar rahe hai! She was brought down to the mandap and the moment he saw her he knew that he had made a right decision by finally saying yes to the marriage. She came and sat besides him with her eyelashes fixed on the ground. Her face was glowing but she wasn't smiling. Her hands were trembling a bit due to all the nervousness and anxiety. As he sensed that he slowly took her hand in his and squeezed it lightly malking her look at him. He nodded his head and smiled blinking his eyes giving her the much needed assurance.As he filled her mang and made her wear mangalsutra she looked up in his eyes and both shared a knowing smile. He never left her  hand till they were done with the pheras and both were made to sit down. After having their dinner both of them took everyone's blessings. She was crying hysterically and that killed him. He did not know why but he wanted to hug her tightly and assure that everything was going to be okay and she need not cry. As she sat in the car he offered his handkerchief and was observing her. She was upset and also wanted t cry but was holding back maybe because he might get annoyed or something as for almost past half an hour she was just crying nd he was trying to stop her. Finally after a long ride they reached home and she was taken to his room. She was aazed seing the room as thogh been such a famous business tycoon his room was quite simple. It was elegant and classy for sure but still; simple. Now this was the room; where she would be spending the rest of her life. She was made to sit on the bed with her veil on her face and that is when all of a sudden the newly wedded feeling engulfed her nerves. He would be here in any moment;  her husband. The person she would be living with and living for! It was the start of the new phase of her life and she was so nervous about everything and 100 questions were running through her mind like how would it be; how were things gonna work; how would he be with her; would he understand her and etc etc...but a smile made its way on her lips as she remembered the way he held her hand in the mandap to calm her nerves. The sound of the door knob brought her back to the present and she could feel him making way towards her. As he sat on the bed her toes curled upout of nervousness about his next move. He slowly removed her veil and found her sitting with her eyes down. She looked ethereal in the bridal dress and her face was glowing in the moonlight.  He lifted her chin and asked her;
A Tumhe apne ghar ki yaad aa rahi hai na Apne mom dad don't have to hold back; ye soch ke ki main kya sochunga. I understand; just let them free; aise apne aansuo ko mat roko! She looked up at him and wondered how could he read her so well when he did not even know her much! She let her tears flow but after a moment cleared them and said;
R Ab main... bilkul theek hu. Thanks.
A Kis liye
R Mujhe samajhne ke liye.
A Please ab thanks mat kaho...come on ab toh zindagi bhar saath rehna hai toh har roz aisi choti choti baaton ke liye thanks bolti phirogi did you like my...I mean our room She liked the way he addressed the room saying soo much in just in that one sentence that he was trying to accept her in his life.
R Bohot acha hai; I liked it very much.
A Hmm... mere saath chalo u need some fresh air some. He took her hand and made her stand near the window. He closed her eyes with his palm and siad; Apni aankhein band karo aur thodi der shanti se is thandi hawa ko mehsoos karo. She did as he siad and did feel a litte better but wasn't much out of her nervousness yet. Kya hua...tum itna khoyi hui kyu ho Nervous Nai nai shuruat hai toh dar lag raha hai She just looked away and he got his answers.  Can I hug you
R ...aap mere pati hai...aapka hak banta hai!
A Maine ye nahi poocha ki haq banta hai ya nahi...main janna chahta hu ki tumhe toh isse koi aitraaz nahi Her cheeks flushed as he said that and she nooded her head.
       He slowly took her hand in his and wrapped her in his arms and she just rested her head on his chest feeling all shy. Pata hai; bachpan main jab bhi main nervous hota tha; kisi nayi cheez ko lekar pareshaan hota tha toh mom aise hi mujhe gale lagati thi. You see a warm hug always helps. Tumhe pareshaan hone ki koi jaruurat nahi hai; everything is going to be fine. Tum ek bohot achi ladki ho and I know you will handle everything perfectly. He took her back to the bed and removed her veil off her head completely. He started removing her neck jewellery while talking to her ; Riddhima I will be completely frank to you. Main sab main bilkul vishwas nahi karta...aur isi liye itne waqt se I had been running away from it. She instantly looked up at him as he said that. Haan ye sach hai...par jab main tumhe dekha  toh for the first time I felt lie giving it a try. Tum pehli ladki ho jise dekhkar mujhe laga ki mujhe shaadi karni chahiye; aur agar kabhi ki toh tumhi se karni chahiye. There's something about you...jisne mujhe strongly tumhari aur kheencha. You see ab tum meri patni ho; tumhari kuch khwahishe hongi kuch sapne honge shaadi ko lekar jo main samajhta hu. Aur unhe poora karna mera farz banta hai; kyunki ab tum meri zimmedari ho. He started removing her earrings one by one and she just sat letting him do whatever he was as her complete attention was towards what he was speaking. Par Riddhima main vo sab is liye nahi karna chahta just because tum merii zimmedari ho. Main is rishte ko sirf is liye nahi nibhana chahta kyunki ye mera farz banta hai! Balki I would be doing so kyunki main aisa karna achahta hu. Not for the sake of responsibility but for my happiness as per my wish. Aur jaha tak maine tumhe jana hai; tum bhi is rishte ke liye poori tarah se tayyar nahi ho; bas ise nibhaogi kyunki tumhara farz banta hai which I won't let happen. Is liye main chahta hu ki hum pehle ek dusre ko achi tarah se jaanle; he removed her mang tikka and kept it aside finally freeing her of all her jewellary except for the chuda in her hand and held her face; aur phir is rishte ko apnaye. Hum is rishte ko tabhi aagge badhayenge jab tum aur main; hum dono iske liye raazi ho; okay
R; Hmm...par aap...
A Haan haan bolo; jo bhi kehna chahti ho please kaho! You can ask me anything.
