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New FF on Ariya !!UNSPOKEN LOVE!!Chapt 48 Pg143 FEB 02 PMLATE

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Posted: 11 years ago
Guys i tried bt cn't stop myself frm Write.
Ths is my firest ever FF on IF. Plz sry for mistakes. Also , my English is nt gud . bt still i try my best
hpe u all like it ..
 made my my sweet frend funckylicious
He wake up bocz of disturbances of some loud noise. He forcebally open his eyes & look @his watch. It's only 4 am in the mrng. Thn he realizes he phn ringing He reach to the phn & curse tht person who dares  to wake up him in tht time. Bt whn he sees name flash on his cell screen , he is shock. He is in 2 minds he receive it or nt. Finally he receives call.
: Hello (He try to remain calm)
:Khamba Gani ... Kunwar sa.
:Gani Khamba (He spoke immedaetly)
Kya hua Gehlot ji aaj aapne cal kyu kiya hame , koi khaas baat ?(Why do u cal me tod , anything special)
G : Karan aap jante hai Kunwar sa..(Reason u knw)
: To aap hamara jawab bhi jaante hi hai na (Thn u knw my ans)
G : Jee ha , par kabhi kabhi soch bhi badal sakti hai ( Bt sometimes thinking is change)
: Kahe dijiye unse hum wapis nahi aayenge , na unse koi baat karnge.(Inform thm we dn't come back , r dn't talk wit thm)
G : Agar vo khud aapse milne aaye to. .. 6 saal beet gaye uss baat ko , ab jane bhi dijiye ( Bt wht if thy comes to meet u , it's 6yrs old thing nw.)
: (He irriates over d phn , bt remain silent )
G : Unhe aaj aap ki jarurat hai Kunwar sa , mai maanta hue ki galti unki thi , par ab sab kuch
shaant ho chuka hai . Ab aap baat ko na bada kijiye ( Thy needs u tod. I knw tht time thy was faluty , bt tod everything is fine , plz dn't push it further.)
: (He calmly listen all )
G : Hello , Kunwar sa ...
: Hum sun rahe hai (He said)
G : Aap phir ek baar vichar to kijiye (Think again )
: Gehlot ji jo beet chuka vo beet chuka hai (That was past)
G : Par Kunwar sa ...
:Gani Khamba.
G : Jee Hujur (Yes Sir)  He keep phn aside his bedside & switch off phn & goes to sleep . Sleep taken over him within few minutes.
                                     * INDEX *
                page 9.
Chapt 18.    TID=3197107&TPN=19                                                          page 19             
 (continued Chapter 24 on page 36)
page no 40
Chapt 26                           page no 42 & 43
Chapt 27                           page 46 &47
CS (Rathod's Father)   page no 51
Chapt 31                 page no 56
Chapt 32                          page no 59
page no 65
Chapt 35  page no 68

Chapt 43  page no 113  page no 114


Chapt 45  page 123

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Chapt 47 Page 133

Chapt 48 Page 143

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Posted: 11 years ago
wannaa read more of it
cont soon with details 
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Posted: 11 years ago
lol the language is different but im glad u wrote the english translation..:-)
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Posted: 11 years ago
It's very good. Continue soon and please pm me.
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Continue soon!!!
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Posted: 11 years ago
nice one i'm eagerly waiting who are they?

continue soon ...and pm me
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Posted: 11 years ago
please continue😊, coz i havent been able to guess who's who😆
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Posted: 11 years ago
good start dear.. do continue soon!😃
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Posted: 11 years ago
Loved it!
I have lived in rajasthan for a few years n i just love rajasthan.So i m rly looking forward 2 ur ff.
Update soon..
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Posted: 11 years ago
9:00AM @ETF Ofc
                       Arjun , Riya & Chotu are thr. Arjun as usual reading his files , & Riya as usual lukng @him through corner of her eyes. It's a yr nw , whn he joined ETF. He also frnds wit Riya nw. But sumthing abt him Riya dn't knw. She feels his eyes tell her sumthing , she tries to read tht many times , bt failed.
"Gud Mrng Guys" Shree loudly greet thm frm door. "Vry Gud Mrng Shree" Arjun replied back. Chotu & Riya also greet thm. Ne trio (Riya , Chotu & Shree doing thr daily routine  gossiping.
                   It's 9:30 am nw. bt still thr gossiping nt ending , thy talk like thy never meet again , Nw thr voices easily reach downstairs . Shree & Chotu are doing silly things & Riya keep giggling loudly on thm. Nw Shree turned his back against door , so he cn't see who's coming in ofc. During his silly antics his back bumped on someone , he immeadatly turned back to the person whom he bumped. As soon as Shree see tht person his eyes popped out frm hus spects , his mouth goes to 'O' shape. His one hand in air & other rested on door. Shree luk @ tht person he wears blue & white chex box shirt wit blue jeans 7 black goggles on his eyes. Riya & Chotu tightly shut thr mouths , bcoz thy knew Shree is gone nw , bcoz he bumped thr khadus , super angry boss Mr. Rathod.
Rathod : Ths is ETF ofc , nt any theater group ofc , whr u show ur stupid antics. Go back to wrk nw , Shree.  Rathod glares @ trio vry angrily. Riya feel his anger.
While goes to his cabin He stops mid- way & glares @ Arjun , who silently do his wrk. Nw all doing  thr wrk silently.  Suddenely Rathod stromed out of his cabin ..
Rathod : Riya ( He shouted)
Riya : Ys Sir..( She gathers herself & stands on her feets.)
Rathod : Ye sab kya hai ( What is ths) He showed sme papers to Riya. Ye tumhara kam karne ka tarika hai  to badlo use , otherwise u leave ETF. ( Is ths a way to do ur wrk , thn change it nw , otherwise u leave ETF)
Raiya : Sry Si...
Rathod : (Cut her in mid - way) Ye koi school nahi hai , jaha mai tumharai mistakes theek karta phiru. (Ths is nt a school , whr i am correct ur mistakes)
Riya is a verge of tears nw. Rathod see ths & put papers on her desk & turn around he closes his eyes for a second. While returning his cabin ye again "Do it nw." & goes to cabin. In a cabin he seat on his chair & rested his head on chair   & closes his eyes , he clenched his fists , a lone tear escape frm his eye. bt aft a second his mind tell him , ' u hva to rough'
Arjun sees all ths drama & feel bad for Riya. Nw ths daily Routine of Rathod nw , he scolds her , insulted her for a such small small things. Bt Riya never utter a wrd against him. She always listens silently all. Arjun felt ths all weird. Riya silently tke her seat back & wips her tears tht ready to come out her eyes. Shree & Chotu rushed towards her desk & console her. Shree bad mouthing abt Rathod . Riya immeadatly Say Shree , "Let's complete our wrk , Shree " Both returned to thr desks. 
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