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Being Holmes S3: Moriarty's Game T3 (R2 Words + R3 p 76)

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Minionite 1057 7376 a minute ago oye_nakhrewaali
Santa Prompts are Coming to Town [Note on pg 37]

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oye_nakhrewaali 575 15998 2 hours ago Chir-Cute
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Upcoming Synopsis E18: Gungun to ignore Anubhav

https://twitter.com/anotheranu/status/1484657335670689793?s=21 ...

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DiscoDhokla 10 267 48 minutes ago music_girl

Heeyyy gguuyyss.........I'm a horrible writer but I wanted ANUGUN stories so bad that I decided to step my foot here that's why please bear with... ...

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chulbul2111 2 56 an hour ago chulbul2111
Telly Rishtey Review of the Show

https://www.instagram.com/p/CY-lNQeA85j/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link ...

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kavya1994 0 48 5 hours ago kavya1994

Honestly guys I was a huge fan of GHKKPM a few months back......Starting of the show was very captivating I loved it a little too much ....but... ...

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chulbul2111 19 412 5 hours ago chulbul2111

https://twitter.com/GossipsTv/status/1481516213133975552?t=jLzg_dZCL9e0mFOfCGg2fA s=19 ...

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Sutapasima 24 1223 6 hours ago vyoman
The only reason for my reluctance

The only reason I am reluctant to watch this show is because the one and only Vanku is part of it... when I used to watch the original I knew... ...

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by_stander 28 1664 11 hours ago dusk2dawn
Upcoming Synopsis E17: Anubhav Apologizes to Gungun

https://twitter.com/anotheranu/status/1484265129512353792?s=21 ...

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DiscoDhokla 14 375 21 hours ago Namita-M
Shikaiti-tatu in the guise of "concerned brother?"

As an elder brother/sibling, it is natural that he is concerned and wants the well-being of Chavvi. However, it somehow restricts the factor if... ...

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Myrah_2020 8 480 21 hours ago Namita-M

Hello. This short one-shot is based on the scene where Golo Chaachu teases Anubhav for dressing up for Gungun. That scene immediately made me... ...

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Tallulah 5 643 a day ago Clouds7
Upcoming Synopsis E16: Dr.Riddhesh Asks for Anubhav’s Help

https://twitter.com/anotheranu/status/1483861485256282113?s=21 ...

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DiscoDhokla 6 342 a day ago Kadu13
Upcoming Synopsis E13 : Anubhav Complains About Gungun 😂

https://twitter.com/anotheranu/status/1482849117973868545?s=21 ...

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DiscoDhokla 16 709 2 days ago music_girl
KKIS: Episode Discussion Thread # 1

Hey guys I would like to request all of you to respect each other's opinions while participating in the discussions. India Forums encourages... ...

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md410 90 2375 2 days ago Namita-M
What it's about?

Loved the title... But can't guess what's it about? ...

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Priya_JS 24 1845 2 days ago dusk2dawn
Anubhav kulshestra character horrible

I loved the kulshestra family. But when talking about family values except anubhav every one has. When chavi has been sent to gunguns party he... ...

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dreamstrue 0 358 2 days ago dreamstrue
Funny promo: Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey | Gungun's Birthday Party

This promo aired a few days ago. Lol, I cannot help but have a burst of laughter at their funny banters. Especially Anubhav's "OK" response to... ...

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Myrah_2020 3 294 2 days ago DiscoDhokla
KKIS Chit Chat Club

Hello all, A very warm welcome to all of you on Chit Chat Club Of Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se ... To Discuss Anything and Everything Under the Sun...... ...

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Yesha Rughani

dusk2dawn 98 1862 2 days ago Namita-M
Ship Name for new Jodi in town Anubhav and Gungun

I personally like first two.Feel free to choose your favorites… N if you have any names in mind do share here too… Give your reasons and Share... ...

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dusk2dawn 14 905 3 days ago kavya1994
Upcoming Synopsis E15 : AnuGun at Loggerheads

https://twitter.com/anotheranu/status/1483494310800617473?s=21 ...

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DiscoDhokla 4 305 3 days ago Myrah_2020
Upcoming Synopsis E12 : A Shocker for Anubhav

https://twitter.com/anotheranu/status/1482081873652191232?s=21 ...

pencil DiscoDhokla   stackexchange 18   eye 793

DiscoDhokla 18 793 3 days ago md410
Scene of Gungun & Sargam - good one

I liked the family scene of Gungun bonding with Sargam and other Kulshresth family members over the paneer kofta. The hug had a good apnapan... ...

pencil Myrah_2020   stackexchange 6   eye 409

Myrah_2020 6 409 3 days ago Myrah_2020

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