R Aap toh shaadi vegera main believe nahi...toh phir ye rishta... mera matlab... He smiled at the innocence with which she spoke. He moved ahead and planted a sofe kiss on her forehead;
A Haan par ye rishta bilkul meri marzi se hua hai! Maine apni khushi se tumse shaadi ki hai; aur main is rishte ko poori shiddat se nibhaunga ye main wada karta hu.
R Aapne mujhe sab sach bataya; apne dil ki baat mujhe batayi;  Aur aapne mujhe bhi samjha; is rishte ko waqt diya panhapne ke liye. Mujhe bohot acha laga.
A thik hai toh phir...tum jaakar change karlo main bhi tab tak fresh ho jata hu. Tum kafi thak gayi hogi; jao. Both of them changed and freshened up and wishing each other both of them dozed off with a smile  on their faces waiting for the new upcoming day to make a new start. To start a new life; their married life.
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--->>  arima_mallik    <<---

Part 2

The next morning she woke up early and went for a quick shower. He woke up and found the room empty and realized that she must e in the washroom. He was sitting up and going through his cell when the door knob turned and she came out wearing a beautiful red saree and hair dripping wet. Her cheeks had turned rosy due to the cold outside and she was looking so beautiful that he had his breath for a moment unknowingly. He had been with so many girls in his life but couldn't remember any such beauty till date. He was mesmerized by her simple yet angelic looks. As she turned around while drying her hair she saw him gazing at her intently and her cheeks turned a shade deeper. She dropped her eyelids unable to stand his gaze and quickly went to the dressing table. She placed the towel aside neatly and was about to take something from the dresser when she found him standing right behind her. She did not move an inch as she knew he was really close; he slowly held her arm and turned her around whereas she just continued looking everywhere but him. He removed a fringe from her face and tucked it behind her ear making her close her eyes.

A: Tumhe pata hai that you actually define beauty right? Taking her hands in his he slowly caressed it and kissed it ever so lightly making her shiver.
R: Mu...mujhe...der...der ho rahi hai...tayyar hona hai...neeche jaake... rasoi ki rasam bhi karni hai...
A: Theek hai toh chali jaana main kaha rok raha hu; bas thodi der baad chali jao. Mujhe tumhe kuch dena hai. She instantly opened her eyes and looked at him as if asking what? He indicated 1 minute through his finger and removed something from his wardrobe. Ye actually raat ko dena tha...your first night gift...par I forgot. He handed her a box and told her to open it and she found a beautiful golden bangle in it. Ye pushtani kangan hai...darasal this is not your gift from mom ne diya hai; unhone mujhe tumhe ye dene ke liye kaha tha. He removed the bangle from the box and holding her hand made her wear it. Ye humesha tumhare paas rakhna; umm...even I have a gift for you but... she raised a brow at that; par vo main tumhe humare...actual first night pe dunga.Okay?
She just nodded her head with a small smile playing on her lips. Theek hai main abhi jaakar naha leta hu; tumhe thodi der main ghar bhi jana hoga na pagphere ki rasam ke liye! He took his towel and went inside the bathroom but just in a while came back in a rush looking a little annoyed. He just started walking out of the room while instructing her; Bathroom main bilkul bhi enter mat karna. Just stay in the room till I come back okay. Just don't get even near the washroom. She was a bit confused but continued combing her hair as she had to go down soon. She combed her hair and then suddenly she realized that her neck was bare; she started searching for her mangalsutra when she remembered that she had kept in on the counter in the washroom. She wanted to go down soon and nor could she sit like that without her mangalsutra for longer as she did believe a lot in all these things. She instantly went inside the washroom and searched for it and found it right where she had left it but while all this she never realized that he had strictly warned  her not to enter the washroom. She picked the mangalsutra and was wore it when she remembered his words. She gasped at her foolishness and looked around to find out the reason behind his instructions but failed; but recovering soon she thought of moving out before he could see her inside. Armaan entered the room and panicked finding it empty. On the other hand as she tried to move out in a haste her feet slipped on the water droplet and she was about to fall terribly so in order to save herself she tried to hold something and unfortunately the wire of the geyser came in her hand; before she could touch the open part of the live wire he reached  in time and pulled her up harshly making her collide into him. But her hand anyways hit the counter and few  bangles broke making her hand bleed badly. Also as the counter was too hard and hit her terribly she couldn't help but cried out in pain.
          He instantly dragged her out of the room and just then Ananya and Joseph(one of their maids) entered the room. He immediately made her sit on the bed and removed the first aid kit. She just kept groaning in pain as the pain was unbearable for her; her eyes kept tearing and he just couldn't stand that sight. As he started cleaning the wound she hissed and tried to withdraw her hand to avoid the pain but he held it firmly and blew on the wound trying to give her some relief. As he finished the dressing Ananya came ahead and asked all worried and confused;
An: Riddhima...beta ye sab kaise hua? Ye chot kaise... But before she could finish Armaan threw daggers at both of them and asked loudly ;
A:  HOW THE HELL DOES THE WIRE MELT FOR THE 2 ND TIME IN A PERIOD OF 1 WEEK? 4 DIN PEHLE HI GEYSER REPAIR KIYA THA TOH HOW DOES IT HAPPEN AGAIN? MAINE KAHA THA KI THEEK SE CHECK KARO TOH PHIR KAISE? Joseph just tried to open his mouth say something but one look at Armaan was just enough to immediately close it. NOW JUST STOP STARING AT ME LIKE THIS AUR JAAKAR USE THEEK KARO. RIGHT NOW! Joseph went in quickly whereas Ananya just stood silently as she knew it wasn't the best time to even utter a word as she could see her son in his worst mood. Whereas Riddhima who was crying terribly till now just went mum as she flinched seeing him red in anger. Before she could even realize what was happening he turned to her with red eyes and falring nose and said through his gritted teeth; AND WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK WERE YOU DOING INSIDE GOD DAMMIT? DIDN'T I JUST WARN YOU AND LEAVE KI MERE VAPAS AANE TAK BATHROOM MAIN MAT JAANA; TOH KYA JARURAT THI ANDAR JAANE KI; 2 MINUTE INTEZAAR NAHI KAR SAKTI THI! VO TOH ACHA HAI KI MAINE SWITCH BAND KAR DIYA THA; VARNA he pulled her roughly and said;...DO YOU EVEN REALIZE ABHI TUMHARI HAALAT KYA HOTI? EK CHOTI SI BAAT KAHI THI TUMSE TUM VO BHI NAHI MAAN SAKTI RIGHT? HUH...
       Riddhima almost forgot about every damn pain in her body and just stared back at him all surprised with his angry side. She didn't imagine that a morning which had started so beautifully would turn out so miserable. She couldn't utter a word as he had held her so close and was glaring at her soo coldly with a complete red face. Ananya cama ahead for her rescue and butted in;
An: Armaan beta shaant ho ja; use kuch nahi pata tha; aur geyser toh kisi ko pata nahi uski kya problem hui hai! Shayad temperature difference ki vajah se; aur kam se kam us bechari par toh mat chilla; use itni chot aayi hai. She went ahead and took Riddhima in a motherly hug and she sobbed in her embrace.
A: Toh chot aayi kyun hai? Jab maine use saaf saaf kaha tha ki vaha na jaaye toh jarurat kya thi?...aur agar main waqt pe nahi pohochta aur us wire ki vajah se use kuch... he shut his eyes tightly and pursed his lips to control himself. Just...just forget it. He  strode off the room angrily. The rasoi rasam was obviously not done as her right hand itself was injured. After an hour or so he entered the room;
A; Chalo late ho raha hai... she wanted to tell him to fill her maang but listening to his cold voice couldn't bring herself to do that. Riddhima was upset as Armaan had not spoken a word with her after the incident so Ananya hugged her and told her to relax as she would talk to Armaan. Throughout the car journey none of them spoke. As they reached her house he was welcomed warmly but her mom dad's smile faltered a bit as they saw her hand with the dressing.
P: Kya hua chot kaise lagi? Riddhima looked at Armaan through the corner of her eyes as he was sitting right next to her. She was about to say something when he answered rather joked surprising her;
A: Nahi aunty maine kuch bhi nahi kiya haan; main domestic voilence main believe nahi karta...both shashank and padma smiled at that; vo actually aunty uska pair slip ho gaya tha washroom main, toh khud ko sambhaalne ke chakkar main ye chot lag gayi. All of them sat together for a while and then he started leaving bidding a bye to everyone. As he walked off the door Riddhima kept staring at him with a hope that he would wave a bye; say something or atleast turn around to have a look at her but he did not do any of these. As padma saw her lost looking at the door she put a hand on her shoulder. Riddhima just looked up at her and hugged her trying to find some relied in her mother's embrace. She did not want her first day of marriage itself to be like this but she was helpless. She spent some time with her mom and dad; even Anjali came home after sometime to meet her and all of them enjoyed their family time. After lunch Riddhima after thinking a lot tried to call him but he did not pick the call. She kept trying after every 5 minutes with a hope that he would respond but he never did. She cried her heart out as she felt insecure. She felt as if something huge was snatched away from her. Somehow an insecurity that whether he will even be back in the evening to take her back started seeping through her veins.
      On the other hand Ananya spoke to Armaan and tried to make him understand.
An: Armaan...tum dono ki shaadi ka pehla din hai aur tune us bechari ke saath kya kiya? Vo kitni upset thi jaanta bhi hai? Kitna kuch bol diya use?
A: Par mom I did not do it intentionally; you know that it was just because...
An: You care...i know; par beta use pyaar se bhi toh samjha sakte the na. Use tere aise ghusse ki aadat nahi hai.
Bi: Bilkul...khabardaar jo meri beti ko phir se satya toh. Vo bechari kitni bholi bhali hai; kuch kaha nahi hoga usne toh ye baras pada hoga uspar. Agar main us waqt ghar pe hota toh tere kaan hi kheench leta; bina vajah us bachi ko dara diya!
A: Dad please...aur maine use kaha tha phir bhi...
Bi: Vo sab mujhe nahi pata; vo jab vaapas aayegi toh mujhe use muskuraate hue dekhna hai bas! He went away warning him whereas even Ananya sided him.
     Riddhima had been in a foul mood for the whole day for which she just said that she was feeling low that she had to leave her house permanently now. She was almost convinced that maybe he was so angry that he just won't turn up to take her back. She was waiting for atleast a small message but she never even received that. Around 7:30 when still she got no response at all from his side she really was shattered. Was their relationship sooo weak that not a single day gone and she was on this turn of their relationship. Was she that wrong that he was so upset with her; didn't she even deserve an explanation.  She was thinking about all these things when Shashank entered her room and told her that Armaan had just called that he couldn't be coming today as he had some important work to be taken care of. That was like a confirmation to her doubts and her heart broke into pieces. Why would he do that to her.
   Kya vo jaan bujhkar ye sab kar rahe hai subah jo bhi hua us vajah se. Nahi...shayad unhe vakai koi kaam hoga! Par agar aisa tha toh vo mera phone kyun nahi utha rahe? Aur papa ko phone karke bata sakte the; par mujhe 1 message nahi bhej sake? She was so perturbed with everything. A tiny winy accident had made her lose all her thinking capabilities. But...Little did she know the other side of the story. Armaan was actually upset and angry for her morning's carelessness for sometime but he had forgotten the incident and now even he was waiting for her to come back as much as she was waiting to go back! But he genuinely had some work for which he had to leave for Pune immediately so he couldn't help it and he also thought that maybe it would be anyways good for her that she would get 1 more day with her family but even he was unaware of her state of mind. The next entire day Riddhima was lost in her own world. She tried to call him again but his cell was now switched off. Riddhima was being taken to various places for shopping and stuff but Anjali realized that she was not being herself so she spoke directly to her.
An: Kya hua Ridz?? Tu khoyi khoyi si lag rahi hai? Sab theek toh hai na? Tu Armaan ke saath khush toh hai na?
R: Haan di...AUR  aisi koi baat nahi; bas...vo ...thodi thakan mehsoos ho rahi hai na isi liye; aur kuch nahi.
An: Pakka? Armaan se related toh koi baat nahi hai na? Dekh aisa kuch hai toh tu mujhe bata sa...
R: Nahi di; aap khamakha tension le rahe ho! Armaan...Armaan toh bohot ache hai. Vo bas...unhe kaam hoga isi liye. Par aap aisa kuch mat sochiye; main bilkul khush hu. She faked a smile to convince her and that did help a little but anyways Anjali wasn't fully convinced.  Even Atul joined them after lunch and he too noticed the change in her behavior.
       On the other hand unknown to all these things Armaan was already on his way back to Mumbai and was trying to call Riddhima; but she was so lost in herself that she had kept her cell phone in the bag and not even bothered to check it after coming back. By now she was genuinely feeling very weak as the wound that she had in her hand was paining terribly but she was just ignoring it from last night. Now as she wasn't picking up he called up Shashank and informed him that he would be back in two hours and pick her directly. But unfortunately as Shashank went up to her room to inform she was fast asleep; so he thought to let her be as he would wake her after sometime to get ready. Armaan reached just within an hour after the call.
Sh: arey beta aap toh jaldi pohoch gaye. Chalo achha hai; thoda time yahi beeta lo humare saath phir chale jana.
Ar: Jee jaroor kyun nahi! As some time went by and there was no sign of Riddhima he finally asked about her.
P: Arey haan vo toh so rahi hai; main abhi jaakar use utha deti hu.
A: So rahi hai; is waqt. Nahi matlab...shaam ho chuki hai toh...
Sh: Arey haan beta vo thoda thak gayi hogi na...din bhar bachiya shopping pe gayi thi na isi liye.
P: Tum baitho na beta; juice peeyo main tab tak use fresh hone ke liye keh deti hu. Padma entered her room and found her fast asleep as if she was sleeping after so long. She felt bad to break her sleep but Armaan was waiting downstairs for her so she had to wake her up.
P: Riddima...beta uth jaao. Utho beta...Riddhima opened her eyes slightly and Padma could see her puffed eyes. Kya hua beta tum ro rahi thi kya? Aankhen kyu sujh gayi hai tumhari?
R: Nahi maa...vo mujhe...bohot neend aa rahi hai; raat ko neend poori nahi hui na shayad...isi liye.
P: Acha chal...ab uth aur jaldi se tayar ho ja.
R: Tayyar? Kyu maa; abhi kahi nahi jaana mujhe please mom main bohot...
P: Arey paagal; Armaan aya hai. Neeche tera intezaar kar raha hai! Ghar nahi jaana tujhe? As soon as she heard his name she sat up straight and all the sleep vanished in a click.
R: Armaan? Armaan aaye hai?
P: Haan...aur kab se tera intezar kar raha hai! Cha lab jaldi tayyar ho ja. She was about to go when Riddhima stopped her;
R:  Maa...vo unhone kuch...kuch kaha?
P: Matlab?
R: Matlab...mere bare main...Padma looked at her a little suspiciously...nahi matlab main itni der se neeche nahi thin a...toh...
P: Haan tere hi bare main toh pooch raha hai. Isi liye keh rahi hu baatein kam kar aur chal ab jaldi. She really wanted to be happy but she was surprised. She couldn't understand that whether he was even angry/ upset/ or what. Nonetheless keeping her confusions aside she got ready and went down as quick as possible. She saw him sitting with her family and having a nice chat with all of them. She was even more confused now that if he was so upset that he wasn't even ready to receive her single call nor call her back then how can he behave so normally right now. How come he never said anything to her parents about her; that he was so disappointed in her. As she walked down the stairs he looked up and saw her looking at him but lost somewhere; so he passed a smile but she just kept staring back. As she was now ready he soon took a leave and walked out holding her hand surprising her by his gesture again. They sat in the car and he was observing her for a while as she was looking so pale and lost; but finally as he couldn't take her silence he started the conversation.
Toh...uncle keh rahe the that you 3 had loads of fun; bohot sari shopping ki. Mere liye kuch khareeda? She simply nodded her head saying no as she was still dazed and couldn't understand his behavior.
Arey...that's not fair; chalo koi baat nahi u don't even know much about me na abhi tak toh kya khareedti tum.She realized that they were not on the usual road; he had taken some other turn.
Aap ne shayad galat turn le liya rasta toh ghar ka nahi...
Haan toh tumse kisne kaha ki main tumhe ghar le jaa raha hu?...Actually kal job hi hua us vajah s...
Aap...aap mujhe ghar nahi le jaa rahe? ...Toh phir?? She was stunned at this revelation. Her heart stopped for a minue thinking that was he actually not going to take her home?
Arey...  itna tension mat leejiye madam. At the end of the day main aapko aapke ghar pohocha dunga par abhi hum kahi aur jaa rahe hai. Just wait and watch. She froze as he said that and she started wondering; What went so wrong?? Mujhe apne ghar chod denge matlab kya hai inka? Mujhe itni si galti ki itni bada saja yun de rahe he; khud se dur kar rahe hai? Kya main itni buri hu ki 1 din bhi mere saath rehna inhe gavara nahi? Her thoughts came to a halt along with the car as he told her to get down. She noticed that the place was beautiful; calm and quiet with no one around. But instead of happiness or any kind of excitement when he noticed her all confused he couldn't help but ask her out. He held her arm and made her face him; Kya hua hai Riddhima tum theek toh ho na? Tumhari aankhen bhi itni laal ho chuki hai; itni thaki hui lag rahi ho! Are you okay?
Armaan?? Aap aisa kyu kar rahe hai?

Main? Kya hua; maine kya kiya?Aap agar ghussa hi hainaaraz hai mujhse toh saaf saaf kyun nahi keh rahe? Aap chahte kya hai?

Kya? Main ghussa nahi hu tumse!

Jhoot kyun keh rahe hai aap. Kam se kam mujhe itni badi saja toh mat de jiye. She couldn't hold her tears back anymore now.
      Riddhima??  Tum...tum ro kyun rahi ho? Aur maine kiya kya hai? He was stunned to see her in tears and just couldn't pinpoint what was wrong.

Aap kal se mere calls nahi utha rahe; Pune jaate waqt 1 baar bhi mujhe batana jaruri nahi sajmha; 1 call/1 message nahi bheja in do dino main aur aap kehte hai sab theek hai. Aap mujhse naaraz nahi hai?
Riddhima...he held her arms and rubbed them slightly to calm her down; main sach main tumse naaraz nahi hu! And about not picking your calls; well I am really sorry for that actually main apna cell ghar pe hi chod gaya tha isi abhi tak mujhe pata nahi is sab ke bare main. When I tried to call you toh it was not getting connected toh maine tumhare papa ko bol diya. Aur abhi thodi der pehle bhi I tried to call you so many times; par tum phone hi nahi utha rahi thi. She now remembered about her cell phone still lying in her handbag unchecked. But then why did he leave for Pune so suddenly?
Toh phir aap...aap ghussa nahi the toh aise kal...kyun chale gaye achanak?
Riddhima I had some work to be done. Vo nahi najar andaaz kar paaya; jaruri tha isi liye. Par tum ro kyun rahi ho bataogi bhi!
Vo aap ne kal...mujhse bilkul baat nahi ki...ghusse main mujhe ghar chodkar chale gaye...pune jane ke bare main bhi inform nahi kiya...aur din bhar mera phone bhi nahi utha rahe the...toh maine socha aap bohot ghussa ho...aur...
Aur is liye kal chala gaya tha aur ghusse ki vajah se tumhe lene hi nahi aaunga? You really think main itna immaturely behave karunga? Just because kal subah koi baat ho gayi thi aur main ghussa ho gaya toh tumhe khudse hi dur kar dunga just the very next day of marriage! Her face was completely red now little coz of crying and more due to embarrasment. Ohhh created such an epitome of misunderstandings for yourself.
Par phir aapne abhi abhi kaha bhi ki by the end aap mujhe mere ghar pohocha denge...
Haan tumhare ghar; usse mera matlab Mallik mansion se hi tha; as in your new house; vo ab tumhara hi toh ghar hai na! She was such a big time fool! How could she think so wrong about him; she was such an idiot she felt. But for him; she looked like a school girl to him now who had created a huge blunder and was standing with her head down in shame asking for forgiveness. But her tears were hurting him badly.
I...I am sorry. Mujh...
Shut up...and come here; he pulled her in his arms and caressed her head hugging her tightly.  Isi liye tum itni upset ho itni der se! And let me clear it out...kal main ghussa sirf isi liye tha kyunki tumne almost apni jaan khatre main daal di thi; what do you expect! Aur upar se Tumhe itni boori tarah se chot lagi thi; tum jis tarah ro rahi thi I couldn't stand it. Main ghussa jaroor tha for all that happened; par main naaraz nahi hu tumse. main tumhe yaha isi liye laya tha...kuch plan kiya tha tumhare liye. Kal shadi ke pehle hi din tumpe ghussa ho gaya; such a bad thing; isi liye apologize karna chahta tha. I thought hum kuch waqt beetayenge saath main bas. Par tum toh...
I am re...a..lly so..r...ry. She held onto his shirt tightly and hid her face in his neck while sobbing. She could feel sensations through each and every single nerve of hers but still could feel so calm and relaxed in his embrace. He couldn't help but smile at her innocence.
Shh...bas...ab rona band karo. He rubbed her back; Chalo chup ho jao... He wiped her tears and adjusted her hair properly. Chalo ghar chalte hai.
Par...aap toh keh rahe the ki aapne kuch arrangements...
Haan kiye toh hain...but as far as I understand now  tumhari aankhein isi liye aisi ho gayi hai coz you never slept last night; is liye itni thaki  hui bhi ho hain na? Her silence answered him very well. Toh  ye sab hum baad main dekh lenge; abhi ghar chalo. Haan par pehle; he handed her a bottle of water; isse thoda sa pani muh pe maar lo you will feel better. Varna ghar pe aise gayi toh mom dad bohot pareshaan honge; aur phir merit oh khair hi nahi samjho. She tried to wash her face but couldn't do much with her left hand so he took the bottle himself and sprinkled some water on her face; then removing his handkerchief wiped her face like she was a little kid. She drank some water and before she could retort he made her sit in the car and drove back home. As they reached home he quickly told Ananya to serve food as Riddhima was now feverish; so she not only did make a plate for her but fed her lovingly like a mother as she knew Riddhima would need help since her hand was injured. Quickly as they finished their dinner he checked her temperature and quickly talking to the doctor on phone gave her medicine as she just had slight fever only because of the wound. He was changing her dressing when he found her staring at him;
Kya hua aise kyun dekh rahi ho?
Aap soch rahe main...kitni badi bevakoof hu. Pata nahi...kya kya soch bathi thi... par...

Main soch nahi raha; you are stupid!...aur nahi toh kya, haalat dekhi hai apni? Bevajah khud ko itna pareshaan kar diya. He closed the kit and keeping it aside got up when she held his hand and stood face to face with him.
I am sorry Armaan. Maine aapko bhi bohot pareshaan kar diya na! Mujhe maaf kar dijiye.
            He sighed and held her face in his palms;
Dekho Riddhima; I just want you o understand ki tum meri patni ho. Agar main kabhi ghussa ho bhi jau; naraaz ho jau toh that doesn't mean main tumhe apne aap se dur kar dunga. If something is wrong; kuch problem hai humare beech; I'll always try to sort it out. Tumhe is relation ko lekar itna insecure hone ki jarurat nahi hai! Main tumhare saath hu; jo bhi baat hai jaisi bhi ghadi hai; hum humesha saath rahenge. I won't let this relation just shatter away so easily. Get that? She simply nodded her head at that. He kissed her forehead and she instantly hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck. Caressing her head he planted few kisses on her neck and felt her fisting his shirt tightly. He detangled slowly and picking her in his arms placed her on the bed; tucked her nicely into the blanket and lay down besides her. He was caressing her head and she was about to say something but he placed a finger on her lip; jao chup chap. You need rest. Kal baat karlenge theek hai! Abhi tum aaram karo.  She closed her eyes and quickly dozed off to sleep. But she was shivering due to cold so he adjusted her blanket properly and as he placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered Good night in her ears she turned around and snuggled closer to him finding the warmth. He stiffened for a moment but the next moment a huge smile adorned his face. He spread her blanket properly and getting in it covered both of them properly and held her closer to himself; she relaxed as she found the much needed warmth.
       She stirred in her sleep as the sun  rays entered their room and she could feel something caressing her waist; as she moved her face up and opened her eyes she gasped as she came directly face to face with him. She realized that she was resting her head on his arm; his one hand was gripping her waist with which he was caressing it; whereas he had kept her right hand on his chest which he had held securely so that she doesn't hurt it in sleep. That is when she noticed that he had purposely shifted her to the right side of bed so that she could rest her right hand and not let it come under her. She adored him silently as his small gesture showed the amount of care that he held for her. She tried to move out of his hold to get up but sensed that his grip got tighter around her and she heard his voice the next moment;
Kaha jaa rahi ho? She looked up and found him satring back at her.
Vo main...maine socha jaake fresh ho jau. 8 baje chuke hai na! She was saying it all without once looking at him as she wasn't able to face him when he was so close to her. Her cheeks had already coloured up and she was shivering; which she did not know was coz of cold or his breath that she could feel on her forehead. He just smiled as he noticed her state and coming out of the blanket he said;
Nahi; tum so jao. Abhi thodi der aur aaram karo vaise bhi mujhe thodi der main nikalna hai toh main tab tumhe utha dunga. jaa  rahe hai?
Kyun nahi jana chahiye? He smirked as he siad that.
Umm...nahi main bas aise hi pooch rahi thi; ...toh...main abhi jaakar aapke liye...
Kuch nahi karogi; Joseph sab preparations kar dega. You rest. Main nahane jaa raha hu aur jab main vapas aao toh I should find you fast asleep. Saying so he went inside the washroom to have a bath and she smiled as he went away ordering but slept soon as the fever anyways made her feel all tired and worn out. As he came out after a refreshing bath he saw her sleeping peacefully holding the blanket tightly as she must be feeling cold; he covered her till the neck and checking her forehead went downstairs. His mom and dad were supposed to leave for Delhi as they usually stayed there for the business work and would come in between to visit him. He checked if they both were ready.
An: Ab kaisi hai Riddhima? Uska bukhar utar gaya na?
A: Jee mom; she's much better now. Bas uska haath sujha hua hai.
An: Haan vo tu use tel lagane ke liye keh dena sujhan bhi utar jaayegi.
 A: Okay. Vaise maine use bataya nahi hai that you guys are leaving; vo raat ko jaldi so gayi thin a; toh agar aap log tayyar hai toh main use neeche bula lu?
Bi: Haan thodi der baad bula le; breakfast ke liye directly. Par vaise tu meri ek baat sun; main jaanta hu kit u ye shaadi vegera nahi karna chahta tha;par ab vo teri biwi hai aur humari beti. Toh use jara pyaar se rakh; aise uspar aag babula mat hua kar. She is such a sweet girl; khabardar jo use rulaya toh.
A: Dad...please. I know kal kuch jyaad ahi bol diya but don't worry main aage se dhyaan rakhunga. And let me inform you; ki main is shaadi se khush hu dad so relax.
Bi: Kya?? Ye main kya sun raha hu? Kya ye sach main tu hai; mera Ammy; yeh keh raha hai; who hated marriages few days back.
An: Billi...aap bhi na; kyun tang kar rahe hai use.
A: Dad please; she is seriously a very nice girl aur main nahi jaanta tha ki aap mere liye itni achi ladki chunke laane wale hai; agar pehle hi pata hota toh I wouldn't have wasted these many years on other girls yaar. Bina vajah ki mehnat.
An: Besharam; kuch toh sharam kar. She pulled his ears and he groaned in pain. Khabardaar jo dubaara kisi aur ladki ke bare main socha bhi toh.
A: Oww oww Sorry mateshree. Main toh majaak kar raha tha. Aap bhi na!
An: Hmm...ab aaya na line pe. Jaa ab use bula la neeche. Mujhe kuch baat karni hai usse.
A: Ohh...mere khilaaf bhadkane wali hai kya? Some secret suggestions. Ananya glared at him and he just ran away escaping from her beatings.
An: Paagal.
    Armaan entered the room and to his surprise found her still asleep and had not even moved an inch; not even turned her side. He realized how tired she must be and also must be sleepy since she hadn't slept for a whole night a day back. He wanted to let her sleep but then she would be upset if she doesn't get to meet his parents before they leave. So he went to her and caressing her head lightly tryied to wake her;
A: Riddhima...Riddhima utho. Uth jao Riddhima...she just turned around and said; Please mom 5 minute. He chuckled as she said that and moved the blanket a little; Riddhimaaa...main hu, Armaan. Thodi der ke liye utho; mom dad jaa rahe hai; unse mil lo baad main so jaana. As she heard his voice she opened her eyes and registered his words. Rubbing her eyes she sat straight on the bed and asked;
R: Jaa rahe hai matlab?
A: Delhi jaa rahe hai Riddhima. Kal batane ka mauka hi nahi mila tumhe.
R: Ohh haan; vo toh mostly vohi hote hai na kaam ke chakkar main.
A: Haan; chalo now quickly get ready and come; neeche mom dad tumhara intezaar kar rahe hai...arey par tum kaise...ruko main 2 min main sophie ko bhej deta hu she will help you out theek hai?
R: Nahi...main manage kar lungi.
A: Kaise karogi tum manage? Ek haath se sab kaise karogi? ...2 min...main abhi use bhej deta hu. He sent Sophie quickly and told her to get Riddhima ready soon. Riddhima freshened up with help of sophie and then took a shower. Both were about to go downstairs when Ananya herself entered their room.
 R: Arey mummijee...aap. hum toh neeche hi aa rahi thi.
An: Koi baat nahi beta; mujhe kuch baat karni thi tujhse; isi liye jaldi jaldi aa gayi.
A: Haan haan ab aap ko meri yaad toh aane se rahi; aapko aapki beti jo mil gayi hai na!
An: Ammy tu neeche ja ; mujhe baat karni hai isse jara.
A:  Toh kijiye na.
An: Nahi kuch secret hai maa aur beti ke beech so please excuse us.
A: Kya?? He opened his mouth wide and faked a hurt expression; aap ne mujhe yaha se; mere hi kamre jane ke liye keh diya! Koi baat nahi mom; main bhi aapko abse koi secrets nahi bataunga; aap baithiye apni laadli bahu ke saath hi; huh...He strode off his room angrily rather pretending to be angry.
Both Ananya and Riddhima laughed at the big kid who just walked out of the room huffing and puffing.
An: Ab kaisi ho bacha?
R: Jee aunty...i mean mom...bilkul theek hu!
An: Hmm...good. Aao mere saath; baitho. She caressed her head and said; Dekh beta main jaanti hu ki tujhe bohot bura laga hoga ki shaadi ke pehle hi din Armaan tujhpe aise chillaya par uski baaton ko dil se mat lagana beta. Vo kya hai na; vaise use bohot kam hi ghussa aata hai par jab bhi ghussa aata hai toh apne aap se uska taba chut jaata hai. Par vo sirf unhi par ghussa karta hai jinhe vo apna maanta hai. Tujhe kal chot lag gayi na toh tujhe rota dekhkar use ghussa aa gaya hoga. Usne tujhe mana kiya tha phir bhi tune uski baat nahi maani aur tujhe chot lag gayi; aur vo kisi bhi apne ko pareshaani main nahi dekh sakta. Isi liye vo sab keh diya usnee. Par vo dil se bohot acha hai beta; agar vo ghussa dikhata hai toh tujhpar usse kai jyaada pyaar bhi barsaayega.
R: Arey mom; aap ye sab kyu keh rahi hai. Main samjhti hu. Haan mujhe thoda bura jaroor laga tha; par unhone mujhe sab bata diya aur vo already is bare main mujhse baat kar chuke hai. Aap fikar mat kijiye mom, main jaanti hu vo bohot ache hai; aur jitna ghussa karna jaante hai utna hi khayal rakhna bhi jaante hai!
An: Mujhe pata tha tu jaroor samjhegi; aakhir tu itni suljhi hui samjhdaar ladki hai. She kissed her forehead lovingly; par haan beta ek baat jarur kehna chahungi k agli baar usne agar kuch kaha ho toh kabhi nazar andaaz mat kana. Main jaanti hu tune jan bujhkar toh kuch kiya hi nahi par isi liye keh rahi hu kyunki Armaan agar kuch karne ke liye mana kare toh vo tabhi hota hai when its needful; aur kuch soch samajhkar hi vo sab karta hai.
R: Jee maa; jarur yaad rakhungi.
An: Hmm...jeeti reh beta. You are a gem. No wonder Armaan tujhe naa kar hi nahi paya. Main tum dono ke liye bohot khush hu beta; khaas kar Armaan ke liye; kyunki use tu mil gayi. Riddhima just smiled brightly as Ananya took her in a hug.
      Both of them went downstairs and joined the 2 Mr.Malliks for breakfast.
A: Arey aap dono ki baatein itni jaldi khatam ho gayi; kya hua mom saari secrets khatam ho gayi? Riddhima chuckled seeing his pouted face whereas Armaan just looked at her and almost forgot that he was angry but came back as Ananya spoke;
An: Arey; tu kyun itna jalkukda ban raha hai. Ab jyaada ban mat; chup baith aur breakfast kar .  He smiled sweetly as she said that and started his breakfast. Riddhima was amazed to see him like this; he was such a kid; a very cute one. After a while Armaan dropped Ananya and Billy to airport and had told Riddhima to rest; but when he returned back as expected she wasn't sleeping. She was in the kitchen busy doing something. He shook his head and walked towards her; slowly he peeped to see what she was upto when he found that she was mixing some ingredients maybe trying to prepare something.
A: Riddhimaaa; He siad in a sugar coated voice with a huge grin on his face. She turned around startled with his voice.
R: Aap...aa gaye.
A: Haan... but sweetheart aap ye kya kar rahi hai; care to explain?Aur humare ghar ke saare servants ek saath bhaag gaye it seems!She could sense the sarcasm in his voice.
R: Umm... vo Armaan...maine socha lunch ki tayyari...
A: Haan haan; ek haath toh sahi salamat hai toh socha hoga use bhi thoda defective bana deti hu; hain na?  Tumhari problem kya hai yaar; why can't you just rest quietly? Ye sab kyun kar rahi ho; Joseph kar lega; he said almost pleading now as he did not even want to shout on her.  
R: Armaan main theek hu; aap mujhe kuch karne kyun nahi de rahe. Main aise bore hoo jaungi baithe baithe. I can't sit idolly na din bhar. Aap bhi ghar pe nahi honge; toh main kya karu phir akele? Mujhe toh neend bhi nahi aa rahi. He amirked as she complained pouting with her hands folded against her chest.
A: Ohh toh ye problem hai! Vo toh main abhi solve kar deta hu; come! He handed her a saree and told her to change into it.
R: Ye??
A: A small gift; meri taraf se. Go change quickly; hume ek important lunch meeting pe jaana hai.
R: Meeting?? Main vaha aakar kya karungi?
A: You will get to know that tum jaakar change toh karlo. She soon came out wearing the beautiful studded red and black saree which made her look absolutely stunning. He just kept staring at her as she walked out looking like an angel. Perfect curves, innocent face, beautiful soul, in short a perfect package.
He made her sit in the car and took her to the same place as last evening.
R: Ye jaga toh...
A: Haan; vohi jagah hai jaha main tumhe kal laaya tha.
R: Hum yaha kya kar rahe hai? Aur aapki meeting?
A: Haan toh lunch abhi karunga tumhare saath milke toh hiu na lunch meeting. She smiled whole heartedly. Kal tumhe aaram ki bohot jarurat thin a toh tumhe andar nahi le gaya; par ab tum theek lag rahi thi; bukhar bhi nahi hai toh socha tumhe yaha le aao.
R: Aur aapka office?
A: Maine aaj chutti lee hai. Ab sawaal puchna band karo aur chalo. The place was absolutely stunning. There was a table set for two with beautiful flowers set on the table. A long path was made with rose petals to show the way to the table; soft music playing in the background and the weather was too amazing adding to the beauty of all the arrangements. Toh?? Kaisa laga surprise?
R: Ye toh bohot khubsoorat hai! Aapne ye sab kab kiya.
A: Maine toh ye sab kal hi kar liya tha; socha tumhe itna kuch bol diya that oh uska thoda compensation de du; par I never got a chance. Nonetheless; ab toh hum yaha hai. Chalo lets go; our lunch awaits. He extended his hand out and she happily held it walking towards the table.  
She felt elated as she saw all the arrangements that he had made just to apologize and she being as stupid as she can be was having all those stupid thoughts about him.  As they finished their delicious lunch both were just walking in the garden lawn hand in hand. That is when all of a sudden out of no where Armaan asked Riddhima for a dance.
R: Yaha ??
A: Han usme kya problem hai?
R: Koi dekh lega toh?
A: Toh?? You are my lawfully wedded wife; aur main sirf dance kar raha hu usme kisiko kya problem. And first of all yaha koi aayega hi nahi; since it's a private property. ...So now may I have the pleasure to dance with you? She nodded her head and held his hand. He pulled her closer by her waist and started swaying her in his arms. She fitted perfectly in his arms.  He removed her fringes and caressed her cheeks.
A: You know what...mera favourite colour red hain and co-incidentally or not; you look amazing in red colour. Maine tumhe sabse pehli baar dekha tha tab bhi tumne red colour hi pehna tha. She smiled as she remembered their first meeting.
R: Ek baat kahu...
Mera favourite colour black hai; aur jaha tak mujhe yaad hai us din aapne bhi black shirt pehna tha!
Ohh ya...he said loudly as if he discovered a huge theory. Shayad isi liye ye saari tumpar itni achi lag rahi hai; afterall hum dono ki pasand isme shaamil hain! She blushed as he put her hair behind her ears and kissed her forehead.
Armaan...chaliye na beach pe chalet hai.
Haan...yaha paas main hi toh hai na; actually mujhe beaches bohot pasand hai aur phir kitna acha mausam hai.
Riddhima you know tumhe ek book likhni chahiye; how to get yourself hospitalized! Abhi abhi bukhaar utra hai aur tumhe itni thand main beach pe jaake baithna hai! She bit her tongue guiltily but she so wanted to go there so she wasn't going to let go so soon.
Arman par ab main theek hu na; please kuch der ke liye chalet hai na. Main promise karti hu we will leave as soon as possible; please maan jaaiye na! please! Please please please.
Acha theek hai fine; stop pleading. Par thode se waqt ke liye hi haan!
Pakka . Ab chaliye na. She dragged him by his hand and he smiled at her antics. As they reached the beach;  both sat on the huge rocks enjoying the calm sea and cold winds. Since he noticed that she had goosebumps all over her body he pulled her behind removed his blazer and wraping it around her made her sit with her back resting against his chest. She gasped as she could nw feel his hot breath on her neck. She was already trying to calm herself as her cheeks were turning red when he snaked his arms around her waist and rubbed her arm to keep her warm. She just stayed in his arms enjoying the moment and feeling the beautiful feeling of being a wife of a husband who cared like hell for her and was such an amazing human being. She closed her eyes feeling the moment and held his hand on her waist; she just wished that she could stop the time then and there and stay like that forever.
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